HughE Around Town & That Halloween Video

Today I woke up, sometimes I forget what a blessing, a privilege it is. Why am I here, sometimes I think. I’m not sure but as my mother in law Eleanor Tobe always quoted:

I shall pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

Stephen Grellet

Fox 29 Announces The Nice Guy Reporter, gets a nice promotion!! Congrats Bill !!

I’ve been neglectful doing this specific post, which I love so much, which I did much more before I got into Social Media and just shared immediately there. But here goes today’s column and I shall return once a week to doing this. It’s odd I have definitely become more lazy post pandemic, or shall I say I cherish my personal time and I get behind. That personal time might be bird watching, watching TV, specifically The Voice, and stalking movie sets. Thankfully Nick Nolte has left the City and I won’t be curious anymore about what he is doing in Rittenhouse Square. Hope you guys have a delicious weekend, and enjoy the Halloween sights, if it’s your thing. I hope to hit up a few parties on Saturday, and neighborhoods on Sunday, including Northern Liberties Hound O Ween Dog Contest. Seriously, I can’t wait to go.

Style Scene Stealer: I photographed this women walking her dog near the Adam Sandler film set a few weeks ago at 15th and Walnut Streets. I LOVE her fashion sense. Those are serious boots with probably the best stories. I wish when I took these candid shots I’d ask people more about their style. Maybe when this Covid thing is finally over, I’ll do my fashion on the street again with Q&A. I do miss Big Rube’s Daily News column. That was fun.

Speaking of style, last night Moore College hosted their 2021 Visionary Women Award evening. (more on that next week). I was chitchatting with Ellen Shepp, who I just say at Shyamaween on Saturday night. She was a judge for best costume. I wasn’t there at that time so let me share with you the winners.

Dave Williams here with his wife Mia Tinari and SIL Nina Tinari and these folks on the right. So good everyone!!

Congratulations to Ilana Waber on her engagement after Nick Gianos popped the question 4 days after her birthday, in beautiful Rittenhouse Square where they met when she asked to pet his dog.

A fundraiser for Judge Lori A. Dumas who is running for Commonwealth Court of PA, was held last night at the Union League. About 100 people came out to support Lori just a few days before the election on November 2 including Nathanial Wallace, Patrick Mahanger, Judge Lori Dumas, Dr. Kevin Baumlin, Mona Terrell Wallace. Spotted were Roslyn Gilbert, John Scott, the Carpenter’s Union, Morgan Wilson, Thanuja Hamilton, Matt Cooke, Brenda Goldsmith, and Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson. Senator Casey appeared via video throwing his support behind Judge Dumas and thanking the guests for their support.

Really proud of this work. I know I was on TV for years, but somewhere along the way I got stage fright and stopped. I worked on somethings over the years, especially doing my elevator chats on InstaStories. I got out of my head, and worked on my self confidence and this beautifully produced promo by Chatterblast is the best of my work in front of the camera in years. Although some of my Sandler interviews were good as well. I feel good now, back in front of the camera. Anywho thanks to Matthew Ray and the Chatterblast team, especially editing, sound, and MAKE UP this was a blast. My mom gives it her stamp of approval. What’s so good is Sheila. It took a lot of control to tone down her always cheerleader enthusiasm, to play Morticia, a self assured vixen!!

Amen!! Thanks Lane Johnson for keeping it real, and helping to remove the stigma of mental health as something to be embarrassed about. We are all going through sometime. Thanks so much for subscribing and reading PhillyChitChat.

Have a fantastic weekend.