That’s a Wrap: 17 Bridges is Done filming in Philly, and after Tonight in NYC

That’s a Wrap: 17 Bridges is Done filming in Philly, and after Tonight in NYC

What a busy fall – between the exciting Fall Social Season where Philly Chit Chat was booked nearly every day, sometimes three times a day between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, and the filming of 17 Bridges with Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller and Taylor Kitsch. It’s a wrap, the social season is over and so is 17 Bridges

17 Bridges wraps filming tonight in Manhattan, but last week it officially wrapped in Philadelphia when they filmed this scene on the “courthouse” steps in NYC at a police press conference. This scene took less than one hour to film, and filmed about 1030PM. Afterwards some of the cast, and most of the crew headed to aka.university city to complete the second day of filming there as the aka doubled for the Highline hotel in Manhattan.

17 Bridges as you know by know, is set in NYC. There’s a shoot out that takes place outside the Mosto restaurant. Policemen are killed which sets off a police chase after the criminals ending up in Manhattan. Extreme measures are taken and all 17 bridges leading onto the island are closed and the pursuit kicks into high gear.

Thanks to Unite Fitness for allowing me to “hideout” in their 2nd floor gym over night to catch the action one night. It really was a thrill, and a once in a lifetime experience to see a movie being filmed.

Brooklyn seems to have a lot of graffiti

And although I wasn’t able to get the best photos from this position, I knew I’d be able to tell a story
And it turned out better than I could have ever planned

Thanks to CBSPhilly and Matt Petrillo for staying up with me for part of the night covering the filming of 17 bridges on 20th Street, I mean Haverchick and 3rd.

This was only the 2nd time I ever met Matt, but we’ve been following each other on Social Media for years and years.


When I go on shoots I try and photograph the extras, but it was a bit dark to get clear shots

They water down the street so it appears lively in films

Thanks to the films Production Assistants, Security and other folks who were super polite as I got my shots.
When shooting in plain sight it helps to respect them. I usually just spent 30 – 60 mins to grab my shots, ascertain the story so I can convey it to you. That way you don’t have to freeze yourself, and can enjoy dining at your local fav spot.

Speaking of look how they converted Shake Shake

Into a construction site
Thanks to Heery Casting and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, and the PAFIA for bringing these films to Philly. Check out their sites on how you can be an extra, and more about the Film Tax Credit. These films bring a much needed boast to our economy.
Also these organizations do not give me tips on the filming. They sign NDA’s and by law are not allowed to talk to me about the film. I have over 100’s readers who are generous and kind, never asking me for anything except to go get a story. I really appreciate that. I love doing this, it’s a great hobby.
I do at the end of a film donate photos to the Film Office for their use, which hopefully helps in bringing more films to Philly.


As for the actors they were all very low key. Chadwick was really nice to fans. He posed with most anyone who asked, but preferred to pose with the kids he told a source on the set. He didn’t sign any autographs while he was here. I hear he was a perfect gentleman at the building where he lived, often holding the front door open for the ladies who entered.

Thanks to my friends over at the Murano who allowed me to hang out on their balcony up until Midnight lunchtime, which seemed to be the regular time 17 Bridges broke for lunch. Most all of their shoots were over night. Thanks for the memories, I had a great time. See you on the big screen next summer.