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Haddonfield NJ is a quaint little town about 10 minutes from Philadelphia. For me it is sandwiched between two of the towns I grew up in, Audubon until I was 8, and Cherry Hill, NJ where some of my family still lives. Haddonfield is a historic town dating back founded by Elizabeth Haddon (1680-1762), whose Quaker father, John Haddon, bought a 500 acre tract of land in the English colony of West Jersey to escape religious persecution. Elizabeth set sail alone from Southwark, England to the New World in 1701. I love the historic stately homes in Haddonfield, (this one can be yours for $745,000 Click here to learn more about this listing. )and the quaint front porched homes draped with flags, and at Halloween draped with spooky charactersBut for me it’s the July 4th Parade every year that is my favorite as it reminds me of my childhood and the small town innocent atmosphere that I relish, that I don’t always feel in a City of more than a million people.

The parade goes right down “Main Street USA” or Kings Highway; George Washington really did sleep here, or at least enjoy Iced Tea at the Indian King Tavern. Not a pint as Haddonfield has been a dry town since the early years.

The crowds are always plentiful and everyone gets into the spirit of the day wearing their red, white and blue
I love this parade for their political statements and community activism. In past years much has been said about politicians, the process or who they were supporting, this year not much about that but a lot to say about recylcing.
Can-can girls
Potholes and their effects of injuring runners, walkers, kids on bikes and car tiresThe best part of the parade is the kids with their decorated bikes, scooters, wagons “In Dog Pen Dence Day”and riding in a convertible with the familyThe Masons on parade

No parade would be complete without a politician or two. I choose to feature Louis Greenwald, who’s mother was Mayor of Cherry Hill when I was growing up. (Greenwald was just 9 when his mother, the late Maria Barnaby Greenwald, answered a newspaper ad in early 1977 soliciting residents who were interested in good government. The housewife-turned- politician
went on to become a beloved Cherry Hill mayor, the first female freeholder director in the state and a county surrogate.)

For a local like me Haddonfield has contributed a lot to American Pop-culture, like did you know that In the movie When Harry Met Sally… (directed by Rob Reiner), Billy Crystal’s character, Harry, is from Haddonfield.[18] ; Although the movies in the Halloween franchise are set in Haddonfield, Illinois, Haddonfield, N.J. is in fact the inspiration for the town. Debra Hill, the co-writer of the movie, grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey.[19] (Also the high school in the movie is a replica of the one in Haddonfield); A scene in the movie AI takes place in Haddonfield, NJ and captures a shot of a house on Kings Highway. This is the location of the Flesh Fair, a rally of anti-robot activists.[20]; Photographer Frank Stefanko took two famous album covers for Bruce Springsteen in Haddonfield, Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978) and The River (1980).[21]
Haddonfield, New Jersey – World’s First Dinosaur Skeleton discovered here
In October 2003, a statue was erected in downtown Haddonfield commemorating the World’s First Dinosaur Skeleton Discovery in October, 1858. The Hadrosaurus foulkii was the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton found, and the first to be mounted for public display. It sparked the start of the field of dinosaur paleontology, and can probably be blamed for the profusion of life-size dino statues across America.

I will be uploading photos to my photo album so that you can review them, right click and save a smaller version of buy a larger version for yourself.


AUDUBON NJ JULY 4TH with the Shaw Family & Firetruck Photos

Audubon is another apple pie and baseball kinda town, where everyone knows each other, there’s a main street and traditions are hard and fast. I lived here til I was 8 and have fond memories of the town, especially the train tracks which ran right in front of my house. On the right you can see some kids waving to the conductor who is waving back and blowing his horn.

I wanted to make it a point to stop by on July Fourth as Audubon has a tradition of giving its residents a ride on the firetruck at noon every year. I wrote about Cole Clark, the son of my friends Paul and Jody, and his fascination of firetrucks and fireman. The fire station is right down the street.
Get there early for the 12PM kick off as the line gets long. Cousins Caroline and Delaney
Dillon and Cole (Not named after me, but after the General Hospital character, but an “uncle” can dream)
The firehouse was booming with business as they fed us hot dogs,
soda, beer and water ice. (Hmm Wilfred Brimley?) Thanks to the sponsors.I have a hat just like that
Delaney gets on board

Everyone ready

Don’t they look like they are having fun. I’m glad I stopped by on my way to my annual family reunion. There’s Uncle Jeff in black. The peps in Audubon get into the holiday spiritI grew up in the house with the chimney until I was 8 years old. Dad owned it for another 20 years and used it as his doctors office. And my sisters lived in the apartment above the office after they graduated college. Dad was a strict landlord, and made sure the girls paid their rent on time. After they moved out he gave half the proceeds back. Damn I wish I had gotten that deal!!Jeff, Julie, Jody Shaw and I all went to Paul VI High School and attended St. Vincent Pallotti Church. The Camden Diocese has chosen to close this church and merge it with one in the neighboring towns of Haddon Heights or Oaklyn. All I can think of is the literally the Sins of our Fathers are being paid by our children. Can’t the Catholic Church sell some of their holdings, their crown jewels, under used ocean front property in Stone Harbor instead of closing the neighborhood parishes?
(From the Courier-Post) In a recent letter to parishioners, Bishop Galante defended his decision to merge the Haddon Township parish with St. Aloysius in Oaklyn, with the Oaklyn parish as a primary worship site.Six months ago, St. Vincent spent $1 million to build a 7,000-square-foot rectory and a nearly 8,000-square-foot memorial hall to replace the toxic-mold-ridden old rectory.
Because the church shares its parking lot with Paul VI High School, parishioners have 400 off-street parking spaces available to them, compared to less than 50 at St. Aloysius, and the church seats roughly 800 people, about twice the size of the Oaklyn church.
“Everybody that we talked to said this defies logic,” Pierzynski said.

TAKE ACTION! Write to Archbishop Myers, the Archbishop of Newark and Archbishop Sambi, the Nuncio in Washington D.C. to voice your concerns about Bishop Galante and the Diocese of Camden. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!Most Rev. John J. MyersArchbishop of Newark 171 Clifton Ave.Newark, NJ 07104-0500

Then it was onto my dad’s side (Dillon/Laux) annual family reunion which is always held on 7/4, with my sister Tracy & her two kids. We stayed about an hour, at which time I had to prepare for the party I was having for a few friends that evening. Here are Timmy & Ella enjoying the picnic. At the Laux Lake in Elk Twp. NJ