Philly Gay Pride 2017 – So Many Flags, and Funtastic Photos of the Day

Philly Gay Pride 2017 and Funtastic Shots

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This year Philly Pride kicked off the day with a Pride Run with 260 participants running through the Gayborhood, past Independence Mall to Penn’s Landing. The same route as the pride parade, which kicked off a few hours later at 11:30am.;


PHILLY PRIDE PRESENTS, Inc. (PPP) is a group of volunteer coordinators under the leadership of an Executive Director and Senior Advisor which organizes “PrideDay” in June, “OutFest” in October. These are the only two events during which the Philadelphia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community joins together and celebrates as a whole. PHILLY PRIDE PRESENTS is proud to be co-sponsors of the Phila. DYKE March and the Alternative Prom.


The purpose of our pride events shall be the advancement of LGBT rights through the visibility and awareness that our parades and festivals create. This purpose is to be achieved through our annual PrideDay parade and festival, our annual National Coming Out Day Block Party (OutFest) and other forms of community outreach as may be appropriate. “Coming Out” marks the beginning of the gay self-realization process, “Pride” marks its culmination. In addition to celebrating our uniqueness, our events help thousands discover the breadth of the LGBT community in the Delaware Valley, provide avenues for education, growth and self-realization, and increase the visibility and diversity of the LGBT community.

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She’s checking out her tail Pride

PrideDay History

The first official Pride Parade was organized in an impromptu fashion at the end of the 1980s and was intended to coincide with rally planned by the Lesbian and Gay Task Force at Love Park. It was so successful that community members met and started an organization (Lesbian & Gay Pride of the Delaware Valley, Inc.) whose goal was to produce a parade and festival at Penn’s Landing each year to continue the community outreach and visibility that was achieved with that one rally. That organization evolved into what we know today as Philly Pride Presents. And that first rally grew into the largest celebration of LGBT pride in the region, now attracting over 25,000 people each year.

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so many flags

PrideIt was a flag explosion like I’ve never seen.  People brought flags that represented how they felt and it was great

HD1_9151 (Custom)Amber Hikes dropped off a few of the new black/brown rainbow flags to Eric R and Jim Donovan


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The Flaggots were on hand to wave their favorite colors

HD1_9142 (Custom)Gilbert Baker’s original flag was proudly worn


and waved

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The most popular flag at the parade. So many people sporting this flag.
Pride HD1_9319 (Custom) HD1_9369 (Custom) Pride HD1_9403 (Custom) Pride

Pride HD1_9468 (Custom) HD1_9512 (Custom) HD1_9518 (Custom) HD1_9528 (Custom)

Check out Metro Philly online for more photos of the parade

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check out live performances at the festival emceed by Henri David.

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The headline act was duo Nancy and Beth, featuring Stephanie Hunt and “Will & Grace” star Megan Mullally; there was also a many other performing comedy and musical acts.

See you in October for Outfest

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Pride Coordinators

Fran Price (Executive Director)

Coordinators:  Denise Giannascoli Blum, John Brady, Tammi Coleman, Aaron Harris, Richard Lewis, Sal Loggia, Stephanie Love , John McNeill, Jay Pugh, Jamie Roberts, Kevin Turner

Pride Committee:  Jimmy “Archie” Archambalt, Danielle Archambalt, Albert Fernandez, John Fluehr, Bill Hunt, Jim O’Toole