Tasty Talks Celebrates a Successful First Season

Tasty Talks Celebrates a Successful First Season

Congratulations to Michelle Leonard, a realtor on the Main Line for Century 21, for the successful launch of a monthly newsmaker chat called Tasty Talks back in September, and hosted by Michael Wei, owner of Yangming Restaurant in Bryn Mawr, PA. They have had so many great, interesting guests starting with Marilyn Russell, all the way to Kyree Tyrell, Karen Hepp, Jim Donovan, Eddie Keels, Moi and the last one Gov Ed Rendell.

Guest co-chair Dr.Thanuja Hamilton (pretty in pink), surrounded by a few alumni speakers Clare Morrison, (2nd from left), and Karen Hepp (2nd from right), with Michael, Lucy Nolan and Thomas Drayton, co-workers of Karen’s from Fox29

I apologize for not having names. Misplaced the notebook.
Carolyn Bunny Welsh , Sheriff at Chester County Sheriff’s Office and
Donna Pasquale, Mary Pat Kessler and Gov Ed Rendell

Thanuja Hamilton and Rachel Ofori
Gov Rendell spoke about his recently revealed Parkinson diagnoses, and political commentary. For more info on this chat
and additional photos CLICK HERE
Looking forward to next season’s Tasty Talks and who’s on Michelle Leonard’s guest speaker list