Spotted: Billie Eilish, Adam Sandler, Ashley Graham and Robert Duvall

Happy October. Wow this past week was so busy, and I still managed to see Adam Sandler, which was great. He is the nicest celebrity who has filmed in Philly in the 15 years I’ve been shooting movie sets. I’ll be writing more on him when he wraps this week. Originally I thought the final day was Friday, but now it’s sometime this week. Let’s check out who was spotted where, and what’s good to know for water cooler chit chat.

Congratulations to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City team member’s fundraising efforts garnered more than $90,000 of the $126,000 total funds raised for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention’s Atlantic-Cape Out of the Darkness Walk held Saturday, Sept. 18. Hard Rock Atlantic City’s fundraising team was the top performing team in New Jersey and has helped elevate the Atlantic-Cape walk as a top performer in the region.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health through education and community programs, develops suicide prevention through research and advocacy, and provides support for those affected by suicide.

Billie Eilish flew into Philly late Wednesday night the night before she performed at Firefly on Thursday. When I posted this photo from my anonymous sender, I misunderstood and thought it was her departing. She’s with her controversial boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce, which irritated some of her young fans who think she’s single or would never hold hands in public, and thought this photo was fake or something. I got lots of DMs and didn’t answer them, but thanks for writing.

While checking into the Four Seasons for the night, Billie Eilish stopped to for a photo with Team Derek: Michael Grey and Jimmy V. It turns out the Four Season still attracts the stars, especially since your so much closer to the stars while sipping cocktails and grabbing a bite at JG Sky High. I’m told Jean Georges is looking to open by the holidays, hopefully that means Thanksgiving.

Interesting enough I was at an intimate reception meeting the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia new general manager Cornelia Samara earlier that evening, and no one let on of Billie’s arrival or I would have been there to greet her. Only kidding, in actuality I separate my paparazzi doings for those in the know. Most of my tips come from my readers, research, and intuition. I appreciate the trust my clients, and the public have in me I don’t want to trade in the trust for something I literally do for fun. It was very nice meeting Cornelia, who has worked for the Four Seasons brand for years and will continue to uphold it’s stellar reputation.

Move over Jason Segal, who filmed Dispatches from Elsewhere right before the pandemic. Jason and his co star André 3000 were definitely the most photogenic and friendliest celebs to film in Philly, up until Adam Sandler came to town. Adam makes it a point to say hello to the fans at least 3 times during a 6 hour shoot, and if he sees you out, especially at any of the dining spots he pops into, he’ll pose for a photo. A few fans have even gotten items signed by him. Now that’s friendly, he’d certainly have an excuse not too, especially in a pandemic.

In the video a fan asks for a poster to be signed. Adam tells him he’ll get to it shortly, at which point he sends his security to get the poster and Adam signed it, and it was returned. On Monday he signed two shirts for Will Helms a similar way.

The Philly food scene is going to miss Adam Sandler. The $420 million supa star, who is wrapping up the filming of his TV show, Hustle this week, could have eaten at any fancy restaurant in the City, as most visiting celebs do, but Adam really enjoyed the mom & pop places, the deli’s , food vendors, pizza spots, including Pietro’s and the occasional Steak 48 and Savona (Main Line), the latter two he visited a few times. No Wawa sightings…

Spotted Saturday by reader @knotty2fresh , model Ashley Graham and husband
, Director Justin Ervin @philadelphiazoo , as well as former Eagles player @laflamablanca95 Chris Long, who is doing a fundraiser @philadelphiaeagles for his @waterboysorg an epic tailgate party at the Eagles game. In the evening the Ashley and Justin headed to @zahavrestaurant for an epic dinner. They recently announced they’re having twins.

Earlier this week I wrote about the launch of Larry Holmes, Jr.’s new partnership with The Agency real estate in Center City. His parents were there as well as Joe Fraizer‘s daughter Weatta Frazier Collins and her husband Gary (her brother Derek Fraizer just came in 2nd on CBS’s Big Brother) . Afterwards Larry Holmes, Jr, his wife Diane and the Collin’s headed to Steak 48. Thanks to Cashman & Associates for helping me arrange that visit to the very hot steakhouse. I mentioned to Larry Holmes Jr. I was heading to Dolce (Hi to my friend Lynn Rinaldi and Drew Carballo), which just opened in the W Hotel. and he, his wife Joelle Holmes, and friends headed there for dinner. These are photos from the Philadelphia Tribune which ran them. Thanks!!

Thanks as always to my readers who tip me off, tag me and send me photos. I really appreciate it. We really appreciate it. Have a great day…