Diner en Blanc 2023

Le Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia marked it’s 11th year on August 10th at the renowned Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park, providing a stunning French-inspired backdrop for an evening under the stars. A unique and exclusive outdoor dining event that originated in Paris in 1988 and has since been held in various cities around the world. The event is characterized by its attendees dressing in all-white attire and bringing their own gourmet picnics to a secret location, which is revealed to them at the last moment. Participants are required to bring their own white tableware, tablecloths, and decorations, creating a visually stunning and elegant dining experience.

After a minor rain delay, guests were notified around 6:30pm to head to the location. (Excuse me tree in the background with your fall colors. It’s only August)

A few guests like the ones above, were ready for the in climate weather wearing clear plastic over their clothes. Although it has rained on Diner en Blanc in the past, they were often quick showers or rain towards the end of the event. In Thursday’s case it rained all day but stopped in time for the night time event. Either way Diner en Blanc is held rain or shine.

Niyala Brownlee and Iyana Ali-Green prepare their flowered canopy over their table.
Philly Diner en Blanc organizers Natanya DiBona and Kayli Moran with team leader Fernando Calle

“We honestly didn’t think we could top our tenth-anniversary last year, but seeing guests celebrating tonight reminded me why I love this event so much and decided to bring it to Philadelphia. Each year, the Planning Committee continues to outshine the years past.  The entertainment alone is a reason to attend this event year after year,” Natanya DiBona, Co-Host, Le Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia.

Natasja van Dijk and Brandon Washington pose for our traditional photo. I have photographed them every year they’ve attended.
Stephanie Algayer, @urstyliststeph and her mom wave their napkins to signify the beginning of dinner.
Madeline and Desiree Hubbard, Kory Aversa and Ben Miguel
Marisa Magnatta, Ashley Magnata, Mia Spadoni, back row Jim Magnatta and Taryn McCarthy. Traditionally we celebrate Marisa’s birthday on Diner en Blanc night, but this year the event was held a week earlier, so happy birthday Jim, Ashley and Mia who celebrated last Thursday.
Laura Thomas and Ozzie Small at Diner en Blanc in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023
Tiffany Beltran and Miguel Baez
Taneka Taliaferro at the 11th annual Dîner en Blanc at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023
Steve Hirsh, Merry Hirsh and Rosanne Yezzo all from Marlton NJ enjoyed another year at the popular pop up picnic.
Always stylish scenester Ramillionaire Carr
Stacey Thomas, winner of best tablescape and Deneil Montague
Larissa Morgan and Angela Unitas
Cindi Scaffidi, Lauren Lindizy, Alyse Scaffidi and Lexi Scaffidi
Fernando Valle lights up Angie Bright during the sparkler celebration signifying dinner is done and dancing commences.
Stephen Yaeger and Anna Marie
Renee and Dan Lewis. It’s their first time, and they can’t wait to come again next year.
Danielle Palacio and Andrew Kozak, CBSPhiladelphia

The evening was brimming with excitement and energy due to the countless activities and captivating entertainment that delighted attendees, from several selfie stations, to face painting to a very active live entertainment stage thing were popping through the night. As a nod to the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop legendary and ever-so-talented Ernest Stuart with special guest Range da Messenga (feat. Code Grey) performed Hip Hop’s greatest hits from every decade. The Hot Club of Philadelphia and West Philadelphia Orchestra electrified the night with their live performances on Memorial Hall and Arch Stage, while DJ Mar and DJ Bazerk were stationed at different ends of the venue, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to get up and dance. Roaming performers, including the captivating Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, Jewelz Entertainment, Hip Hop Fundamentals, Philly Girls Jump, and Raymond Charles

Erika McLeod, Kim Crawford, Michelle Miller and Andrea O’Neal at the 11th annual Dîner en Blanc at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023
Candace Johnson at the 11th annual Dîner en Blanc at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023 – Best Dressed in my book!!

It was a hot night, but this time not because of the temperatures, which can often be brutal.

600 people an hour, for a total of 2000 for the evening road the carousel inside the Please Touch Museum.

Malcolm Poindexter III and Christine Cooney

Until Next Year Diner en Blanc….