Signs, Signs Everywhere There’s Signs at The Philly Women’s March 2020

Despite another year of inclement weather, the women in our region gathered to march for rights they should have gotten years ago: equal pay, respect and anything else they damn please.

People who weren’t in attendance question the number of people who were there, specifically the word thousands. I was there and there were thousands. As someone who covers events for a living from 25 people to thousands, there were thousands of people there. The March kicked off at 10am, and folks walked about .6 miles. This photo was taken at 10:09am at 21st and the Parkway. The last people arrived at Eakins Oval at 10:35. Not all photos that you looked at from the comfort of your passive chair tells the truth of how many folks march. Plus a lot of folks did not stay to hear the speeches, including me. It was cold, snowing and a Saturday.

Yass Martha Raddatz a Shero. We were all crying with you on the day after the election.

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