Jennifer Williams of Vh1’s Basketball Wives Is Over The Drama, but loved dinner at the Waterview Lounge

The Waterview Lounge Presented “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Hosted by Jennifer Williams of Vh1’s Basketball Wives so after I left the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home party I headed back into town for this very chic event. The Waterview’s Markeem Kendall, Owner and the PR for the event was Carmena Ayo-Davies, 3BG Marketing Solutions

Jennifer Williams is the wife of former NBA Boston Celtics star Eric Williams. She said the program purposely edited the show to create a lot of drama. “I wish they didn’t focus so much on my [denigrating] marriage” she said. In June she filed for a divorce; because heck girl your dirty laundry has been aired and it would be dumb for you to stay in that marriage. She told the audience gathered at the dinner party, that she’s turned her eye towards charity, not just one, but many different charities in hopes to make a difference in others lives.Everyone seemed dressed to the nines and these two were fashion perfect: Learia West and Zairaih Strickland.
Most ladies were wearing PNK Elephant jewelery including Rasheeda Hampton, Quianna Harris, and Ayana Gibbs, all three are with 3B Marketing Solutions.
Jennifer Williams with her beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes
These girls are Football girlfriends, but with no drama so don’t come looking to make a reality show here, except if it’s on fashion and football. Jeniva Barrett, (Asante Samuel’s fiance), Regina Huff, (wife of Leon Huff)
Kijafa Frink (Michael Vick’s Fiance) and Arthur Kade. AK did some great interviews that you’ll have to check out That dude is showing up at more and more places and landing a lot of interesting interviews.
Alloyius McIlwaine, Cultures Clothing Co. (Ceo-Founder / Artist / Designer)and Christina Sanchez from Queen Diva Radio
Hello my old friend color. Just because it’s the end of summer these ladies realize that color can be worn right into the next season. Kia Wongus, Ashley Patterson, and Tania Toomer, with her Steve Madden shoes and what kind of bag is that I asked, and she looked at me like I had two heads and said, but I forget what she said. Oy. I’m gonna have learn these names since I appreciate their beauty so much.
Hosting thw Q&A part of the evening are Kharisma McIlwaine, CBS3/CW and Elizabeth Wellington, Phila Inquirer Fashion Writer Jennifer Williams of Vh1’s Basketball Wives. Part of the proceeds will go to the Stop the Madness Foundation, providing South Philadelphia’s youth a way to express their talents through sports and academics. Check out my column at Philly Mag about my coverage of the Design Home Party. Also watch me tomorrow morning on Fox 29 after 9:30PM to catch my coverage of the Phila Eagles Opening Party at G Lounge, with lots of lovely ladies and my coverage of the Nicole Miller’s XIX Stylish Women. Maybe next year you might be on the list since they have asked me before who I thought was most stylish.