Scene: First Annual Philadelphia Metsquerade Gala at Crystal Tea Room

600 supportive, loving friends and family of Jacquie Reynolds Beck and Kerry O’Riordan McAdam gathered at the Crystal Tea Room on Friday night, February 25, 2022 for First Annual Philadelphia Metsquerade Gala.
This event is a fundraising gala to help find a cure for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (MBC) which they both are living with. 100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to METAvivor!

Kerry O’Riordan McAdam greeting the guests and tell her story. “No words could ever describe how grateful I am for every person who’s donated to our fundraiser so far no matter how big or small the amount was. I cannot believe we’ve already raised over $115k (now $404ks) towards metastatic breast cancer. That is HUGE! Jacquie and I have been able to name two grants after us with the money we’ve raised, both towards research that supports our specific subtypes – pretty cool!” DONATE

Candace Koltisko and Joseph Fernandez
Andreas Moerschel, Mary-Kate O’Riordan and Kieran Ryan
Asling Mauladad, Fahd Mauladad and Leon Armstong (I check Google it is her name)
Shelly Rogers, Kyle Rogers and Brian Beck
Regina Murphy and Jackie Martinez
Billy McAllister, Kevin Vanover and Mary Vanover
Ulana Chmara Kelly and Liam Kelly
Kristin Hartz, Jordan Harty, Rob Nolan and Ena Nolan
Philip Pappas and Stacey Smith

For those who don’t know, only ~3-5% of all breast cancer funding goes towards IV BC research, which isn’t enough. The only way Kerry, @jacquiebeck64, and all of the others others living with this disease stay alive is by the development of new treatments. The cancer is smart and the body becomes resistant to treatments. I’ve already gone through six different treatments and am currently on my seventh one. The more treatments you go through, typically the harsher the side effects, so I’m banking on a breakthrough treatment or cure in my lifetime.