Best Photos of 2018 – Who Can Forget that Winter We Had, The Superbowl and Stephen Starr

Best Photos of 2018

Happy New Year to all my friends, I appreciate your years of support. Let’s look at some of my favorite photographs I took this year. Still to come Best Dressed, Best Events and People on the Move 2019…

It’s from the James Beard Nominations announced one morning at Parc. Restaurateur Stephen Starr had just announced Ellen Yin, High Street Hospitality Group (Fork, High Street on Market, High Street on Hudson, and others) as a finalist for Outstanding Restaurateur for a James Beard Nomination and gave her a thumbs up.

This was a “Hail Mary” shot I took from the passenger seat of our car. I’m addicted to photographing everything, most photos I delete, but once in awhile I capture
exactly what I wanted, usually on the fly. This is a special photo I took in Lancaster, Pa.

The night of the NFC Championship. Crowds flooded the streets to celebrate. These two Viking fans were walking back to their hotel and encountered a lot of friendly
Eagles fans. This photo went viral on social media, and I was happy about that after all the nasty stories from the stadium parking lot.

Every-time it snows I monitor the Art Museum Steps to tell readers when we’ve gotten enough snow for folks to sled. Sometimes people just create enough snow to sled.

I caught my nephews dog Albus dancing with my mom this past summer

Diner En Blanc was at City Hall this year. It was fantastic. Every year

The winter was memorable. I shot this as my shuttle bus was turning onto Market Street from 20th. I thought that lady
was going to be blown over.

Pat Nogar’s Annual Holiday Tea Party, which happens in January.
This year’s theme, Harlem Nights.

One of my all time favorite photos, Marisa Magnatta and Vasiliki Tsiouris joyfully running through the newly renovated Love Park fountains during
the Opening Night Party.

Congratulations to Matt and Chuck Lentz on their wedding. Here’s that photo I promised to send. I’m so bad sending photos to anyone, so all you readers who ask me it’s not you, it’s ME. Just ask my mom, she always says

In addition to the adorable animals, we have so much good programing at the Philly Zoo, like Boo at the Zoo.
Kids get to dress up in their Halloween costumes and roam around the Zoo. It’s a fun time.

Thank you Unite Fitness for letting me camp out in your gym overnight in November to observe
and report on the filming of 17 Bridges with Chadwick Boseman.
So much fun to experience it, and then to have CBSPhilly do a story on it, icing on the cake.

Sunrises from my balcony remind me what a fragile, but glorious world we live in.  I wish everyone
could live in peace and harmony.

Here’s today’s sunrise with my guy Mike Toub


Best Selfie Spot or Picnic Spot in Philly

It was so cold last winter that all the rivers froze. That was the first time in a long time.
Here’s the Schuylkill near 30th St Station

This years Christmas Tree at City Hall looks amazing, especially with the added snowflakes and color lights.
Without a Doubt this is my favorite the night the Eagles won the Superbowl and crowds flowed into every street in Philly to celebrate.
This is Broad Street – No longer the Underdogs!!!
We’ll always be the Superbowl Champs of 2018!!!!