Haute Fashion as the Temperatures Soar In The Final Days of “Summer”

Haute Fashion as the Temperatures Soar In The Final Days of “Summer”Soar
I don’t know about you, but I love to soak up the last days of August, outside whenever possible, and I want it to be hot, the dog days of summer.

I thought I’d go out and see how our neighbors were handling the heat.
I try and photograph people from the front, but this women I couldn’t catch up with. I loved her floral skirt, embroidered top, and little black purse, but her most important fashion accessory had to be that gigantic bottle of water she was carrying.

In fact James the mailman, told me that the most important thing to do on a hot day is to keep cool by staying hydrated as well as dressing comfortably. If you see James in the Rittenhouse Square area, tell him hi. After photographing people, I headed into the neighborhood to photograph window boxes, another favorite thing to do in August as everything is in full bloom.
I photographed in the area of Rittenhouse Square as I feel that 18th and Walnut Sts. is the style center of downtown.

I sure miss the days when Big Rube and I would go shooting way back when he began his now retired column in the Daily News.
It’s a different skill to photograph people without asking their permission, and also catching them before they see youas you want them in the moment, candid and comfortable

I love everything about her


Haute Fashion

Hot fashion
Hat Fashion
Chef Georges Perrier heading for lunch
Keep cool my friends, it’s going to be another hot one today.