A Few Photos From July 4th Morning

This morning I headed over to the historic area, in the shadow of Independence Hall (actually there were no shadows, it was hot) for the Independence Day Celebration of Freedom Ceremony and the Salute to America Independence Day Parade, a flag-waving, stars-and-stripes, big-city spectacle with a small-town feel. I took a few photos, ok I took way too many photos, come of my favorite are here.

Mayor Jim Kenney presented the fourth annual Magis Award to Connor Barwin at the City of Philadelphia’s annual Celebration of Freedom Ceremony at Independence Hall on July 4th, the final day of the Wawa Welcome America festival as Jason Kelce looks on. 

The Declaration of Independence was read by Philadelphia’s very own Patti LaBelle, the legendary songstress born in Philly, known and loved by the world, who still lives nearby. My BFF in my head, and I can’t believe she knows my name, and I’ve been to her house. I am STAN for her, and can’t believe after years of fandom have met her many times. Literally when I came out in the 1980s, was homeless or couch surfing, her music soothed my soul.

It’s the celebration of the birth of our nation, it didn’t happen without protests, protection and pride. Happy 4th of July everyone of us, as we move towards a more perfect union!!