Best Dressed: Ladies Day Devon Horse Show

Best Dressed: Ladies Day Devon Horse Show

Happy Summer. I am down the shore this week. I had good intentions on creating beautiful columns while I was away, awash with commentary and people’s names, but I ran out of time as I also had to prepare columns for the media outlets that I contribute too. Some of the columns I feature this week have appeared in other media outlets, but these photos have not. (I’ll be back Monday July 16th)

The judges for Ladies Day – Here are my choices for Best Dressed

On a wing and a prayer…
Forgot to mention some of these photos have been submitted for Philly Mag in Print
Something else
Beth and her baby
That bag is everything
Everything’s coming up roses
The Ladies who Lunch stopped by
A little birdy told me
Hat’s off to you

Yellow is the color of the season. Thank you for bringing it!!

Best couple: so adorable is Jenn Frederick and her new friend