Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s Annual TOY 2010 for Tots Event pixs

Community activists created the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) in 1994, after more than a year exploring the feasibility of establishing a fund to benefit the sexual minority community in the Delaware Valley.

Their mission was bold and ambitious: to improve the quality of life and create a legacy for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, (LGBT); allowing everyone to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to the future.

Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s Annual Toy event was held December 4, 2010 | at the Marketplace Design Center – 2400 Market Street Gay and lesbian do-gooders make the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund’s annual Toy event a success each year by collecting gifts for kids in the HIV/AIDS unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
The night before the big event there was a sponsor party at Matthews Interiors to present checks to the two charities who would be benefiting from the Saturday night event. $2,000 went to the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. Mark Mitchell , Joseph Matthews, and Stormy A Lundy
Mark Mitchell , Joseph Matthews, Jan Hatchard of Philadelphia’s Children’s Alliance and Stormy A Lundy. Another generous $2,000 went to the organization.
friend, Tricia Dressel and Gloria Casarez is the LGBT Liason to the Mayor of Philadelphia. Happy Birthday Gloria, a women of courage, valor and class. I had the most joyful chat with Gloria. So sweet she is.
Andrew Hill, Mike Toub and Joe Matthews
Joan Rivera and Jeff

My Fusion Cross training buds, Fusion owner Gavin McKay and 10 in 10 team mate Joseph Matthews. He owns Joseph Matthews Interior in Philadelphia.
Michael Wolf, MD, Mazzoni President, and Dom Gallelli, the new president for the charity organization Sapphire Fund
Jeanne Robison and Jo-Anne Atwell
Joe Benner, Brooke Dillon and Justin Pizzi. Brooke and I appear nightly on Justin Pizzi’s show “The Scene” Ch 248 NBC’s Non-Stop Channel. (My justin beiber & adam lambert piece from Thursday night.)
Ettore and John Caputo (Q Lounge)
Steve “Mr PhillyGayCalendar” McCann, The best source for gay everything happening in Philly, and friends
Steve, Evan, Tom and Mike or was I drunk and screwed up these names. OK I don’t drink but my notes are screwy.
Jesse Frank, his wife Kelly and Meredith Magoon. Jesse & Meredith are both trainers at Fusion Cross Training and kicked my ass.
Malcom Lazin of Equality Forum and Jeff Guaracino vice president of communications for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC)
Brad Bolno, Adama Haines, Fernado Gonzalez, Tony Verdi and Mark Mainville of Chartreuse
Linda Everett and Robin Gillespie
Fresh face boys Jason Lewis, Rick Naughton and Matt

Thom Cardwell, Developmental Director for the Phila CineFest and Chris Barlett, Executive Director of William Way LGBT Community Center. Chris previously held positions as Interim Co-Director of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, Director of the LGBT Leadership Initiative, Director of the LGBT Community Assessment, Co-Founder/Trainer/Facilitator at the Gay Men’s Health Leadership Academy, Program Development and Evaluation Consultant to the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, and as Executive Director of the SafeGuards Gay Men’s Health Project throughout the 1990’s.
DVLF Builds Community by Advancing Philanthropy. DVLF’s mission is to raise the endowment and increase grantmaking for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and straight-allied communities. DVLF supports community organizations through technical assistance and strategic planning, convenes planned giving training to legal and financial professionals, and manages a program to protect LGBT families and their assets while assisting them in estate planning and the adoption process.
Mike Toub, James Duggan – BuckMonkey, Robert Torres, Jr and Thom Cardwell

Ted Marx with his weapon of choice
John Crawford and Mike LaMonaca

We promote awareness of our endowment and encourage estate planning and bequest gifts from the LGBT and straight-allied communities. Over 40 people have already pledged future bequest gifts to DVLF’s endowment, with a conservatively estimated value of $8 million.

Kelly Burkhardt and Heather Coutts. Heather does burlesque so if you liked the movie, you’re gonna love Passional Boutique Burlesque next Friday12/17/10. Kelly is Programmer at Philadelphia QFest as well as a producer for several movies including the new gay thriller Regrets, which starts filming in Philly this winter.
Gary Files and Michael Braunstein. I wonder if Adam Lambert visited with Gary when he was in town for Q102’s Jingle Bell?Wharton Students Andrew Staniforth and Ned Shell were volunteers for the night, taking tickets, helping with coat check, making sure everything went smoothly. Thanks! If your photo wasn’t here: Check on Joe Matthews FB page:!/photo.php?fbid=1576100356316&set=t.1049812790


611 POP-UP SHOP WEEKEND Opening Party in Rittenhouse Square

The legendary store that was at the epicenter of Philly’s DJ scene for years is now coming back as a lifestyle brand and founder Nigel Richards is doing a one weekend only pop-up shop in Rittenhouse to celebrate!
Nigel Richards and Nicole Cashman
Michelle Azzara, Brynne Ashton, Dolene Adams
Brynne Ashton catering
Prices are affordable and even discounted for this weekend
611 is also the route number for Broad Street

DJ Schoollyd

Bela Shehu and Jennifer Ramsay

Shannon & Shelly

Luke & Kayce
Erica Atwood and her boyfriends name I can’t recall sorry, senior moment
131 S 18th Street will be the home of The 611 Lifestyle for this one weekend only, December 10-12. Friday night was the preview party and private sale and Saturday/Sunday will be full on 611 action with DJ’s in the shop all day/night every day and goodies galore…. Not to mention amazing clothing! Check in on foursquare and get a special discount!


The Dandelion Question & a Shot of one of the Leaded Windows Depicting

This would explain why they have been working day and night on Stephen Starr’s new pub at 18th & Sansom, or as I like to think, after December any of my great parking spots are going to be full into the wee hours.

Admittedly Grub Street was a little skeptical of Foobooz’s report earlier this week that Stephen Starr’s Spotted Pig gastropub, going in at 18th and Sansom streets, was “frantically” being built out.

Both Drew Lazor and Michael Klein agree the new place is going to be called The Dandelion, but they differ on the representation. On Meal Ticket there’s a big picture of the Dandelion flower, a delicacy that is celebrated and then eaten every spring in at a gala in Vineland, NJ the first Saturday in April; Michael Klein says the logo will be a Dandy Lion, like

A few weeks ago I shot a few interior shots when they took of the window coverings, but unfortunately I lost those photos somewhere in my uncategorized and busy life. Last night I went by to re-create the shots, but a fence was put up so I couldn’t get the Dandy Lion etching (especially since the construction workers were working on the project even at 12:30AM), but I did get the above etchings, a couple guys who look like they’re doing Bocce Ball, is that English too? These are inside the eatery about 5 feet, hanging from the ceiling on the 2nd floor.



NICOLE CASHMAN and her company Cashman & Associates celebrated 10 fabulous years last night at Tangerine, Stephen Starr’s once popular eatery now used to hold events like this landmark celebration.Ask anyone in this City who hosts the most memorable events for their clients, and undoubtedly the Cashman name will pass through their lips. For the past several years she’s been partnered with her client Starr Restaurants Catering Group providing the most delicious food with an exquisite ambiance and last night was no exception.
Candles, candles, candles everywhere. My neurotic side wanted to do laps around the room a few times to make sure none of them were knocked over, as the space was filled to the brim with joyful guests.
I was running late to the soiree and missed a few dozen people as I arrived at 8:45PM, but as a testastement to what a great party it was the CBS3’s news team of Susan Barnett and Chris May were just walking out to prepare for their 10 O’clock newscast.

Also caught at the door were Dan and Karen Grossman looking as happy as ever.
Alexa Darrow and friend.
I love a little color and the lady in the red dress is rocking it out to DJ Neil Jackson, who came down from NYC, did a bang up job with the music.
Kayce Cashman and Luke Thomas happily ever after
Carole and Joseph Shanis, Carole is the Phila Art Alliance president and was just honored by Gov Rendell
Two stylish and beautiful women: Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown and Carol Tamburino. So funny, the night before when I was shooting the Q102’s Jingle Bell Ball, Carol calls me to tell me that 4 girls in the audience recognize me shooting in the photographers pit, and that I was shooting audience members. They call her cause they know she knows everyone, she calls me and then they stood up in the 7th row, and I got the shot.
Adam Spivak and Karen Sajda. LOVE LOVE LOVE her outfit by Armani
guest and Daniel Cevallos
Dan Gross and Katie Ryan. Katie is now working with Cashman & Associates, but still maintains clients under her PR company too.
Larry Cohen and Nigel Richards. Check out his 611 Lifestyle pop-up, 131 South 18th Street this weekend Friday through Sunday. He tells me he has t-shirts up to XXL, unlike my friend Matthew who tells me he only has hats in my size.

Danielle Triplett and William P Morton III

Photos of people dancing aren’t always flattering, but Tracy Seng looks beautiful no matter what setting you get her in.

Mayor Nutter stopped by to congratulate Nicole on her achievements, with him is Elizabeth Wellington, who had a great interview on NBC10’s Show yesterday about the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Gift List, Erica Atwood, Nicole and Philly Style Magazine’s John Colabelli. (I had the chance to tell the Mayor it was my video on YouTube of him rapping. Although I love the TMZ version, that is not my video but the Splash News chick that is more stealth then me.)
Many of the former Cashman Girls were in the house including Krista Guidi, with Where Magazine publisher Laura Burkhardt. In the far left is Krista Gabello, wife of famed photographer Chris Gabello.
Kerri Nicole Smith, Jen Groover and Erin Elmore. Missing Larry Farnese, he must be in Harrisburg working on something. He’s been a long time supporter of Cashman & Associates, and a friend to many.
The Mixto gang, Miriam and Roberto Martinez, Guillermo Vega, Brad Ehnert and Sarah Robinson
The crowd was steady, but their was still enough breathing room to make it to the bar as well as to the food stations set up for the guests to enjoy. And did I mention the room, so beautiful, tastefully done. Very adult and indicative for a solid company in the community that does a job well.

Thom Cardwell was there with his sister Janice. Thom Cardwell was also instrumental in my early years of PhillyChitChat, but wasn’t the one who introduced me to Nicole, that was Michael Klein. (He introduced me to MK though [I think they call that networking?)
Tara S. Nurin and her guy
Michael Steinberg and his wife. Michael is estatic to be joining the Cashman firm as new executive VP and Director of Marketing. Sounds like the Cashman firm is going to have an extrodinary new decade.
Also spotted ABC’s Ali Gorman, Drew Belcher, Chris Gabello, Sharon Pinkenson, Joe Weiss, Steve Gartner, Chris DiGeorge, Chris Barletto, Sam Weiner, Carrie Brescia, Justin Fine,
Love this picture of Sabrina, John and Lauren
Ali Frick, Dave Warren with Mandy and Jeff Skversky. Jeff is the sports anchor with ABC6. I last saw him at the Menzfit event at the Union League. Which I hear is having a big dinner tonight honoring the Army/Navy game tomorrow. Tonight’s a tough ticket, politicians have to choose between honoring an institution like the Army/Navy football game weekend, and attending the big political weekend, The Pennsylvania Society, which is held in New York City. I was asked to go, but so many obligations keep me here. Next year I promise, and why is it held in NYC.
Stephen and Tamar Olitsky with Erin Elmore. Steve spent the day with Jason Statham on the Safe set Monday. Says he’s a super guy, and he posed for photos with him and his daughter. He doesn’t want to go into film making cause the one scene where Statham pops some guy over the head with a glock, was filmed more than 20 times from every conceivable vantage point.
The Minelli’s are expecting a boy in February to complete their family, so buy blue. Dino and Carrie are estatic
Ashley Smith Baptiste and Gus Calabrese
Art of the Steal couple Sheena Joyce, and Don Argott with newly weds Tiffany and Johnny McDonald. Sheena tells me the new film they are working on is called “Last Days Here”. The Art of the Steal is on DVD now, and was recently on Showtime.
Johnny has an Architectural/Design/Build firm that has built the first two LEED-H GOLD Certified projects in Philadelphia and is now in the process of unveiling the First LEED-H Platinum (duplex) in the Country, again right here in Philadelphia.

Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Nicole Cashman, Lauren O’Doriso, Kristen Foote . I love this shot which really captures their personailities. Sabrina just enjoying life, Nicole looking forward, Lauren and Kristin looking beautiful and confident.
Elaine Grabar and Jill Rizen – Peace Out
I was asked to say a few words on video for Nicole Cashman, but I’m kinda shy and fall over my words. I’ve said it before, it was Nicole Cashman who was the first person to “get” what I was trying to do with my social diary. I wasn’t out to shoot society, I really felt they were already getting the coverage, I wanted to photograph all people, who are the others going to these events, who’s having these events, what goes on at these parties I read about in the paper, there’s gotta be more than just the BOLD FACE names, I wanna be there, see it myself and peel the onion; it was Nicole who really ushered me into the next phase of my journey in coverage. Thanks!!
The mantra for Cashman & Associates = “New Director, New Staff, New Clients, New Decade” LQQK OUT


Q102’s JINGLE BELL BALL W/Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez photos

It’s too late for me to write anything. Enjoy the pictures and watch me on Justin Pizzi’s The Scene on Comcast Channel 248 at 9:30PM as I chat about the concert and insider tidbits about Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert

Dapper Maxwell leads the crowd in a Q102 Chant. Nik the Web Chick can be seen on the right. She’s on the Scene with Justin Pizzi too.

Elvis Duran and his co-workers from Q102
sexy mama
I promise to write more in depth when I do the full on blog about Q102’s Jingle Bell Ball. It was really fun

Flo Rida
did a little strip show
Adam Lambert
After super-stardom I see a stint on Broadway in Cabaret for him
Cody Simpson, the next Justin Beober and Nik the Web Chick. Catch her on Saturday nights on Q102Jesse McCartney was supposed to have the super stardom that the Beibs has, but I think his time has come an gone. But he sang a tune and everyone knew the words.
Justin Bieber , a little bit of lip syncing, and a lot of dancing
Justin Bieber . I will be doing another entry with philly folks I ran into next week after I see what is not edited out of my celebrity segment tonight. I have lots of sightings and tidbits that will be on the air tonight, that no one else knows, I think. I’m going to look so pretty on tonight as I tape my segment in 4 hrs and I haven’t gone to bed yet, yikes.


JOHN LENNON & A YEAR OF STRAWBERRY FIELDS PHOTOS (I shot while living there & don’t hate me Jared Leto filming Chapter 27th)

I lived in NYC 2005 – 2007 (for several months at 68th & CPW) when I was on a work assignment in NYC. At least once a week I would walk by Strawberry Fields (72nd Street & CPW) to snap the ever changing memorial to one of the greatest songwriters, John Lennon.

December 8, 1980 was an unusually warm day in New York City. John Lennon was up and about early, first to his favorite haunt, Cafe LaFortuna, for his morning coffee then to the barber before returning home.

He would then do an interview for the BBC before a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz for Rolling Stone magazine. Lennon was pronounced D.O.A. in the Emergency Room at the Roosevelt Hospital at 11:15 p.m. by Dr. Stephen Lynn.I lived at 68th & CPW for a year when I was on a work assignment in NYC. At least once a week I would walk by Strawberry Fields (72nd Street & CPW) to snap the ever changing memorial to one of the greatest songwriters, John Lennon.
Above is the Dakota where he lived with his wife Yoko and son Sean, in the top middle apartment. On the anniversary of his death she lights two candles and places them in the window. Occasionally she will walk over to Strawberry Fields, but will always show up on the anniversary of his death.

The Central Park memorial was designed by Bruce Kelly, the chief landscape architect for the Central Park Conservancy. Strawberry Fields was inaugurated on what would have been Lennon’s 45th birthday, 9 October 1985, by his widow Yoko Ono, who had underwritten the project. The entrance to the memorial is located on Central Park West at West 72nd Street, directly across from the Dakota Apartments, where Lennon had lived for the later part of his life, and where he was murdered. The memorial is a triangular piece of land falling away on the two sides of the park, and its focal point is a circular pathway mosaic of inlaid stones, a reproduction of a mosaic from Pompeii, made by Portuguese craftsmen as a gift from the city of Lisbon. In the center of the mosaic is a single word, the title of Lennon’s famous song: “Imagine“. Along the borders of the triangular area surrounding the mosaic are benches which are endowed in memory of other individuals and maintained by the Central Park Conservancy. Along a path toward the southeast, a plaque on a low glaciated outcropping of schist lists the nations which contributed to building the memorial. Yoko Ono, who keeps apartments in The Dakota, contributed over a million dollars for the landscaping and for the upkeep his devotees, including Gary an unemployed 1980’s Iraq War vet, adorn the memorial everyday. Gary told me that he visits the local florist shops, and corner stores every morning. He tells them what he’s going to do, but most know by now, and they give him whatever he wants to decorate Imagine.
I often visited Strawberry Fields because I truly believe in the song Imagine and everything it stands for, it’s another take on living by the “Golden Rule”, something I really try and achieve, although I do slip occasionally.
I never change the station when Imagine or Happy Christmas (War Is Over) is played

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

at some point they put up security gates as there was a section where the tiles began to crumble from people standing on it to get pictures, but thankfully they removed them. But I certainly look at this shot as if the concept of Imagine is imprisoned and we as a society are failing to live out the concept that the world could live as one.
December 8th marks the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. In this week leading up to the anniversary, many in the media including CNN are taking a look back at that fateful day. It’s a story that 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, Jared Leto knows uniquely well. Leto played John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman in the film “Chapter 27”. Although the film got mixed reviews and brought on a firestorm of criticism, Jared has talked in interviews about how important it is to take a look at the psyche behind madness. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and had a limited release in 2008.
While I was living near the Dakota they were filming the movie, right in front of the Dakota. It was crazy they could do that, but I guess it’s a public sidewalk and if you get the right permits you can make a movie.
Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto filming the Chapter 27. Leto gained 60lbs to play the part of Chapman. Lohan’s character was fictional and had the role of shadowing Chapman. I never saw the film.
John Lennon’s 25th Anniversary of his death 2005. I waited in line for 2 hrs to walk by the memorial, it was about 20F out,

every once in awhile people would break out in song, usually singing Imagine.
It was an awesome experience which I repeated the following year too, but the line was much shorter. I imagine tonight the line will be off the hook again.

a video about Gary & Strawberry Fields which was made 3 years after I photographed him and wrote about him on my Confessions of a Paparazzi blog which I maintained while I lived in NYC. I was one of the first people to write about him, as he was reluctant to the publicity as he had had a rough life, but I’m not going to go into the details. So I am so thrilled that someone did a documentary about him, as I did get to know him well since I went so often. So when you go to visit Strawberry Fields, say hi to Gary. Tell him HughE from Philadelphia says hi.




20th anniversary is something special and The Shops at Liberty Place pulled out all the stops to celebrate this retailing milestone. The Rotunda at Liberty Place hosted a party full of friends, business peeps and retailers. Hostess Jill Scarlett and her team put together a wonderful event to mark the passing years, with food, fun and spirits.
The 150,000 square foot retail center offering a myriad of shopping and dining alternatives, a Westin Hotel and an underground parking garage with it’s 60 shops and 850 seat food court.

Shawn and Michelle Waters with Bruce Shannon. Bruce just celebrated a big birthday, Happy.
Lauren Harris, Anne Marie Alesi, Sandi O’Donnell, Kathy Thomas, Robin Yeager, and Deanna Frost will take care of you at the Style of Man on the 2nd floor of the shops

Get your presents wrapped for a great cause! Proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House from December 13 – December 24

The Shops of Liberty management team: Christina Wales, Maria Hatzivasili, Jill Scarlett and Maria Butkovic
Did you know that I used to collect photos and post cards of Philadelphia. Now I don’t have time, but the above photos were part of my collection and they depict Liberty One being built. When I heard that the Shops at Liberty Place were celebrating their 20th birthday, I offered the pictures to them. They are now on permanent loan and after a month displayed in the rotunda, they can be found hanging in the management office. Liberty One, the building, celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary in 2007.
Mark Beyerle and Joan Rivera, the team of Owner, SpecialtyUSA, LLC
Mark Aquilino and J Marie Collins, Davios restaurant
Stop by every Monday thru Friday at 12 noon, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm High School Choirs from the Tri-State area will perform holiday favorites through the holidays.Natalie Burke, Koray Avci and Karen Skoglund. I’ve been meaning to tell you about Koray’s store at the Shops of Liberty, Bella Turka. It’s adorable,Koray Avci makes regular journeys to his native Turkey to gather exotic jewelry and cute gifts, like scarves, pillows, throws and bags.
His prices are really reasonable, most below $100, and for the material items like the bags and pillows, below $50 and even lower. Plus he’ll tell you the story of how he found them in Turkey.
Leah Balerno, Shannon Mello, Sun Park and Bill Hirschfed. From Cushman & Wakefield of PA, Inc. Shannon and Bill can take care of all your Liberty One’s rental needs. I hear the 57th Floor is vacant, so check with these two for the price.

Lisa Bass, The Bourse Marketing, Lena Arslanian, Cheryl Perpetua, and Frank Kolinka III
Laura Burkhardt, Publisher of Where Magazine, Nick Gregory and Sean Flannigan, both of the Palomar Hotel and Debra Marsdale. Missing from this picture the PR for the Shops at Liberty Place, James Zeleniak of Punch Media PR, who had just stepped away to greet guests.
Maria Hatzivasili and her beau
Check out the Special Events going on at the Shops of Liberty Place HERE: Like tomorrow: Click on pix to make larger
A founding resident company of The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia is a 33-member professional ensemble led by Dirk Brossé.


MY BLOG IS RANKED #5 Influential in Philadelphia by Philly Style Mag &

It’s hugely humbling to know that I’m read by so many people each day and linked to so many websites (And the internet calculation was done before my Mayor Nutter Rapper’s Delight Video at Mitchell & Ness hit the airwaves.) Thank you so much.

Here’s the list 1 – Enrico Campitelli Jr – The 700 Level (Sports); 2-’s Michael Klein – The Insider (Gossip/News); 3’s Movie girl Carrie Rickey – Flickgrrl. 4 – GPTMC’s Tourism/Events James Zale – Uwishunu ;
5 – HughE Dillon – PhillyChitChat (People/Events/Tidbits/Breaking News) 6 – The Mighty Dan Gross –’s ; 7 – Lilliana Vazquez, The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, 8 – Cynthia Gouw’s Snapglow; 9- Arthur Etchells – FooBooz, 10 – Suzanne Woods – Beerlass
See to read how they figured out the algorithmic process.


WHERE MAGAZINE HOLIDAY PARTY, a Popourri of Santa Pictures including a Phillies & Phamily

Sorry I was out late so I didn’t get to write up the blog entry I wanted to, so I just did this one quickly off the top of my head, and by quickly I mean 2 hrs. Now it’s 4:05AM and well yikes. I did do two posts though. Tonight I’m staying in (I think) so look for the two events I did over the weekend.


Last night was the Annual Where Magazine Holiday Party at Macy’sAll the guests got to see the Macy’s Holiday Light Show, as well as sit on Santa’s lap, like Karen Spiro, Greta Greenberger and me
Smufs are making a comeback. Each of us got a gift bag. This is going in the Toys for Tots barrel at my job.
Ryan Derfler brought his girlfriend Whitney Miller
Jonathan, friend and Mandy
GPTMC’s Jeff Guaracino, Laura Burkhardt, Where Magazine Publisher and Drew Belcher, PHS
The Zeleniak Family – Then I saw a few shots displayed near Santa that weren’t at the party. Three kids under 10 and Alycia and James still look like newlyweds

Phillies Ryan Madson, wife Sarah and brood. OK they weren’t at the party, they cut the ribbon to Dicken’s Village after Thanksgiving

Yikes. OK this wasn’t taken at Macy’s
Monica Glass and Kristina

First up 1o Arts Pastry Chef Monica Glass, Kristina Jenkins , Where Magazine Editor, Laura and I headed over to Sampan. I had to try the Korean Chicken, which I had read about on Grub Street Philly as being delicious. I’ve noticed alot of the KFC’s have left the area, so now I have found my new favorite, and it comes with biscuits and gravy.
Next it was over to Barbuzzo for the pudding dessert with the sea salt. I had a tasting, because you know I’m trying to lose a few (hundred) pounds, and it was delicious. Chef Marcie Turney joined us, which was great since I am such a huge fan of hers.
We ended our night at Bar, who’s menu is hysterical. (Ornaments can be bought at Verde, we did a midnight run to the store for something.) Laura, Marcie, Sanpan Bartender Andrew and Jeremy Miller toast to a great night. So much fun, and I loved getting to chat with Marcie without her chef’s outfit on. I learned so much, like their (Val & Marcie’s) inspiration is more Martha Stewart, than anyone else; and they really treat their workers as family, mentors and nurture them into making their dreams come true. I would sum up them up as having a vision, working hard, respect for others and kindness as the measure of their success.
Today on Laura’s FB:Just because all the other kids are drinking pickle backs (shots of jameson with a pickle juice back) does not mean you have to drink them…. (LOL, pickle backs right I forgot what it was called. So funny)

The photo below wasn’t taken at Macy’s either
but someone on FB allowed me to publish it here cause it’s so whacked. The End. Happy Holiday’s


MARABELLA MEATBALLS OPENING 12/9 – It’s Pretty Inside Pixs

As Michael Klein reported 8/20/10 “If the Marabella name rings a bell, it’s probably because you remember the local Italian chain with locations scattered from the Jersey Shore to Blue Bell in the 1980s and 1990s. There was one in the Academy House (Sakeya is there now) and another in the Windsor Suites at 17th and the Parkway.” Marabella Meatball Co. 1211 Walnut St. Opens this Thursday. No more vendor meatball sandwiches for me.

Leaving the Jersey Boys show the other night, I noticed the new restaurant on Walnut Street, and decided to walk by on Tuesday to see it’s progress. The signs were in the windows that the opening was imminent. I thought I would shoot a couple shots thru the window, and
a man (I believe Gabe Marabell’s dad, Gabe?) behind the counter invited me in and began telling me about the place. Of course I remember Marabella’s at the Academy House. And I summered in Stone Harbor all through my childhood, so I am familiar with the Marabella name and delicious Italian food.
As luck would have it the architect was there too. Sergio Coscia, AIA, told me he was going for an open, comfortable, rustic look. The floor is porcelain tile to look like it was wood. The tables are reclaimed wood tables, a man in Philadelphia refinished them. The beams are also reclaimed wood and white washed. The brick wall was installed, but it looks as if it was part of the foundation of a 1800 century home instead of a 1970’s parking lot space, which once housed DeCarlo’s Salon. The place is gorgeous.
Nonni Sandwiches – Nonni = Nickname for Italian Grandmother

According to Meal ticket “The quick-serve concept will be opening at 1211 Walnut Street by mid-November, offering sandwiches with beef, chicken, pork and even vegetarian meatball sandwiches, plus a build-you-own option (we like the sound of the pork ball/olive tapenade “smashed,” ‘wich, on a round bun with Piave cheese). There’ll also be a “dinner for four” deal that’ll include a pound of pasta, eight balls, sauce and bread.”
Follow them on twitter: @themeatballco in case of an opening day special & any old day special

Nonni’s home town in Italy will hang in the dining room. Check out Arthur Etchell’s Foobooz’s Meaty article on Meatballs.