Thank You 2020, Now Leave

Thank you Front Line Workers, including health workers, restaurant workers, fast food cashiers, gas station attendants, so many minimum wage workers, SEPTA employees, people who work in my building, everyone who has to deal with the public, teachers, parents, those who have faith, hope, who believe in science, who believe in things that can’t see, who believe in kindness, those who spoke up, the brave people who marched, or grabbed a broom, worked a food line, who amplified, who supported businesses, restaurants in the blistering heat, to the frigid cold, thanks to my clients, to the PR folks who have hired me this year to shoot their events, to the media who have run the photos I’ve pitched to them, to the Gov’t for unemployment, for the Gov’t who made difficult decision, to so many of you, thank you.

Thank you to all the photographers who have captured the City. We are resilient.
Thank you to those, who like me, see a bright future for Philly. We are only on pause.

As dismal as 2020 has been, growth has occurred, eyes and ears have been opened and a brighter future is on the horizon, I just know it.

In conclusion, I want to thank you, to my readers, for your support. Who write me to thank me for shining a light on Philly, you kept me going even when I couldn’t see the light and suffered countless battles with depression, loneliness and isolation; as so many of us have experienced these past few months . Thank you for your prayers when I came down with Covid19 so early in the year; I was scared and your kind words gave me hope. I am so blessed to have survived. I am so saddened by those who didn’t make it, especially more than a half dozen people I knew. Thanks so much to my husband Mike of nearly 27 years. He is a rock. We’ve spent more time together in the last year than the 26 years which had gone before. He constantly teaches me patience and unconditional love. That’s not easy with moody me. Happy New Year, I have hope.