#TBT Favorite One Shot Photos – Phillies Gala’s and Harrison Ford in Philly

When I first started out with Philly Mag, almost a decade ago, besides the party photo columns I had another column called One Shot. One shot was a standalone shot of an event, celebrity or something of interest sorta like Instagram before Instagram was a thing. I thought I would post a few of my favorite from the last decade.

The Hamels Foundation Diamonds and Denim Gala was held every year to raise money for the Hamels Foundation mission which is dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the power of education by giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals.
Cole and Heidi Hamels, with Johari Smith Rollins and Jimmy Rollins are pictured here at 2013 gala held at the Crystal Tea Room. It was always a laid back event with everyone wearing their denim. There was a cocktail party, a sit down dinner and live entertainment including LeeAnne Rimes and Tony Orlando for the first annual event, and John legend at the third annual event. Not only were Cole Hamels and Jimmy Rollins on the 2008 Phillies Dream Team, but they were both philanthropic with their time and money each hosted annual galas to raise money which would help disadvantaged youth in our area. Along with their teammates Ryan Howard,
Carlos Ruiz, Shane Victorino and Chase Utley. It was a great time for me as a new social photographer to get to know them, and earn their respect and trust to get the shots I needed for my outlets. These types of charity events don’t really happen with the players these days.

This photo of Harrison Ford filming a movie in Philly called Paranoia. It was a great summer. Paranoia is a 2013 American thriller film directed by Robert Luketic. Barry L. Levy and Jason Hall wrote the screenplay, loosely based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Joseph Finder. It stars Liam Hemsworth, (Who brought his then girlfriend Miley Cyrus to the set everyday for the first month until she became too much of a distraction as her legions of fans would follow. She was asked to not show up at the set anymore. This is when she began exploring Philly, especially South Street, Philly Thrift for AIDS and got her famous locks cut off into a pixie cut. The duo had been staying at the aka Rittenhouse, and Miley would walk her dog every day at the park, nearly unnoticed. Then the fans found her at the aka and would wait every day for her to exit. The couple then moved to the St. James where they rented an apartment for the duration of the filming.)
Gary Oldman, Amber Heard, and Harrison Ford. The film was released on August 16, 2013 and bombed at the box office, grossing $16 million against a budget of $35 million. It was described as “clichéd and unoriginal” by review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, where it has a 7% approval rating.[4] (Harrison really has to give up flying, earlier this week he was cited by the FAA for improper crossing an active runway. BTW Harrison Ford is married to actress Calista Flockhart, who grew up in Medford NJ. Flockhart attended Shawnee High School. Following graduation in 1983, Flockhart attended Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) ) appeared in my August 2012 Philly Mag One Shot Column.
It went like this: Food for thought? Was Harrison Ford thinking about what he was going to have for dinner at Rouge last night? Because that’s where he went about an hour after I snapped this shot on the set of Paranoia, which was filming at 12th and Walnut streets…. By the way, I’d like to thank the Starbucks at 12th and Walnut for letting me sit there for seven hours to get the shots I needed yesterday. I think I tried everything on their menu to “pay for my seat.” I especially liked their chicken salad sandwich with cranberries. (Yes, I shot this photo through their window.) Head on over to Philly Mag to read the rest of the column and see where the cast were spotted. They were an active bunch Philly Mag One Shot Column

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Ryan and Krystal Howard list luxury condo For Sale

Ryan Howard has been in the news recently as he’s returning to the Phillies during Spring Training to serve as guest instructor. Too bad he sold his palatial waterfront estate in nearby Tampa last year. You know the one, with the moat surrounding the house. I remember a decade ago when we were all chiding him about it online.

The All-Star first baseman’s castle, er home featured 19,000 square feet of interior living space, eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four additional powder rooms, panic room, secure art room, a man cave and a Napa Valley-inspired wine room.

There was also a bowling alley, chef’s kitchen, fitness center, sauna, game room with bar, custom home theater, library, and an eight-car garage. Basically a dream home to get lost in. (They sold the house for an area record $16.5 million)

I’m not sure how much time Ryan and Krystal spent down there because shortly after his retirement in 2016, the 40-year-old began a partnership with SeventySix Capital, a sports tech venture capitalist fund headquartered in Conshohocken. The couple also held on to their Center 1706 Condo, where his neighbors would often see his growing family.

Now comes word that The Big Piece has listed his condo at 1706 Rittenhouse for sale for a whopping $6.495 million.

1706 Rittenhouse, boasts 31 full-floor residences. Howard’s unit spans the 24th floor, with four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in 4,166 square feet.

Perhaps they want to head back to Blue Bell, closer to Krystal’s family and where they sold a former home for a record amount of money in 2016. (Philly Voice)

As for getting a record price for his 1706 Condo, there are a few more for sale in Center City which are priced higher than his: 500 Walnut Street for $6.975 million and 1911 Walnut Street for $ 25 million. Here’s the information on The Howard’s 1706 Condo. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced home for your family check out my advertiser Re/Max Agent Maria Quattrone.


The Philly Zoo Key Goes to the Phillies Opening Game

Another winning moment yesterday at the Phillies game was when Kory Aversa, PR for the Philadelphia Zoo, and I walked around chatting about the Philly Zoo Key returning April 6, after it’s absence since 2007.

The Zoo Keys, the animal-shape pieces of plastic synonymous for many with childhood trips to the zoo, returns on April 6 to the Philadelphia Zoo, and will unlock book-shaped boxes throughout the park with prerecorded stories from zookeepers and “insider secrets” about the animals. Yesterday Kory and I were at the Phillies Opener promoting the return. When we approached

Hey Angelica, who’s a PhillyChitChat reader. Thanks for saying hi!!

Mark D. Kuhn IV, ceo Oat Foundry, who’s team created the “30th Station” sign behind the bar.

Before Questlove threw out the ceremonial pitch, he spun a set in the concourse. Tune in next week to see Questlove’s reaction when he saw the Zoo Key. Exclusive photo, and story soon to be published.

Legendary DJ Bob Pantano, a South Philadelphia native, started spinning at the record hops in the late 1960s and then the nightclubs in the ’70s. Every Saturday night you can find him at Adelphia’s in South Jersey, and legendary florist Ann Catania both had Philly Zoo keys when growing up. They’re excited for it’s return.

I loved meeting my greatest fan yesterday. She has the dance moves too.

Brandon Downey says it was the best Opening Day ever. The weather was great. We won, and now the Zoo Key is back.

These guys not only owned Philly Zoo Keys, but they knew the song.

Check out this video I caught of Mayor Kenney singing the Zoo Key song a few years back at the Zoo Gala.

Roberta and Carl Dranoff are excited for the return of the Zoo Key. In April his newest apartment building is opening in Ardmore, and look for a game changing announcement about the property at Broad and Spruce, formerly known as the LLS property, and the Home of the Philadelphia Sound.

What a fun day at the Phillies Opener. Walking around with the Key created smiles in my wake, with people eagerly running up to me to check it out, and they shared so many childhood memories of visiting the Zoo. It was a great Phillies opener indeed!!


What’s New at the Ballpark – Phillies Clothing, Bobble Heads and FOOD

On Monday, March 27, the Phillies and Aramark hosted an exclusive preview of what’s new in food, fashion and fandom at Citizens Bank Park in 2017.  The invite-only event was held in the Diamond Club. Guests enjoyed delicious ballpark cuisine, wine and spirits tasting  there was a Celebrity Media Fashion Show highlighting the latest in Phillies apparel & novelties

HD1_1100 (Custom)

Phoebe Phanatic was on hand to help with the fashion showPhillies

The Phillies now have big, tall and plus size apparel they proudly announced

Plus theirs Phillies outfits for all sizesHD1_1116 (Custom) Phillies

even a toy airplanceHD1_1125 (Custom) HD1_1126 (Custom)

Tori Woodill and Alex Holley on the catwalkPhillies

HD1_1134 (Custom)

This season there’s going to be a lot of different hats
HD1_1150 (Custom)including this Italian Heritage Cap
PhilliesA Salute to Veterans cap being given out July 4th

Phillies Phillies

OMG how crazy is this 9 pattie burger, at 2200 calories at $30 by Waybach. Guess what it’s delicious, I had one of the samples next to it.

Phillies Phillies

Two notable concerts this year will excite you
The Avett Brothers Jun 3, 2017
Hunter Hayes July 29, 2017

HD1_1151 (Custom)

At first I thought it was a ghost buster

HD1_1153 (Custom)

Seriously how adorable, a bobble head to celebrate Charlie Brown’s 50th anniversaryPhillies

Talk about adorable: Fox 29’s Alex Holley and one of her youngest fansHD1_1143 (Custom)

College Night is Monday April 10

HD1_1145 (Custom)

There is a theme night this season for everyone

HD1_1178 (Custom)South Philly fries with hot peppers. It was hot.

HD1_1179 (Custom)

People on instagram are loosing it over Signature Dog’s hot dog mac & cheese. It was delicious and definitely different

HD1_1163 (Custom)

WOGL FM the Breakfast Club’s Frank Lewis and Cindy Webster, CBS PRPhillies

Wahoo’s will be serving up their fish taco’sHD1_1169 (Custom)

Marilyn Russell was a celebrity bartender. She loves her new personal jersey.

HD1_1189 (Custom)

Primo Hoagies will make its debut in Ashburn Alley.
They predict their most popular sandwich will be the Buffalo Chicken, as it was the fasting moving at
last nights event.

HD1_1172 (Custom)

One thing I did notice, while at the ballpark was there will be plenty of steak sandwiches

HD1_1142 (Custom)

HD1_1188 (Custom)

There’s healthy selections as well. New this year Farmer’s Market Grain Bowl at Harry K’s

At the Majestic Clubhouse Store you’ll be able to pick up the new
Topps Opening Day “Incredible Eats Trading Car” set
with all your favorite ballpark bits featured.

HD1_1194 (Custom)

I love these Phillies tote bags which will be given out in June.

New 2017 Theme Nights include
7/3/17 – Game of Thrones
7/5/17You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown
9/26/17 – Star Trek night: with an exclusive Phillis Captain Picard bobble head

Phillies Opening Day Watch Party will be held at Xfinity Live
The first 500 fans will receive a free cheesesteak and a drink. Fans will also enjoy free hotdogs, games and giveaways including
John Kruk augtographed jerseys, Phillies tickets and my Phillies swag. Plus the Phillies Phanatic will be there
and surprised guests.


PHL17 Departures, Chase Lenfest, Mark Voci, Bethenny Frankel Everywhere

Hello, it’s Thursday. The week is almost over. I was so busy this week I didn’t do my normal, or what I’m trying to do normal, Monday gossip/tidbit column. Things are busy, my sister needed some time off so I’m scrambling to do both our jobs. It’ll work out, but if you’re a client and I haven’t posted your event yet, whether here or some where else, know it’s being taken care of and will pop up soon. Also if you’re a client your photos are coming back soon, but feel free to drop me a line. Same thing for the invoices. Those are terribly behind, that’s always bad, but I want to get everything published before I take care of myself. Anyway here’s some fun scoop for you.


WB17 says goodbye:

Good luck to David Grzybowski, yesterday was his last day at PHL17 Eye Opener. I was thrilled to be interviewed by him about Made in America 2 weeks ago. He’s off to another plum assignment, which he will announce very soon.  Francesca Ruscio who left PHL17 last month, she’s now on NBC10 doing back up traffic reporter.


Say what? He’s so funny. Chase’s new hotel “The W” at 15th and Chestnut, is looking good. They have several floors up already.

A few answers from his FB Friends:

Ana Lewis As long as pitch better then 50cent,you’ll be ok hun!!!

Bill O’Brien You’re a trip. Here’s what you do, go to your Doctor now and get Rx for Provigil. It’s what Fighter pilots use for super concentration. Then because of the current clown scare across the country you dress up as a clown. Then you ask if you can take your best shot. And they’ll say yes. So you do an overexaggerated wind up and keep doing that as you run towards the catcher. Then you leap in the air like Michael Jordon and slam the ball in the catcher’s mit. He’ll say ” what was that” and being a clown you say ” a slam dunk, my best shot”. After all this you’ll be on ESPN top plays of the week, the clown crisis will be resolved and you’ll sign a long term contract with Ringley to help pay ur rent.


BJ Davis Chase! Think Major League meets The Rookie meets Bull Durham meets Sandlot meets Field of Dreams!…its your show!

Jeff Pressman Picture the fans are all naked?



Successful businessman Wayne Kimmel publishes his first book. Even without opening it I can recommend it to you. Download it here. http://www.waynekimmel.com/


A great interview by Lauren Lipton

Meet Irene Baker, and get a signed copy of  her newly-released book,”100 Things To Do In Philadelphia Before You Die.” Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 6 – 8 p.m. at McGillin’s Ale House (1310 Drury Street)

Speaking of cocktails:

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) will host founder of Skinnygirl® Cocktails and “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel on Tuesday, Sept. 20, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection Store at 1112 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia. Bethenny will meet with fans and sign purchased bottles from her Skinnygirl Cocktails line. There will also be samples of the stuff for those of age waiting in line.


She’s getting around cause you’ll remember last week I wrote that Bethenny Frankel will host interactive demonstrations showing attendees how to get creative with some of the tasty offerings from Savor King of Prussia restaurants on Sunday, September 25 6-9PM.  The demonstrations will be followed by a brief Q&A and autograph session with fans. King of Prussia is proud to match up to $25,000 of the evening sales to Abramson Cancer Center.


Philly’s chef couple Billy Riddle and Jen Carroll were in town for friend


Jackie Baik and Frank Kemp wedding at Waterworks.


Trump talking head, Erin Elmore, supports democratic candidate Kate McGinty against Pa Senator Toomey. Here she’s pictured with hubby Craig Spencer, son Royce and Mayor Kenney at a fundraiser held at the Spitzer/Elmore home on Tuesday.



This is the craziest photo at the Rocky Statue to date


Philadelphia resident Angel Dejesus is the lucky winner of Santander’s Bank on Your Eagles Pride Sweepstakes. He receives a pair of tickets to every Eagles regular season home game this season. Dejesus kicked off the 2016 football season by enjoying the game in the Santander Field Club with his girlfriend Brenda Rivera and former Eagles cornerback Bobby Taylor at the Eagles’ season opener on Sunday. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Dejesus has been an avid Eagles fan his entire life. His photo entry for the contest featured him alongside his girlfriend and granddaughter decked out in Eagles gear. He plans to share the tickets with his girlfriend, Brenda Rivera, who told him about the contest and helped him submit his entry.



On a sad note, Mark Voci passed away on Sept. 9, 2016 of Havertown formerly of SW Phila. after a long battle with brain cancer. Mark created “Style Me Hired Makeover”, a philanthropic organization that helped women transition from unemployment to employment by giving them makeovers, working with Career Wardrobe and providing them with an outfit for interviews, and connecting them with professionals to help them with their resumes as well as interviewing on the spot with top companies in the area. It was amazing how he put his heart and soul into this project to change lives. He was amazing. Two years ago he was diagnosed with debilitating brain cancer. I’m at a loss for words for this tragedy, but what an amazing legacy he left behind. Bless you Mark and the Voci family. Here’s my coverage on one of the years I was there, I covered it for about three years being introduced to him by Garden Wellington. STYLE ME HIRED


Celebs Out and About in Philly, and Atlantic City – New Couple Alert – Goodbye Monique Crawford, so fun to shoot

 Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Hafthor Julius Bjornsson) The Mountain from Game of Thrones and “Second Strongest Man in the World” has been making the media circuit for the past couple days. Yesterday he
 He had dinner at Devil’s Den 1148 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147  He’s in town for this weekend’s Philadelphia Renaissance Faire

 Crazy shirt.

I love this shot with people trying to take selfies with him any way possible.

Jennie Hatton Baver on one of her last appearances in Philly before she heads to Virginia with hubby Scott, who has taken a job as Sales Director for Devils Backbone Brewing Company in the Blue Ridge Mountain. Sounds dreamy. I love that area. (Jennie and Scott)
Photos by:
Stephan Lyford
Today of Fox 29 Thor lifts Alex Holley. Mike ran away before Thor could get a hold of him.
 Björnsson is 6 ft 9 and 400 pounds.
Earlier, Square 1682’s Chef Caitlin Mateo delivered lunch to him at Philadelphia Weekly offices. Speaking of both Square 1682 and Phila Weekly…
Charles Wiedenmann ran into Wyonna Judd at Square 1682 on Wednesday night. She’s in town for the WXPN concert today. Congratulations are in order for
Charles, he’s joined the new Philadelphia Weekly newspaper, er magazine now. 
 Last night I spotted Eagles player Mark Sanchez at Del Frisco’s. The place was hopping with a lot of big named Eagles and Sixers players, none of which I can remember and didn’t write down. Wait that ‘s right I saw

Former Philles Marlon Anderson (r) (last night he tweeted: On doing a little pregame with , tune in to watch.) also spotted Mike Jerrick, and in another section John Bolaris.
 How long has this been going on – New Couple Alert John Clark and Randyl Case. Randyl looked adorable but for whatever reason my camera missed the first two shots and every one had a laugh til I captured this tender moment at Del Frisco’s last night.

 We all headed to Rumor, where Tee Fish was manning the door with his usual flair.

Wendy Williams hit the Boardwalk with Mayor Don Guardian this weekend for the dedication of the new Wendy Williams Boardwalk bench. Wendy was in amazing spirits talking about
being a true Jersey girl and saying she is going to come back and check
on the bench frequently, also asked the crowd not to pass wind on it – no
joke. She also requested the bench be placed near a delicious eatery and not on a dead spot on the boardwalk, say near Revel. She was in town for the weekend to perform at the Borgata. Friends tell me she didn’t chat about a lot of the things they wanted to hear about, like why did she have that fight with NeNe Leakes, who visited AC a few days later and seems to be getting more than a bench in AC.
Photo by Whitney Ullman
 NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta star (2nd from left), touring The Playground
in Atlantic City Wednesday with her husband, Gregg Leakes, joined by CEO of
Tower Investments, Bart Blatstein, COO Brandon Dixon and Media Relations
Guru Lisa Johnson

 Apologies to Monique Crawford for not making it to her going away party. I did see her a few weeks ago when she told me of her plans, and I gave her an extra good luck hug. I’m excited for her, glad I met her, and thankful she spent some of her life here in Philly. It was always fun to photograph her.

When I saw her at Bank and Bourbon I knew that would be the last time. I really hate to say good-bye to people, and those parties.

I have a long bad habit of skipping those parties. Sorry. xo




At the Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show I ran into
Hunter Pence with girlfriend Savannah Swetland (She told me some people pronounce it sweatland, and others sweetland).
Seems more than just batting practice went on in Clearwater, as that’s
where this new couple met. Savannah tells me she lives here now and
loves Philly.

She’s gorgeous, and sweet to boot (I’ll call her Sweetland.) Congratulations to them for finding each other. At one point she said to me that the fans really loved him and that was so nice. She didn’t know he was so popular. (very sweet)

Check out Hand & Stone for all your spa & massage needs. (Thanks for advertising.)

Check out my Philly Mag column on the Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show for lots of other fun photos, and stories you won’t hear any where else.(I know you’ve seen the photos everywhere else, but you haven’t heard my stories.)


Phillies Future Looks Bright as long as Hunter is “Doing Pences”

Philadelphia Futures prepares low-income, first-generation-to-college students for higher education opportunities. 

Sunday after the game a lot of the Phillies headed over to North Bowl to participate in the charity bowling and billiards event.

Where CBS 3′s Jim Donovan and Matthew Nadu, and 6 ABC’s Ali Gormon, Amy Buckman, Kenneth Moton and Rick Williams also participated. About Moton goes for a strike

Prompting his co-worker Amy Buckman to celebrate with a happy dance high five

Phils catcher Carlos Ruiz, who hosted the night’s Get in the Game Bowling & Billiards Tournament at North Bowl, let’s one rip with speed down the ally.
I noticed Phillies rightfielder Hunter Pence had a hand gesture of his own when he got a strike or spare

First he would stare down the pins
Fist pump the air up

Then side to side, finally fist bumping with a team mate and throwing up his hands to the heavens.  I checked out the tapes on Youtube to see if he does this on the field and couldn’t find any? Have you seen him “Doing Pences”. It could be the Phillies answer to Teabowing. We could use a championship again, praise the Lord!

More info on the event the other night in my Philly Mag column Here


EVENT: Flyers MAX TALBOT SIGNING MARCH 27 5pm The Sports Cave Center City Tixs $30 Get Anything Signed

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