Where is Mike Jerrick ?

Over the past week a lot of folks have been searching Where is Mike Jerrick from Fox 29, and have landed in my blog. The above screen shot is from my blog search column for the last 3 days.
About a week ago Mike announced via his social media that he had Covid19 . I spoke to Mike on Monday to see how he was doing, and to convey a message to all those who are inquiring about him.

“The Virus comes and goes in waves, so I’m just trying to survive the ups and downs of this nasty situation. Not a great day today, but I am hopeful to bounce back soon. Stay safe everybody, and stay health. Thumbs up, fingers cross and a heart emoji.” Mike Jerrick

at a photo exhibit I did in 2015
Dinner at Positano Coast in October

A few weeks ago Mike and I had dinner, and I was telling him about photos I came across of him in my files from when he was on Fox’s syndicated The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Hopefully this will cheer him up a bit. He had already done a stint in Philly at Fox 29, before the national show came calling. I was a fan of his work and went to see if I could catch a filming of the show. I did. Wish I were a better photographer at that time, I could have gotten a better shot of him.

The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet Cinco de Mayo show

I can’t believe we’re friends. How lucky am I. Wishing my friend Mike, a mentor to me and so many people, a speedy recovery. We love you Mike, and Philly is praying for you.
Check out this interview Mike Jerrick did with Gotham back in the day.

Yeah an update from Mike today!!