Mud Update: Schuylkill River Path From Walnut to Waterworks

Yesterday on the way to see the barge once stuck under 676, I took a few photos of the Schuylkill River Bank Pathway walking from Walnut Street to the Waterworks, to update all my walker, runner, bikers, rollerblading followers. There are huge swaths of beautifully cleaned areas, the Fairmount Park folks are on top of the cleaning and doing a good job. And then there’s a quarter mile or so of spots where they’ll return to clear it more.

The boardwalk looks perfect.

The entire path is perfect for dog walking, although you might have to rinse Fido’s feet before you head into the house.

There are a few smaller running/walking paths which are closer to the river. None of them are good for rollerblading as they still have sections of mud. So stay on the main path.

As you get closer to the Paine Skateboard Park/MLK Drive path is much better in this long stretch.

Great views of the City can be had here as well.

Right after passing the skateboard park going towards MLK, if you’re blading or running you should take the path towards MLK as the road is closed to car traffic and is used only for recreation. If you go straight on the path you will encounter mud underneath the Spring Garden bridge as the path dips closer to the river and was flooded. After this mornings rain it’ll be a little muddier than yesterday along the path.

If you see Jay, say hello. He’s got a drone and he knows how to use it. His work is fantastic.

On the other side you will find this cute park I never noticed before, it’s along the path, near the Waterworks and over looks the river.

But avoid the stair cases which go to the river, there’s a lot of debris there.

Even if your dog insists on its normal walking path, it just doesn’t seem safe.

Find a bench and enjoy the view.