July 4th Popping Pics and Thanks You’s

What a whirlwind week, and now I have had some time to sort through the photos I took. The past few days a lot of my outlets have had off except for CBSPhilly and Philly Voice where I have placed pixs from the weeks events, thanks so much to my editors. I also have created columns for Philly Style Mag, and for Septembers issue of Philly Mag (BTW there won’t be a column in August’s issue of Philly Mag as the whole magazine is dedicated to Best of Philly. The party this year is September 12.) Here are a few of my photos from July 4th’s Concert on the Parkway.

It was a crazy hot night, but that didn’t stop folks from coming out to the Wawa Welcome America sponsor, friends and family party on the Parkway. Photo top right: Dave Maser, Dotti Giordano, Frank Giordano, President and CEO The Philly Pops, which by the way played at three big Fourth of July events between July 3 and July 4th – The Philly Pops at Independence Mall, July 4th Celebration of Freedom Ceremony, and the Concert on the Parkway, Buddy Scheerer and Chris Elliott. Wawa folks, Chase Folks and Mark Segal, Jason V, Clayton Fennell, Valintine Bigil – Fennell and Carmen Fennell.

Hey Chill Moody what’s with the Chicago White Sox’s jersey. There must be a story behind it. City Rep Sheila Hess presented Meghan Trainor with a Phillies jersey with her name on it. Wish she had worn it, lol.

Daybreaker PHL at Stratus // Midsummer Morning’s Dream July 24 6am (The day after my birthday)

Loved icon Jennifer Hudson‘s set, and outfit. She set the tone for the evening. I loved that the Philly Pops accompanied her.

25 year old Meghan Trainor kicked off her set playing her biggest song – It’s All About the Bass, followed 3 songs later by her next biggest hit “Your Lips are Moving”. She even brought her 70 year old dad out for her song – Dance Like Yo Daddy. It was a great set, even though we all felt for her as she was dressed in a black track suit and mentioned how hot it was.

Great job City of Philadelphia, City Reps office and Rob Nonemacker, who produced two of the events during the week – the Patti LaBelle street naming event and Celebration of America July 4th. On stage with co-worker Elka Battle-Murillo. Michael Delbene, President & CEO of Welcome America, who did an amazing job for his first Wawa Welcome America week of events, with all it’s moving parts. It was seamless. I especially love the new set up with the Friends, Family and Sponsor party as it’s now one big continuous party with a spacious picnic area and seating for guests. I love how it’s now more apparent for the public on who gets a chance to sit in the white seats in front of the stage, you fill out a form which is on the Welcome America website. Plus adjacent to the seats, stage right, is a picnic area where tickets were given out to folks in contests, and who gathered on the Parkway. So many happy people surprised with tickets during the day got to move up front. Thank you to all the sponsors including Wawa, Visit Philly, The Philly Pops , Live Nation, Comcast and all those who came through and supported this wonderful event to celebrate the Fourth and our City. Check them out here. Welcome America!!
Sunday I’ll have some tidbits, fun gossip, and chit chat you’ll want to know about in my weekly HughE Around Town column, what did the celebs in Philly do this past week. Have a cool day, no really!!