Scene: Philadelphia Zoo Summer Ale Festival

Hello my people. Summer is swiftly going by….but what a great summer. I had the best summer with friends, family and so much fun. A lot of dancing, and hamburgers. A few events. Not as many, but September I’m booked nearly every day, and October is getting booked. We’re ready to return to the new normal. And I have new partnerships, sponsored posts and advertisers which keeps me a float.

I haven’t done an awesome job at keeping up with the blog, sorry. I know I keep saying that. I was surprised I didn’t focus more on my 15th Anniversary of the blog, which was last month. Normally I do a big splashy re cap of the times, but it’s new to me to figure out a balance between work and fun.

Yesterday in the news there was a big story about Quietly Quitting, which isn’t about quitting, just cutting back. Maybe I was doing that a little. I still was posting these events on CBSPhilly, Metro Philly, Tribune and my SM platforms, but not doing such a good job here. With events coming back, I will have more long form content to share here. I’m excited to get back to work… the work of sharing.

This was the Philadelphia Zoo Summer Ale Festival, which I have been photographing for the past decade. It’s always a fun time. A record number of folks attending. It was a warm night, but there were no complaints. People are so happy to be out and about again.

What’s interesting on this side of the pandemic, is the presence of influencers, or what has become a better known definition – Content Creator. Once maligned by a few, Content Creators like Josh Eats Philly, Bran Flaks, Philly Publicists (Kory Aversa, who covers more than just his clients, which is kinda interesting) Cass in The City etcs, who have carved out a nice niche, following where people/peers devour their content to see what’s new, hot, next to do, eat or experience. I LOVE IT. Cause that’s what this blog was about, before SM came about. On this side of the pandemic, they are the new media.

What Philly Wore – How adorable are these two who were at the Philly Ale Fest
I love these pretzel necklaces
Winner, winner chicken dinner

The Philadelphia Zoo has so much to offer, the Ale Fest, The Philadelphia Zoo Gala, Boo at the Zoo in just a few weeks, now you can feed the giraffes contact them for info. Best wishes to my long time friend Dana Lombardo, on her new adventure. She was the Director of Marketing for a decade, and before that worked at Cashman & Assocs. She’s left the zoo and moved to warmer environs. I’ll miss her.

Thanks so much for your support, especially over the last 15 years. I really appreciate it. HughE