Congratulations Sabrina and Steve Costume Anniversary Party. Some of these Ladies will be the RHOPhiladelphia

Congrats Sabrina and Steve on your 10 year anniversary!!

Thanks to this duo for allowing me to capture their courtship, engagement, wedding, life happenings and now 10 years later. In the begining of PhillyChitChat there were very few events, charity happenings, but there was Sabrina Tamburino, her fantastic life and friends who I photographed for about two years. They created events, happenings people wanted to know about, go to, experience or vicariously attend. This was before Social Media, selfies etc, and these nightly escapades help event planners see that Philadelphian’s would go out every night of the week if there was something to attend. And here we are a decade later and there are events every night. Thanks Sabrina for allowing me to photograph you, then, and always.

It was so great to see so many old friends, many of who were responsible for establishing PhillyChitChat.

Looking forward to the 20th anniversary party!! Here’s my coverage of Steve and Sabrina’s wedding. You have to click on the photo to see the photo as it was technology 10 years ago. https://phillychitchat.com/2009/11/02/dd/