Philly Gay Pride 2017 – So Many Flags, and Funtastic Photos of the Day

Philly Gay Pride 2017 and Funtastic Shots

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This year Philly Pride kicked off the day with a Pride Run with 260 participants running through the Gayborhood, past Independence Mall to Penn’s Landing. The same route as the pride parade, which kicked off a few hours later at 11:30am.;


PHILLY PRIDE PRESENTS, Inc. (PPP) is a group of volunteer coordinators under the leadership of an Executive Director and Senior Advisor which organizes “PrideDay” in June, “OutFest” in October. These are the only two events during which the Philadelphia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community joins together and celebrates as a whole. PHILLY PRIDE PRESENTS is proud to be co-sponsors of the Phila. DYKE March and the Alternative Prom.


The purpose of our pride events shall be the advancement of LGBT rights through the visibility and awareness that our parades and festivals create. This purpose is to be achieved through our annual PrideDay parade and festival, our annual National Coming Out Day Block Party (OutFest) and other forms of community outreach as may be appropriate. “Coming Out” marks the beginning of the gay self-realization process, “Pride” marks its culmination. In addition to celebrating our uniqueness, our events help thousands discover the breadth of the LGBT community in the Delaware Valley, provide avenues for education, growth and self-realization, and increase the visibility and diversity of the LGBT community.

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She’s checking out her tail Pride

PrideDay History

The first official Pride Parade was organized in an impromptu fashion at the end of the 1980s and was intended to coincide with rally planned by the Lesbian and Gay Task Force at Love Park. It was so successful that community members met and started an organization (Lesbian & Gay Pride of the Delaware Valley, Inc.) whose goal was to produce a parade and festival at Penn’s Landing each year to continue the community outreach and visibility that was achieved with that one rally. That organization evolved into what we know today as Philly Pride Presents. And that first rally grew into the largest celebration of LGBT pride in the region, now attracting over 25,000 people each year.

HD1_9082 (Custom) Pride
so many flags

PrideIt was a flag explosion like I’ve never seen.  People brought flags that represented how they felt and it was great

HD1_9151 (Custom)Amber Hikes dropped off a few of the new black/brown rainbow flags to Eric R and Jim Donovan


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The Flaggots were on hand to wave their favorite colors

HD1_9142 (Custom)Gilbert Baker’s original flag was proudly worn


and waved

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The most popular flag at the parade. So many people sporting this flag.
Pride HD1_9319 (Custom) HD1_9369 (Custom) Pride HD1_9403 (Custom) Pride

Pride HD1_9468 (Custom) HD1_9512 (Custom) HD1_9518 (Custom) HD1_9528 (Custom)

Check out Metro Philly online for more photos of the parade

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check out live performances at the festival emceed by Henri David.

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The headline act was duo Nancy and Beth, featuring Stephanie Hunt and “Will & Grace” star Megan Mullally; there was also a many other performing comedy and musical acts.

See you in October for Outfest

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Pride Coordinators

Fran Price (Executive Director)

Coordinators:  Denise Giannascoli Blum, John Brady, Tammi Coleman, Aaron Harris, Richard Lewis, Sal Loggia, Stephanie Love , John McNeill, Jay Pugh, Jamie Roberts, Kevin Turner

Pride Committee:  Jimmy “Archie” Archambalt, Danielle Archambalt, Albert Fernandez, John Fluehr, Bill Hunt, Jim O’Toole


City Announces New Leadership for Office of LGBT Affairs

Today, the Kenney administration announced that Amber Hikes will take the helm of the Office of LGBT Affairs as Executive Director.  She will begin this post on March 6th.

Office “My diverse experiences in the vibrant Philadelphia LGBTQ community first as a student, then as a professional, then as a business owner and finally as a community leader, afford me the unique opportunities to view LGBTQ community work in this city from multiple vantage points,” said Hikes.  “I’m eager to serve my community during this pivotal time by increasing the accessibility of the Office, listening to community members and implementing initiatives to serve LGBTQ Philadelphians more efficiently and effectively.”

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Social Work Program, Hikes has served on the board of the William Way LGBT Community Center from 2011 through 2015, and was an organizer for the Philadelphia Dyke March from 2007-2015. She currently serves full-time as director of Upward Bound, a federally funded student service program at California State Long Beach providing education and resources to low income, underserved students. Hikes has worked with the national organization since 2009, and spearheaded the successful writing of a multimillion-dollar Department of Education grant to refund the Upward Bound program at the University of Pennsylvania for five years.

Additionally, Hikes organized seasonal community service events and fundraisers benefitting LGBTQ organizations such as GALAEI, William Way Community Center, Attic Youth Center, and ACLU-PA among many others.

*I’ve known Amber for several years, and I’m ecstatic for her. She is a great community organizer, and a friend to everyone
Congrats Amber


What Happened After You Left OutFest, People Dancing in the Streets to the bitter end #GayPhilly

I missed 99% of Outfest yesterday as I was on a client shoot shooting the Old City Festival (photos to be everywhere today, and btw it was awesome. The melting pot of people were stylish, and friendly.)

 12th and Walnut Streets dance party

 periscope of the dance party – I Love It!! See who you spot. Turn the volume down, it’s loud https://www.periscope.tv/w/1zqKVyzMzkmxB

 Miss you Gloria. Amazing art work from Mural Arts
 Chuck, Annie & Roy

 12th and Spruce
 Spruce and Camac
 Serious dance party happening here
 13th near Locust

 Killin’ it

Woody’s 13th and Walnut

Update on Gay Bashing Trial Today: Zach and Andy Attend With Caryn Kunkle

Caryn Kunkle attended the hearing this morning with Zach and Andy

Denied! The three defendants in the Philly gay bashing trial tried to
quash all the charges today, claiming they did not conspire and did not
do serious bodily harm to both victims. Thankfully the DA has a genius
attorney on this one! Great hearing this morning and the trial is moving
forward with ALL CHARGES. ” 

Caryn tells me that physically the boys have recovered, but emotionally they are scarred as you can imagine. Large groups of people make them timid, and it’s very emotional to hear the story of their attack retold in court. Also in attendance were Zach and Andy’s parents as well as the three defendants, their parents and a legion of attorneys.

There’s a plea hearing scheduled for next Thursday. 

Check out the complete story on 1060KYW HERE



The Temple University Board of Trustees has recently announced that they
will no longer be funding several sports programs, one being men’s
gymnastics. Temple gymnastics has been a pillar to Temple University
with its academic and athletic excellence. We have produced national
champions, world team members, and Olympians since our inaugural season.
Please help us SAVE OUR SPORT!

Over the weekend the alumni gathered as they do annually, to attend the first meet of the season, a bitter sweet season as it’s the last. 
The Alumni, friends and supporters are rallying ways to raise funds to save the program. One way is to do a calendar to raise awareness to the dire situation. The idea of the calendar was conceived by Dash Sears and Clay Stewart.
Photographer is Michael Thomas a seasoned sports photographer who flew in from NH to shoot.
  • If someone wants to get involved, inquire about donations, or ask questions about the calendar, please email Clay Stewart at forest.clay.stewart@gmail.com.
  • We have one of the most dedicated alumni bases with a 25%
    donation rate, compared to a 7% donation rate of the overall Temple
    alumni base.
  • Our team is self-sustained with a combination of tuition money and donations.  We are not an expense to the university. 
  • The team operates on a budget less than the helmet and chinstrap budget of the Temple Football Team.
 Susie Celek stopped by to lend her support
 and give the guys some encouragement
  • The team’s GPA is the highest of all teams at the university for the past 3 years. 
  • The team has one of the best winning records of all team’s at the university. 
  • Team has been around since 1926.

  Let your voices be heard by going to Templegymnastics.com,
check the Save Temple Gymnastics online petition. For addresses of the
president and board members visit the Temple University Men’s Gymnastics
Facebook page. (Paige Ozaroski took this photo)
On Saturday the boys did a photo spread for the calendar at the Goldtex Apartments in Center City. Slice pizza provided the sustenance for the enduring and endless posing.

Diner en Blanc at Swann Fountain – Videos and Photos

And the trek to dinner begins. Doesn’t look like it was much trouble to tote the elements used in a picnic to the destination.

The participants turned it out

Dan Reinherz and Hadas Kuznits start the romantic evening with a kiss

The life of the party Tim Adams
Stormy Lundy, Special Events Reading Terminal Market, Chef Christina Wilson, on current season of Hell’s Kitchen, and standing is her girlfriend Sara Ann Kelly, PR (Update: Congratulations on Christina’s win on Hell’s Kitchen. I kinda thought so since she left her job. The gals are going to have a wonderful life, I wish them well in Las Vegas.)

Sara Ann Kelly, PR 

Sarah Doheny, YUBpr and John Soden

Sparklers and the start of dancing (still getting used to the camera, you might need Dramamine.)
Look who I caught dancing in this 5 minute clip

Then there was the final song



On Friday, August 8th, 2008, Bruce Yelk & http://www.nightlifegay.com/ , in association with BUCKmonkey, presented the 2nd Annual Mr. Gay Philadelphia contest at the University of the Arts’ Levitt Auditorium. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was there I ran into my old friend actor Jesse Archer who hammed it up for me, on the otherhand maybe he was just being Jesse.
I also ran into a columnist i love to love and hate, who told me he was dreading the upcoming NYC Fashion Week. Looking at his sense of footwear fashion I could see why. What the hell is this?
He was being interviewed by an equally put off interviewer from New York Edge, I can’t recall his name, but anyone who starts a conversation with “Does Philadelphia have an inferior complex to NYC?”, well I stammered in shock and said it’s not that we have inferior complex, it’s the fact that people constantly compare us to the #1 largest City in the country. I futher explained, having lived in NYC, that Philly is the way NY was 10-15 years ago, the way New Yorkers with NYC was like still; plus it’s much more manageable. If anything we complement NYC, but don’t call us the Sixth boro, that my friend does irk some people as I have found out. He did say that Philadelphia is a cleaner version of Boston, so I will give him that much.
Bruce Yelk of NightLifeGay.com produced the Second Annual Mr Gay Philadelphia contest hosted at the Gershman Y on the Avenue of the Arts. Here he instructs the judges on what to expect for the evening. Thank GOD Jesse brings the color to Philadelphia.
Bruce walks by Michael Musto and his look alike younger version. MM spent most of the time away from the other judges, maybe it was old hat to him, maybe he thought he was the star billing, maybe he was staring into the eyes of his new young love, who knows, but I didn’t get a lot of dirt out of him because of his distance. A few of the guest enjoying their Smirnoff. Mr. & Mrs. Dino & Carrie Minelli and Scott Barnes. Carrie & Scott are from Cashman & Assocs. A major PR Firm in the City. A lot of the events I cover are via their agency. http://www.cashmanandassociates.com/
Wayne Bowman & Mr Philly Gay Calender Ric Andujar
If there’s one good thing about gay people it’s about judging, whether someone is judging us about our lifestyle, or we are judging them about what the hell are they wearing? Tonight’s contest brought it home as these contestants will be judged on formal wear, swim wear and of course Q & A – it’s not all about looks, it’s about personality too, and these are the folks that will be doing the judging. Not a bad looking group to be judge by (missing Mark Segal, and Michael Musto who both seemed to be preoccupied with the company they brought, and I don’t blame them) Judges: Dr Frank Spinelli, Project Runway Jack Mackenroth, actor David Moretti, actor Jesse Archer, 1994 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Bruce Hayes,

Project Runway Jack Mackenroth and 1994 Olympic Gold Medal Winner Bruce Hayes. Since 1991, the two have been good friends having met when Jack begun swimming ith The New York Aquatics (TNYA) team, among the largest and most respected in the country. Largely gay, the squad competes regularly at age-appropriate mainstream competitions. Mackenroth was honored as all-American three times and ranked 22 times in the top 10 by the national adult league, United States Masters Swimming, which comprises all U.S. teams. Bruce was glad to spend tonight participating in tonights Mr Gay Philadelphia, but his mind was on the Olympics, as he won the 1984 Olympic gold in Los Angeles, anchoring the U.S. men’s 4 x 200 m. freestyle relay team in what is widely acknowledged as one of the most exciting races in Olympic history, coming from behind to out-touch West Germany’s Michael Gross by .04 seconds and setting a word record of 7:15.69

Michael Musto scribbling notes as Jesse Archer tells him of one of his many wild adventures; You can read some of them here: http://www.jesseonthebrink.com/
Jack & Jesse camp it up as Bruce looks on. This was the “Backstage” area. Although the auditorium has new a/c this room was hot on many different levels. The Philadelphia Mr. Gay competition is Philadelphia’s premier one day event – garnering more press and celebrity than any other event in the region. The winner will go on to the U.S. Nationals and represent Philadelphia in the competition.
This is a shot about an hour before the show. My friends thought because I had to show up at 7:30PM, the show started at 8PM, but the show started at 9PM and they enjoyed thier cocktails before hand. Last year the event sold out, this year the City was full of competiting events, firstly Laura Burkhardt’s 2nd Annual Big Bang Birthday Party, then of course it was 08/08/08, the first week in August where everyone goes to the beach, and the biggest crowd drainer, the Opening Night of the Olympics. All in all it was a good crowd, but a big venue.

The co-hosts for the evening were Brittany Lynn and Sirius Satellite Radio Frank DeCaro, who is also on the Game SHow Network’s new program “I’ve got a Secret”. It was no secret that night, that Frank declared he lost 35lbs on Weight Watchers and is happy as a clam about it.
The contest was broken up into three parts, with entertainment in between segments. The University of the Arts Dancer’s were amazing
Then the contestants were introduced. Jason Brown representing Matthew Izzo clothing store and hair salon. Here is Ken Medley doing his best tribute to Bernie Mac Dennis Kinney represents STIR Philadelphia.
Derek Gibson represents the 12th Street Gym.
Matt Vlahos says if Derek’s a trainer, he will be switching his membership because he wants that body, er he want’s his body to look like his body.

You will see more Speedo bikini swimsuit swimwear in the next few photos than on any other beach besides Rehoboth Beach “Poodle Beach” Here’s Matthew Maguire in his Speedos;

Neil Grieves – His Myspace pages says: “they say that I’m cruel and I’m evil but how else can a starving boy be??”Male 28 years old Exeter (not too far from philly), PENNSYLVANIA United States. To say he’s a huge Vanessa Williams fan, would be an understatement.Ric Andujar representing http://www.phillygaycalendar.com/ and John CaputoRepresenting: Joe Pesci with Mr Gay Philadelphia 2007 Andrew Petruzelli 2007

31 year old David Bolduc Representing: Tavern on Camac Thom McIntyre Representing: Pure showing his sense of street style. Check out those boots. Tim Laskey

Ken Medley wins for Mr Congeniality

I was backstage when Steve McCann of http://www.phillygaycalendar.com/ interviewed the constestants, and msot of them said “I can represent Mr Gay Philadelphia because I am not your typical gay man, I am just a man who happens to be gay.” ie their Match.com ads probably say “Straight acting gay man date me”, this was also a question put forth to one of the constestants. According to Angelo Pezzote’s new book Straight Acting: The Truth Behind the Myth “I think there’s basically two camps of the young generation. One that fully embraces who they are, censoring nothing about themselves, and wanting to be recognized and treated just like anyone else—which represents progress.However, other gay youth ditch the gay label, wanting to be seen as “normal” from that place of shame I’ve been talking about.”
One of Philadelphia’s most dynamic performers, Marisa K. Devine, is performed at the event. The performance featured an exquisite set design, Asian themed resplendent costumes,
The judges hard at work
At one point Brittney Lyn played I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

The rules to enter the Mr. Gay Philadelphia Contest are stricter than the Big Brother or American Idol shows.
Mr. Gay competitors.
-The Contestant must be 18 years of age by the date of the competition.-The Contestant must self-identify as a gay or bi-sexual male and sign a Release Form that assigns rights to all images including film of his participation in the contest series to Community Promotions & Nightlifegay.com. -The Delegate is not currently in open criminal proceedings, on felony probation and does not have a felony record.
-Contestant must provide attire for the following competitions: Evening wear and swimwear – both of the contestants choosing.
-Photograph for pre and post promotions.
-Contestants may participate in the contest from any region of the country.
-Contestants must report to Gershwin Hall by 5:00 p.m. the night of the event.
tension mounts, Johnny really wants this to happen

Brittney passes her magic hand over the contestants heads
and settles it on Johnny Caputo the new Mr Gay Philadelphia 2008
Johnny’s sister is very proud and was part of his rooting section all night. She told me that he worked out hard to get in shape for this contest, and that he deserved it.
it was really wonderful to see all the support he had.His 15 Minutes of fame begins NOW. Here three of his new fans want to pose with him, David . writer Gary Kramer, and director Robert Gaston, who should probably get Johnny’s infor and cast him in his next film.
Congratulations to John Caputo Mr Gay Philadelphia 2008