2021: New Year, New Hugh and other Musings

Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent the weekend at the beach again and it was very peaceful. I’m seriously getting into nature and wildlife photography. I can’t wait til it gets warmer and get out of the car more to explore. It is nice to explore in the car as well, it speaks to my lazy side.

I made a trip to Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge again. The word has gotten out, it was fairly crowded on 1/2/21, but manageable. I really like this spot as you can do the 8 mile wildlife loop, as well as head back to the parking lot of walk the many trails. Remember to pay the $4 daily fee in the honor box. This is a great family fun, friends or even a great date. It takes about 2 hr to how many hours you want to do the loop.

OK let’s see what happened in Philly while I was away for the past week. Last month Rob Wasserman announced the opening of “The Lodge” at Rouge! An inspired ski lounge outside the tony Rittenhouse Square Rouge restaurant is all the rage. I have been there myself so I can attest to it’s posh, fun, atmosphere as well as it’s decadent hot chocolate.

Speaking of Alex Holley (looking hot in her club attire), she and her co-anchor Thomas Drayton debut their new show “The Feed at Night” on Fox29 last night at 11:30PM. It’s a news/pop culture show featuring what’s happening on Social Media. Kinda like following their social media streams, but now you can see it on the big screen and explained. I definitely saw a few things I didn’t see while scrolling SM this past week. They also have a virtual audience. I see you Grandpop Holley and Ray Smeriglio. BTW yesterday on Good Day the co-anchors presented their 2021 resolution board. Thomas Drayton wants to expand his real estate company, what he sells real estate? Not only that but the Drayton Young Group is the number one seller in Moorestown. Congrats!! Karen Hepp is pursuing her real estate license. Maybe it’ll be Drayton, Young Hepp by the end of the year.

Alex (r) is just going to be her peppy fun self, although she’s going to work out more and eat healthy. I hear her friend NBC10’s Miguel Martinez-Valle (l) is starting Whole 30. My sister did that, I recommend you give Miguel a lot of space the first two weeks, processed food and caffeine withdrawals can make a fella a bit grumpy.

The two photos above were ones I took over the past year, and my editor at Philly Metro used in her column yesterday
Editorial: Face the facts, masks save lives

Finally Thanks So Much for this awesome Christmas Card. It’s true I couldn’t locate Mike’s present for a week cause it got lost in my squalor. I know what your saying, didn’t you de-clutter last spring. It’s true I did, but now I’m doing it again. Like my diet, and healthy life style, it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned for #newyearnewhugh