Phillies Future Looks Bright as long as Hunter is “Doing Pences”

Philadelphia Futures prepares low-income, first-generation-to-college students for higher education opportunities. 

Sunday after the game a lot of the Phillies headed over to North Bowl to participate in the charity bowling and billiards event.

Where CBS 3′s Jim Donovan and Matthew Nadu, and 6 ABC’s Ali Gormon, Amy Buckman, Kenneth Moton and Rick Williams also participated. About Moton goes for a strike

Prompting his co-worker Amy Buckman to celebrate with a happy dance high five

Phils catcher Carlos Ruiz, who hosted the night’s Get in the Game Bowling & Billiards Tournament at North Bowl, let’s one rip with speed down the ally.
I noticed Phillies rightfielder Hunter Pence had a hand gesture of his own when he got a strike or spare

First he would stare down the pins
Fist pump the air up

Then side to side, finally fist bumping with a team mate and throwing up his hands to the heavens.  I checked out the tapes on Youtube to see if he does this on the field and couldn’t find any? Have you seen him “Doing Pences”. It could be the Phillies answer to Teabowing. We could use a championship again, praise the Lord!

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