I know this ugly facade & signage would make anyone’s head explode, but more than likely it was a Demi Moore moment that caused some cab driver to create his own demolition derby on 19th Street near Smith Bar & Restaurant.
I came upon this scene last night, 90 minutes after it happened. A cabbie turned left off Chestnut Street going the wrong way down 19th Street towards Market.and caused a mess. Instead of just stopping after he realized his mistake, he swerved to the left and in a series of chain reactions,starting with side swiping this carhit a car immediately behind it (not pictured here) and riding up on it, as well as pushing into the next two cars.resulting in a whole lotta damage (this is the car the cab rode up on). Can you imagine parking your car, paying the PPA and enjoying a Saturday night out and coming back to this.
I hear the cabbie tried to run away but was caught by a few bystanders and held until the cops came by. (This is the 3rd car.) Oh wait, thanks to a reader I have the 4th and last carbroken axle (1st car), behind that someone’s entire exhaust system. The person who owned this red Volt, did not come and claim their car, so it wasn’t towed. Someone left a note on it that said, there was an accident while you were gone. Call this number for info & a tow.I noticed the meter was running on the cab still, so were there passengers in the cab? There were no news vans on the scene, but hopefully the details will come out. The receipt before this fare was timed stamped at 23:06PM. I walked by about 12:30AM I’ve heard cabbies are notoriously under insured. I wonder how this one will play (pay) out.