The Paparazzo Celebrities Love – SJ Magazine

Hello Friday. In the month of April SJ Magazine featured a profile piece on me. It was the highlight of my career as I’m from South Jersey and it was like coming home, this Jersey boy made something of himself.

If something amazing is happening in South Jersey or Philly – like someone uber famous is spotted in town filming or maybe just hanging out – the chances are good that HughE Dillon will be on the scene. He calls himself paparazzi, but he’s not that kind of paparazzi. This Cherry Hill native is known for always having the hottest pic. Actually, you could say it isn’t officially hot until he posts it on social media (where he has almost 60,000 followers).

Here’s a link to the article at SJ Magazine

I did a follow up video interview, which mostly covered my Covid19 experience. See you on Sunday when I’ll have more of This & That chitchatting about things happening in Philly, as well as what’s happening with some of our neighbors and friends. Have a great day, well as great as possible inside. Today’s not too hard to stay inside right. BTW I think the Blue Angels are going to fly on Tue