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From The Vault: Four Seasons Celebrates 30 Years

Over the weekend I mentioned that I would be publishing parties previously published in print in Philly Mag which were never online, or listed in a file on my computer I call “Still to Blog.” PhillyChitChat as you know is a for hired party photographer and I create columns for the media. Once in while I have time and I will cover a non-client and I may or may not place the photos in the media, but most likely I’d place them on PhillyChitChat. In really busy times I would place them in a file called “Still To Blog”, and they never get posted. Through out the summer I’ll be posting these photos as well with tidbits and throw back photos of Philly folks.

The Four Seasons Hotel’s 30th Anniversary Party was celebrated at their former flagship location on 9/26/13. (It’s now The Logan Hotel):
The press release:
The Four Seasons Hotel is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an ’80s-themed party in the courtyard . Enjoy food, wine, beer, including an exclusive Dock Street Brewing Company brew and a DJ spinning the hottest ’80s songs.

When: Thursday, September 26, 5-8 p.m.
Where: Four Seasons Hotel, 1 Logan Square
Cost: Tickets are $50 for VIP tickets (three hours of access to the party) and $35 for general admission (one-and-a-half hours of access to the party).

The guest list was chock full of folks in the hospitality field. I remember it was a fun evening, and I loved the 80s theme as I had just celebrated my birthday a few months earlier with an 80s prom theme party. I’ll have those photos next Thursday on the 7th anniversary of my party.

This was a super affordable, fun party, one of which I imagine will be coming back in the new normal.

Speaking of the Four Seasons, welcome back to the new Four Seasons at Comcast Center. Last week they broke the news on their Instagram. Now I realize with the new Instagram it doesn’t always show the photo anymore so you need to click the link to see the photos. Here’s a little of what they wrote.

After months of spreading love from afar, we are thrilled to announce that we will be re-opening our doors on Monday, July 27, 2020. Philly, it’s time to say goodbye to the heart in the sky and hello to our staff and guest’s hearts within ❤️ 📸: @elevated.angles

Friday Chit Chat: The New Comcast/Four Seasons Building/NBC Studios

Friday Chit Chat: What I Know About The New Comcast/Four Seasons Building

The very exciting new Comcast Technology Center is nearly complete, adding another exciting building to the skyline.

Early in December officials from both the Four Seasons hotel and Developer Liberty Property Trust came to my condo building to give us the lowdown on the new structure. I didn’t have time to write it until today.


According to the Comcast website: The $1.5 billion 60-story, 1,121-foot tower will neighbor Comcast Center, Comcast Corporation’s global headquarters, and become a dedicated home for the company’s growing workforce of technologists, engineers, and software architects. The facility will also create a media center in the heart of the City by becoming home to the operations of local broadcast television stations NBC 10/WCAU and Telemundo 62/WWSI and offer space for local technology startups.  At the top of the new building will be a Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center Rooms: 217 (38 suites). Total square footage of hotel: 263,000. Hotel floors 48th to 60th: Guest rooms: 48th-56th.

I’ve been kinda obsessed with what I’ve dubbed the ladder in the sky, cause without it’s skin (facade) it looks like a steel ladder. The lantern adds the additional footage to make the building the tallest in Philadelphia. It’s official building name is “Lantern”. The Lantern is actually the chimney for the building, it’s where the exhaust from the HVAC system will be venting. The HVAC system, ie cooling and heating, is housed in the lower part of the Lantern. So if you ever see smoke from from the Lantern, know it’s really a chimney. It’s a pretty impressive design.

The front door for the Comcast Technology Center will be on 18th Street, closest to Arch Street. It’s across the street from the side entrance of the Comcast building. There will be a walkway connecting the two buildings, as well as an underground tunnel which I will get to in a moment.

The representative from Liberty Trust said there were also upgrades made to the Arch Street Church which is located along the the walkway. For the first time ever the Arch Street Church will have a door that opens into the newly landscaped plaza.

The entrance to the Four Seasons is at 19th and Arch Streets, is a mirror image to the Comcast Technology Center entrance. The lower level of the Four Seasons will house two restaurants and a cafe, with cafe tables along Arch Street. There are two ballrooms as well. I am really surprised that one of them wasn’t located on a higher floor for maximum wow factor for wedding and events.

To get to the upper floors guests will take express GLASS elevators, those with vertigo may have a bit of a hesitation, but imagine the video selfies as you speed to floor 57 and up.

The very top floor of the Four Season’s will house two premiere restaurants in Philadelphia, the only ones with the most amazing, unobstructed views of the Delaware Valley, up to 25 miles away.

Here’s a Instagram photo from a construction worker of the view from the 60th floor. In the foreground is Rittenhouse Sq.

Here is a cross section of the first several floors of the Comcast Technology Center building. The right side is the “entrance” to the Comcast part of the building. The lobby will be open to the public and soars several floors high. This is also the entrance for the workers at Comcast. The far left side is the Four Seasons lobby. You can see there’s a parking garage below, but it’s not a public garage as the space is limited.

Here’s a sculpture that is being installed in the lobby of the Comcast Technology Center by Conrad Shawcross

There will be nearly 50 bike racks for workers, and there’s shower facilities for the workers who want to freshen up before work. Interesting there is not a door between the Four Seasons lobby and the public space of the new Technology Center.

On the floor above the garage is a tunnel that takes you from the Technology Center to the new Comcast building, and Market Place Food Court, and then connect you with the SEPTA Concourse at Suburban Station. In essence I think you can walk underground from 19th & Arch Street all the way to 13th and Market, and eventually when the the Fashion Outlets open, to 8th and Market Streets, as well to Broad and Spruce and 13th & Locust (This came in hand for me when I was a paralegal at 11th & Market and I needed to get home at 12th & Locust). Pretty cool. (this was a terrible photo I took from my IPhone at the chat with Comcast folks.)

The loading dock is located on Cuthbert Street

One of the construction workers instagramed a shot of the new NBC10 Studios. BTW years ago I rumored about the whole project, someone had tipped me off all the way down to the NBC studios moving to the building, which I wrote about in 2013 It’s been fun watching it come to fruition.
The Four Seasons Hotel is on schedule to open in the Fall. The Technology Center a little before that time.
I can’t wait….here are a few outlets with more in-depth articles on the building. Some of the pixs came from these sources, Instagram, my bad old phone and the Comcast site.
 15 things to expect when Comcast Technology Center opens this year


THE JONAS BROTHERS INVADE PHILADELPHIA re: 40 yrs after the Beatles the girls still scream the same for their idols

I have to laugh when the so called pundits in this town say that we don’t get celebrities; since I moved back here 18 months ago, I have photographed more than 3 dozen, but nothing tops the excitement, turnout and thrill the fans got when they lined up outside the Four Season’s hotel in Center City today to maybe get a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers. How did you guys know they would be here?
For these kids their generation Beatles are the Jonas Brothers.
I went to meet the Jonas Brothers to hear about their good news for the fans.Michele Wiltshire, Sheldon Jones, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick JonasYou probably know this:

Joseph Adam “Joe” Jonas (born August 15, 1989) – Lead vocals, percussion, guitar (in the song “A Little Bit Longer”). Joe is the “middle Jonas.” He originally had no intention of becoming a singer; he wanted to be a comedian and work on the show All That.

Nicholas Jerry “Nick” Jonas (born September 16, 1992) – Lead vocals, guitar (usually a Gibson SG in the original red stain color), piano in the songs “When You Look Me in the Eyes” and “A Little Bit Longer,” and drums in the song “Australia.” Nick is the youngest brother in the band. On November 16, 2005 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.[69]

Paul Kevin Jonas (II) (born November 5, 1987) – Lead guitar (usually a Gibson Les Paul) and backing vocals. Kevin is the eldest of the band. Goes by Kevin rather than Paul. Kevin helped produce the bands’ self-titled CD Jonas Brothers.
The Jonas Brothers have teamed up with Verizon wireless and Samsung to offer fans a vacation with the band in the Bahamas. Forty lucky winners will get round trip airfare, free accommodation at Atlantis resort, car services and premium tickets to a private concert with the brothers and $500 spending money.

During the press conference, the boys said they love their Philly fans, all Cheesesteaks are a like, but they’ve never had better sugar waffles than the ones they get at Bonte on 17th Street near Sansom.
The Jonas’ are known for their wholesome, family-friendly image. The brothers are all committed Evangelical Christians, their father is a former pastor, and they were homeschooled by their mother. In addition, they all famously wear purity rings on their left-hand ring finger and have vowed not to have premarital sex. Joe has said that the rings symbolize “a promise to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure ’till marriage,” and Nick had stated that “it’s [purity rings] pretty awesome, and the rings are just one of our ways of kind of like being different than everybody else out there.” They started wearing the rings when their parents, Denise and Kevin Sr., asked them if they wanted to.[62] They also abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.[63]
Customers who purchase or upgrade to Samsung Glyde or Verizon Wireless Juke by Samsung at participating Verizon Wireless or Circuit City locations between Sept. 2 and Nov. 1, 2008, register the purchase online and install Verizon Wireless’ V CAST Music with Rhapsody software on their computers will be able to instantly download four complimentary exclusive live versions of songs from the Jonas Brothers’ hot new album, A Little Bit Longer. Customers will also have the chance to be entered to win a trip to Atlantis to see the Jonas Brothers. More details are available at www.jbconcerts.com/samsung
I bought a new lens this week and am still learning to use it. On the job training is not recommended. I completely overexposed this shot, which would have been a killer if it was done correctly. Here the Jonas brothers wave to their fans outside the hotel. It was about this time that I promised myself I would have a Tylenol since the piercing screams of the fans were giving me a headache.As they return to their cars, which will take them to the concert venue in Camden for rehearsal, a few fans made it up to the sidewalk and got a handshake and ‘graph from their idols.
During the press conference, the boys said they just checked into the hotel at 5AM, they couldn’t believe that a few fans were outside waiting. They signed for them and then went to bed. Well 7 hrs later we see Franklin “Frankie” Nathaniel Jonas or bonus Jonas as he’s called, sporting an Eagles shirt. Maybe he packed it, maybe he bought it in the gift shop, either we appreciate that you are wearing our sports team on your shirt. Mom knows how to represent when she’s in the City of Brotherly Love!!The Jonas’ are known for their wholesome, family-friendly image. The brothers are all committed Evangelical Christians, their father is a former pastor, and they were homeschooled by their mother. In addition, they all famously wear purity rings on their left-hand ring finger and have vowed not to have premarital sex.
Here Kevin signs an autograph for a fan as he waits for the light to change.
A lucky fan showed me the ‘graph he got from the boys.
As the crowds line the streets the boys were off. Kinda reminded me of the time Prince Charles and Camilla came to town and stayed at the very same hotel.
Don’t be left on the sideline watching your idols go by, instead win a chance to vacation with the Jonas Brothers. And as much as you might want to buy a phone to download their latest tunes, you don’t have to to enter this contest, the Verizon folks tell me, so check out More details are available at www.jbconcerts.com/samsung for all the details.

You know how newspapers like the Inquirer or the NY Daily News is getting into video to support their news sources, well Fox TV News is getting into photos. The women next to me was shooting for Fox 29 with a small digital camera. You would think they would want to invest in a better equiptment if they want to blaze the new trail. Check out these photos:

Fangapvids posted this video of the event on youtube, and you can be there!