Update on Gay Bashing Trial Today: Zach and Andy Attend With Caryn Kunkle

Caryn Kunkle attended the hearing this morning with Zach and Andy

Denied! The three defendants in the Philly gay bashing trial tried to
quash all the charges today, claiming they did not conspire and did not
do serious bodily harm to both victims. Thankfully the DA has a genius
attorney on this one! Great hearing this morning and the trial is moving
forward with ALL CHARGES. ” 

Caryn tells me that physically the boys have recovered, but emotionally they are scarred as you can imagine. Large groups of people make them timid, and it’s very emotional to hear the story of their attack retold in court. Also in attendance were Zach and Andy’s parents as well as the three defendants, their parents and a legion of attorneys.

There’s a plea hearing scheduled for next Thursday. 

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