17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival – Bad Biology Premiere – Frank Henenlotter’s Movie about Mutant Genital Love

Lewis Tice, Philadelphia Film Festival Special Programs director and media outreach introduces Frank Henenlotter. to give him 2008 Phantasmagoria Award.
at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

hottie of this minute: Anthony Natale; Can you see a young Johnny Depp?

Charlee Danielson RA Thorburn, Charlee Danielson, Frank Henenlotter and Anthony Natale Without giving away any spoilers, a girl with “Bad Biology” below the waist, wants a boy with “Bad Biology” below the waist. These two get lot’s naked in the movie.Franks “stabs” himself with his award.
I didn’t have a chance to see this film, but I did hear people laughing and having a fun time. Frank says that is what he was going for fun, and shock. So if you want to be shock, go out and see “Bad Biology”