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Halloween Costumes 2016: What Philebrities Wore When They Hit The Parties – Marisa Magnatta, James McAvoy, Alycia Lane

Halloween Costumes 2016: What Philebrities Wore When They Hit The Parties this past weekend


First we’ll start with a celebrity. Actor James McAvoy was M Night Shyamalan’s annual Halloween bash called Shyamaween, which was held Saturday night at The Fillmore, at the Foundry. McAvoy is starring in the upcoming M Night film called “Split”; it was during that shoot he met production assistant Lisa Liberati
Since the filming ended nearly a year ago, James has been spotted all over town, in Northern Libs, around Rittenhouse Square at 30th Street Station. I like that he’s smitten with a
Philly Girl.  Split opens January 20, 2017


When she’s not stumping for Trumplicans, Erin Elmore is hanging with her adorable family in Rittenhouse Square; here with hubby Craig Spitzer.
Catch Erin on Election night with Piers Morgan


Bill Gerhman wondering when I will actually show up at his and Chris Mullins fabulous Halloween Party. This year I thought it was on 10/28 and I held the date, later to find out it was
really 10/27. I’m usually much better with my schedule. Anywho the costumes I saw on line were fabulous. I was shooting the Monster Ball for the Young Friends of the Academy of Music.


Bless me Father10-29-2016-11-29-48-pm-custom

Tom Louden produces The Q Show Monday through Friday on Fox 29. Check it out at NOON. Which reminds me I’ll be on Good Day
this morning in the 9″oClock hour.


Elizabeth and Todd Herremans


Erin Como used to be the traffic gal on NBC10 and now does the duty on Fox5 in DC. She’s dating Chris Smith, also from Fox 5, who grew up
in the Philly burbs.hits

Alycia Lane and beau dancing into a bright futurehits

By day Sarah Maiellano is the PR princess for the Philly Pops, by night she writes a column for Philly Eater.


The WMMR Crew at M Night Shyamalan’s #Shyamaween hits

Former Mob Wife, now clothing queen Alicia DeMichele makes a dynamic duo with beau Rob LaScala hits

Dr. Nina Radcliff and Jacqueline London | NBC 10 Philadelphiahits

Former Philly Mag cover gal, Dr. Thanu Hamilton10-30-2016-10-13-47-am-custom

Philly Eye Opener WPHL 17 Weather Gal Gina Gannon looks wonderful


Dan Kessler,
Real Estate Investment Associate for Brandywine Realty Trust, Former White House Intern, and Progressive dedicated to helping lead the next generationhits

Everyone looks spectacular but these last 4 knocked it out of the Walking Dead Park


hit 10-31-2016-1-19-42-pm-custom


Heather Mitts and AJ Feeley win Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!


Effen Soggy Sunday Gossip with 50 Cents, Celeb Sightings, Weddings & Baby

Good Soggy Sunday to you. Last week I was so crazy I missed out Sunday chats, but I’m here today to fill you in on what’s happening in our good town, who was spotted, got married, and had a baby. Plus a list of a few events happening tonight and this week. Hope you have a great day, if you want to stay out of the rain and go crazy the Brauhaus Schmitz Oktoberfest at the Armory has two sessions today. Plus they’ll have a screen to catch the Eagles game, but I doubt you’ll be able to hear it starts at 1PM. There’s also the Columbus Day Parade in South Philly, hosted by Alicia Vitarelli, 6ABC with co host duties by the Geater with the Heater, Old City Fest is happening rain or cloudy today, with most of the action being centered at 2nd and Arch Street; Outfest is celebrating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Question (LGBTQ) pride in the Gayborhood – 13/Walnut/Locust/Spruce streets


@50cent hosted at 1925 Lounge featuring #EffenVodka with music by @djayeboogie and @djshortywop

50 Cents

Mina Say What from Power 99 was in the house


Chase Lenfest spotted Nerlens Noel walking on Chestnut Street

50 Cent

Dave Warren leaves Fox 29 and takes a job at a Miami CBS station. I was kinda surprised cause the last time I spoke with him he said he was staying in Philly and going into business. But I guess if I had an opportunity to continue in my field and live in Florida, especially before the Winter of 2016/17, that’d be pretty attractive too. I’ll miss you Dave and Alissa.

50 Cent

Congrats to Brittany Ann Cormack, Costume Designer. She’s done costume design for many movies, including Voiceless, which was filmed in Philadelphia. Voiceless is about a young, reserved, war veteran, moves to North East Philadelphia to start an inner city community outreach and puts his life on the line to stand against an abortion clinic that moved across the street from his building.  Next up for Brittany Ann working on “Beyond the Rye” with James Caan, Lacey Chabert and Armand Assante.

50 Cent

Friday night I headed to Harp & Crown for the Friends and Family dinner. Delicious, different and delightful are the
words the describe the new eatery, which opens tomorrow. My favs on the menu, The Prawns, they are plated magnificently, the Farra Pasta is wonderful, I can’t wait to go back for more, the olives, the steak, everything basically. Plus they have a bowling alley in the speakeasy bar in the basement. There’s no password to gain access, just go down there or take the elevator. Harp & Crown, at 1525 Sansom St. (215-330-2800),

50 Cent

One more day til Jessica Boyington returns to NBC10. People wondered where she was all week on the internet. She was on vacation, and by the looks of her traveling companion a 10 day vacation was beautiful.   50 Cent

Congrats you two

50 Cent

Don’t take your organs with you

50 Cent 50 Cent

50 Cent

A little late, but as gorgeous as ever. Hmm who do you think Killian Robert Gagnon born 10/1/16, looks like? Congrats Katie and Ryan.


50 Cent


50 Cents




50 Cent

The Post Brothers always put on a good party.
Presidential City | Leasing Gallery
3900 City
Philadelphia, PA 19131


Christine Maddela Gets Hitched, Erin Elmore’s New Job, Benny’s Baby

Philly Gossip: Christine Maddela Gets Hitched, Erin Elmore’s New Job, Benny’s New Baby

Hi. I hope you are all taking care of yourselves. Thinking of all of humanity this week. Praying, being thankful. Let’s PhillyChitChat….


Congrats to Christine Maddela, former NBC10’s reporter


Long time socialite, and staple of Philadelphia Charity and Red Carpet Events, Erin Elmore, Esq. who first came on the scene nearly 10 years ago as a contestant on THE APPRENTICE 3 with Donald Trump, he fired her then, but 10 years later he tapped her for RNC Deputy Press Secretary… Since The Apprentice, she’s become a TV personality, including appearing on QVC for the past few years, gotten married, Zach Glaser, partner at Kleinbard, introduced her to his friend Craig Spitzer; now a mom, this year shes been on every network promoting the virtues of Donald Trump 2016. It’s paid off as he’s now tapped her as RNC Deputy Press Secretary. Husband, business man Craig Spitzer will be taking care of baby Royce for a few weeks but visiting often.


Congrats to the happy parents of nearly two – Alycia Lane and Jeremy Joseph. Erin

Fun tradition Erin

Congrats Erin

Wanna Date: LA’s hottest matchmaking company, Three Day Rule held their launch party at Vesper’s earlier this month. Erin

Congrats 6-2-2016 8-23-49 AM (Custom) (Custom)


Philly Gossip: 50 Cents Redux, She Said Yes, Death House Wraps, Erin Elmore and Omarosa extend their 15 minutes

Good Thursday Morning, running crazy today, trying to catch up. Hope you’re well. It’s Friday eve, what’s not to love, even though it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but it’s going to be 80 so there’s that, tomorrow. Here goes with a short Philly Gossip entry

PhillyGossip: She Said Yes, 50 Cents Redux, Death House Wraps, Apprentice alumni Erin Elmore and Omarosa Manigault extend their 15 minutes of fame touting Trump for President.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board today announced that award-winning rapper, entrepreneur, actor and producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will sign pre-purchased bottles of EFFEN® Vodka from Noon to 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 23, at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection Store, 180 W. Girard Ave, Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board today announced that award-winning rapper, entrepreneur, actor and producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson will sign pre-purchased bottles of EFFEN® Vodka from Noon to 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 23, at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection Store, 180 W. Girard Ave, Philadelphia

If this sounds like a Groundhog Day moment, it is. Fifty was just here less than a year ago last July, at the same liquor store. I guess he needs a few more fifties to get him out of bankruptcy. I won’t be able to make it this time either cause I have the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Walk at the Art Museum, then I’m headed to PIFA Street Fair on Broad Street, where I hope you’ll be headed too.

I do like the name though…
$24.99 750ml


The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts produced the celebrated Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) and its grand finale, the PIFA Street Fair. The culminating event of the 16-day festival transforms six blocks of Broad Street (between Chestnut and South Streets) into Philadelphia’s ultimate FREE block party featuring dozens of performances, rides, a zip line, popular food vendors, and this year’s centerpiece – an enormous waterfall in the center of Broad Street across from the Academy of Music. The 2016 PIFA Street Fair will take place on Saturday, April 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

4-18-2016 9-48-01 AM (Custom) Congrats to Giovanni Siciliano who popped the question to his long time girlfriend Kathryn earlier this week. Kathryn was out running on Kelly Drive and Giovanni popped out from behind this tree, with their dog, and popped the question. She said Yes!!

4-20-2016 11-42-52 PM (Custom)

Hillary was at the Fillmore for a #Hilladelphia Rally last night, yes last night. She was supposed to be there about 5 PM but I hear she was a bit tardy. Photographers, like Kory Aversa, had to be in place for 4 hrs, but I hear it was worth it. Hillary 2016 did selfies with hundreds of supporters.

4-21-2016 7-58-10 AM (Custom)While backstage a few fans got posed shots, and looky here one with Sen Bob Casey.

4-20-2016 12-02-42 AM (Custom)

Death House with Dee Wallace and Adrienne Barbeau wrapped principle shooting at Holmesburg Prison.

First Look at ‘Expendables of Horror’ Movie ‘Death House’

4-20-2016 11-52-47 PM (Custom)Mac Mart is readying their place for a May opening. The popular Mac Mart mac & cheese truck is getting a brick and mortar at 104 South 18th Street with hours til 9PM and much later, maybe even til 3AM on the weekends. – Munchie time.  4-20-2016 7-34-41 AM (Custom)

Trump Apprentice alumnus Erin Elmore and Omarosa Manigault in NYC this week trumpeting Trump for President. Erin Elmore has been vocal on nearly every national station for the past year, giving us the real Donald Trump story and not just the trumped up sound bites.

4-21-2016 7-53-58 AM (Custom)

Last week I broke the story about the Art Museum having a food truck at the top of the stairs. Then I updated my blog and the link became broken. So I’m hear to tell you the story again, but briefly.

Operated by culinary partner STARR Catering Group, this food truck dishes up delicious burgers with an artistic twist

Try the classic Easy Eakins, the Italian-inspired Rocky Balburger, the Peale’s Portobello, or one of many others with a side of crispy, old-fashioned fries. The names are killing me, Easy Eakins, Rocky Balburger, Disco Fries – love.

The food truck is open the same hours as the museum, weather permitting, AND is located at the top of the Rocky Steps, to reward you with a treat for running up them.

4-21-2016 7-55-58 AM (Custom)

Next Saturday The City is holding a Youth Summer Job Fair.