Best Fashion Moments in 2018 on the Philly Social Scene

Best Fashion Moments in 2018 on the Philly Social Scene

Alex Black and Briana Layfield

I found this dynamic duo at the Black Tail Tie Gate the night before the Philadelphia Car Show opened last year. I love their Goth Look. Her gown is gorgeous, his sneakers fit perfectly in this setting.

Aisha Harris-Leone and Walter Leone ’nuff said

Not embarrassed one bit, but more about celebrating a pretty, whimsical dress from BHLDN are Barbara Eberlein and Kaytlynn Gorson who had never met before, but discovered they both have exquisite taste in clothes.

Harris T. Bock, Esq. and Denise D. Hodgson looking fabulous,
the couple’s style mirrors their easy, relaxed dispositions.

At the Black Tie Tailgate


Rahel Solomon, CBS3Philly, Jeannette Reyes, 6ABC and Brittney Shipp, NBC10
at the opening of the BOYDS Women’s Department. It’s so nice to see tv personalities from competing stations have such a genuine friendship

Erin Elmore and Craig Spitzer are always the life of the party
Parris and Karen Hall at the Rittenhouse Square Ball.
Karen was forthright with her dress that I admired so much, she got it at TJ Maxx for $17, WOW amazing. So pretty. Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank.

Kiley Jo Schroeder and Brian Stevenson
Wonderful to follow their love story. This year they become Mr. and Mrs. Congrats

I love their style, Howard Wurzak with his aversion to “tie” anything, Mrs JoAnn Wurzak with her whimsical print dresses, and killer smile.

Fox29’s Alex Holley and Mike Masco each of them bringing a little pizazz to Philadelphia.

Every year Brandon Morrison and Stacey Kracher make the Best Fashion List, at nearly every party as well. This power couple works hard, plays hard all the while bringing the best
fashion to any event they attend, even at the very rainy Radnor Hunt.

Matt and Anne Hamilton at the Academy Ball – #FlyEaglesFly

DJ Robert Drake at the 2nd annual Flowers after Hours 70s themed party, with a special performance by the Village People in March 2018

Always wearing fun fashion but this year he got on the healthy band wagon, and intently ate better, and walking everywhere he could.
10 months later at the opening of Tinsel, where he curated the holiday music for the pop up Christmas bar.
Check out this article on Philly Mag on how he did it, and hopefully inspire all of us who want a new you in 2019
Be Well Philly