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Philly Pr Girl Celebrates 10 Years!!

Sheila Hess, City Representative presents Kate Marlys, found of Philly Pr Girl with a Proclamation from the City of Philadelphia and Mayor Kenney recognizing her 10 years in business!!

Congratulations Philly PR Girl. Starting out as a WYSP on the promotional team, Kate Marlys knew how to get the word out. Friendly, outgoing, she easily made friends, and connections which would serve her later in life as she built her public relations business. Starting off as a blogger, she would write about her life of adventure, eventually sharing with the public info they wanted – where to eat, what to do, what to see; which morphed into a PR business where she could help businesses share their stories , connect with media. Many of her first clients were friends, and these days many of her friends are her clients. Congratulations Kate!! Well Done. OH forgot to mention, she also was a genius with the name of her firm. Catchy, memorable and concise.

Rachel Perez (Happy Birthday) and Stephanie Algayer
Farah Farag, Visit Philly, Andrianna Acosta, Philly PR Girl, Hector Nuñez, founder of Wooder Ice and Matthew Vogel, who is married to Farah, whose parents I went to high school with, which makes me old,..

Philly PR Girl is a full-time public relations firm for event planning, social media management, marketing, and promotions. Our company was built on the foundation of networking and relationship-building. Owner Kate Marlys has planned, facilitated and attended hundreds of networking events, resulting in a strong and dynamic network of contacts in digital, print, TV, and radio throughout the United States.

With an emphasis on organic branding and powerful online communications, our team brings winning strategies, forward-thinking implementation, and endless energy to non-profits and businesses of all sizes on both a local and national scale.

SNACKTIME Performed at Philly PR Girl’s 10th Anniversary Party at City Winery

It was great to be back at City Winery, I hadn’t been there since the beginning of the pandemic. We’re so lucky to have a major music venue like this in Center City, with food and good vibes. Plus a great event space with a stage. Check out today’s Metro Philly for more photos as well as my column in CBSPhilly. Congrats again Philly PR Girl!!

PS to my readers sorry I have been absent, social season is booming. I’m getting ready to go away for 5 days, and when I return I promise to be more consistent on this platform. Know that you can follow me on IG where I do post every 6 hours. PhillyChitChat Instagram