Kit Kittredge: An American Girl versus Hancock re: The Battling Smith’s at the Box Office

Did you know that Philadelphia born Will Smith’s nickname is Mr July by the media, no not because of his biggest movie ever, “Independence Day” but it’s due to the fact that most of his summer blockbusters open in July. Today just adds to the number of times that has happened, it’s the opening of his movie “Hancock”; perhaps he has passed along this good fortune to his 7 year old daughter Willow who has her own movie opening up today…Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. That explains why Will did not show up on the Red Carpet for the premiere of her movie last week. Here’s the press pen I am about to be put into. Sucks living in Philly, I always get up there late and miss the prime spots.

Here’s the Will Smith family now. Mom Jada Pinka-Smith (Looking hot) watches over Willow and son Jaden as the get “lit up”. (Interesting the daughter is named Willow (after day Will Smith), son named Jaden (after mom Jada Pinka-Smith) born July 8, 1998 Austin Macdonald: Born July,17,1995 greets his fans

Ought oh, Paris Hilton has been a bad influence on these girls – The Clique Girlz are an American girl group from Atlantic City, New Jersey that is comprised of sisters Paris (born January 9, 1996) and Destinee Monroe (born June 16, 1994) and their best friend Ariel Moore (born July 27, 1994). The girls were formerly known as Clique in 2004 before changing their name. Where the hell are there parents? SOME of the photographers refused to shoot them as they turned off by the way they were dressed, I shot them for the blog. (UPDATE: I removed my description of how they were dressed. I listened to them on You Tube and they good voices, but I think that they dress inappropriate for 12 & 13 year olds, especially for something like “The American Doll” movie. On their website they look a lot more age appropriate. http://www.cliquegirlz.com ; It doesn’t matter how talented you are, my mom never let me listen to Madonna til I was 18)

Ahh back to the wholesome Chris O’Donnell, his wife Caroline and five daughters.The Smith Family again
Jaden is going to be a big star like his dad, someday.

Julia Ormond stunningly beautiful, classy and professional

Unlike this piece of work who refused to take off her sunglasses on the Red Carpet. I have yet to get a good shot of Julia Roberts where she doesn’t look like
a dog. She’s the co-producer, with her sister Lisa, she’s here to promote her movie and she’s the biggest name on the carpet and she has this sourpuss face (I yearn for the big toothy smile that she gives in the movies or in interviews for the masses to see). Another hound in the movie is pictured below who was more cooperative and has no airs.
Actor Maximillion Drake “Max” Thieriot is bound to break some hearts in the future
Spencer Breslin, who’s currently in “The Happening” signs for fans and came to the premiere to support his sisterAbigail, you know the little girl from “Little Miss Sunshine”, she also starred in Charlotte’s Web where coinkinky Julia Roberts was the spider, Charlotte. Connections, it’s all about who you know. Across the street you can see the fans who have lined up to see a glimpse of a few celebrities. If you want to see a good premiere coming up check out Mama Mia with Meryl Streep on 7/16 at the Ziegfeld in NYC.



I took the Sex and the City test, it’s on my Facebook – I’m CharlotteI used to watch Sex and the City with one of my best friends, my sister Crista. I was older than Carrie, she was younger. So I am a fan and was excited to shoot the premiere, but being from Philly and reluctant to give up a full day for vacation, I took a half day from my day job. Bad move, see these people, they put their name on the Photographer’s list at 4AM!! Me I got there at 3PM (Thanks to the Amtrak train breaking down) and I was #52. It was a big premiere people flew in from around the world.

I should have worn shorts, although I know that almost no one shooting in NYC ever does. The uniform is dark jeans, dark shirt, dark shoes, unless your well Demis
Security was tight, the dog sniffer was on site
The pen. I always bring my ladder when I shoot in NYC. I may have been in the second row, but I was in the first pen which holds the best photographers and the talent usually poses longer than the last pen which was about a Philly city block away. (Did I mention photographers uniform, dark, dark, dark OK black. The color they don’t want the SJP’s dress to be)
Sometimes for the unrecognizable talent, they have their PR person carry a placard with their name. This is something that should be done in Philadelphia.

The hazard of shooting second row, note the photographers flash head in the foregroundDid you see the “Devil Wears Prada”, which is by the same director as “Marley & Me”? Well it was based on these two people, Andre Leon Tally and Anna Wintour. When Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar last year, it was Andre Leon Tally that suggested she wear that space age outfit. Here a much thinning Jen blows a few kisses to the photographers, er the fans that will see the photos taken.
Tony Award winner Christine EbersoleKim Cattrall pinching her ass, she can’t believe she’s her I am not Sanford
Classy Cynthia Nixon. I wish she brought her girlfriend on the Pink Carpet.
I think Caroline Rhea has had some sex, she’s pregnant

I don’t think I have ever seen Ashley Olsen lift her head, I barely recognized her
She has some scary friend Newest Gossip Girl, Lydia Hearst (yes of that family)
The fans braved the weather for a glimpse of their stars, and they were not disappointed.
Eli Manning and his wife

Smith – Jason Lewis
Sweet’N Low Celebrates its 50th Anniversary, Picks Regis to be Spokesperson – National Television Campaign: “You Can’t Beat Pink, Pal” Breaks Today

When you wish upon a star….Edie Falco
The end…my disclaimer, none of these photos were submitted to any agencies to be published they are here for your consumption and they are not the best shots. (Epilogue – Thanks to Amtrak, the signals were screwed up on the tracks and I was sitting on the train for almost two hours getting me home at 2AM. Then I had to edit 600 photos, finally hitting my pillow at 4:30AM. Got up and 8AM worked some more, then off to my day job. Gotta wonder sometimes if these NYC premieres are worth it, hmm you’re damn right they’re worth it!! 🙂


17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival – Bad Biology Premiere – Frank Henenlotter’s Movie about Mutant Genital Love

Lewis Tice, Philadelphia Film Festival Special Programs director and media outreach introduces Frank Henenlotter. to give him 2008 Phantasmagoria Award.
at the 17th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival

hottie of this minute: Anthony Natale; Can you see a young Johnny Depp?

Charlee Danielson RA Thorburn, Charlee Danielson, Frank Henenlotter and Anthony Natale Without giving away any spoilers, a girl with “Bad Biology” below the waist, wants a boy with “Bad Biology” below the waist. These two get lot’s naked in the movie.Franks “stabs” himself with his award.
I didn’t have a chance to see this film, but I did hear people laughing and having a fun time. Frank says that is what he was going for fun, and shock. So if you want to be shock, go out and see “Bad Biology”