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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift from Steven Singer Jewelers The Gold Dipped Roses – Collectibles

I Hate Steven Singer Collectible Roses

Rose Information:

Each 24kt Gold or Platinum Dipped Rose is a real, 12-inch American beauty rose picked at the height of its beauty. It is then preserved and dipped in real 24kt Yellow Gold, 24kt Rose Gold, or Platinum to last forever. Steven’s Gold or Platinum Dipped Roses are all handcrafted by skilled artisans making each unique and different. Every rose comes with a lifetime warranty, lifetime guarantee, free shipping, a free personalized gift message and a full 100 day 100% money back guarantee. Now you’re starting to see why everyone loves to hate Steven Singer.

  1. Twinkle Twinkle 24kt Gold Dipped Rose
    1. Picture it, it’s Valentine’s day and she opens this really cool gift box and out slides a blue rose trimmed in gold, ya know the blue color of the sky just before the sun sets and you can start to see all the stars sparkling in the night sky? It’s breathtaking. Now, picture a magnificent REAL 24k gold rose deeply dipped in real 24k gold with petals in this rich blue color covered in sparkles that mimic the stars in the sky. That’s Twinkle Twinkle, our brand-new exclusive rose only available at Steven Singer Jewelers. REAL jewelers, REAL roses, really dipped in PURE 24k gold with a real LIFETIME guarantee. Our roses are always the number one Valentine’s day gift that lasts forever! It also comes with your own FREE personal love note and ships Fast and Free to the love of your life, your wife, daughter or sweetheart and say I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  2. Pink Champagne 24kt Rose Gold Dipped Rose
    1. It’s time to pop the bubbly and celebrate! Steven is ringing in the New Year of 2021 by introducing a new and exclusive rose – his Pink Champagne 24kt Rose Gold Dipped Rose. Part of our sparkle collection, this rose means celebration and excitement. Perfect for any occasion. Add a little more pop with the fresh rose scent and cleaning cloth to give her the ultimate experience.
  3. Stardust Gray Platinum Dipped Rose
    1. Stardust, star bright, Steven’s BRAND NEW Platinum rose is just right! This Stardust Gray Platinum Dipped rose is out of this world, complimented with sparkles in the petals designed to look like stardust. She’s been wishing upon a star for this color rose. Glamorous and sophisticated in meaning, make her wish come true with this beautiful real rose that lasts forever. The sky is not the limit with this gift!

Rose Add-on Products

  1. Signature Rose Scent
    1. What’s even better than seeing our beautiful 24 karat gold dipped roses? The fragrance of freshly picked roses at the same time of course! Take your gift to the next level with an aroma that will last for months.
    2. Additional Info: Steven’s Signature Rose Scents are sold separately for $4. Rose Scent packets should not be opened, they are made to be displayed or stashed near the rose, and are designed to last for months.
  2. Rose Cleaning Cloth
    1. Your famous gold dipped rose collection from Steven lasts forever, keep them looking brand new for that long, too. Steven’s exclusive two sided cleaning cloth adds substantial value to your gold and platinum dipped roses. Simply use the inner white cleaning cloth to gently clean your roses, removing dust and dirt that can collect over time without damaging your rose.
    2. Additional Info: Rose Cleaning Cloths are sold separately for $7.
  3. Exclusive Rose Displays
    1. Steven’s Exclusive Rose Displays are designed specifically for Steven’s gold or platinum roses, to show them off in their entirety and at the perfect angles to form the ultimate bouquet! All rose displays are designed with a notch across the base which can be used to display a rose scent or a gift message.
    2. Additional Info: Rose Displays are sold separately. They are made from sturdy acrylic and are specially crafted to avoild breakage. There are five variations of the display:

  i.      Single Rose Display – $15.95 – holds one Gold or Platinum Dipped Rose

ii.      Double Rose Display – $19.95 – holds two Gold or Platinum Dipped Roses

 iii.      Triple Rose Display – $24.95 – holds three Gold or Platinum Dipped Roses

 iv.      Half Dozen Rose Display – $29.95 – holds six Gold or Platinum Dipped Roses

 v.      Dozen Rose Display – $34.95 – holds twelve Gold or Platinum Dipped Roses

The retail store, located at 739 Walnut St, is open for in-person shopping with an appointment, which can be made online or over the phone. They are shipping daily – and will continue to be open after Christmas for anyone that needs last minute gifts or didn’t get to shop due to all happening in the world. In-store pick-up is also available for many items. Standard shipping is always fast and free. No-risk 100 day, 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. Additionally, the expert jewelers are available to help online shoppers through call, chat, text or even virtual video appointments. For appointments, questions or assistance, call  215-627-3242 or visit www.IHateStevenSinger.com


Steven Singer Fed Thanksgiving Dinner to The Entire Staff at Pennsylvania Hospital

For this special delivery, there is extra meaning as Singer recently underwent open heart surgery at the Hospital and wanted to bring some thanks to the employees working so hard and putting their own lives at risk. While he was in the hospital several times, he left the ICU and is recovering, but many COVID and other patients won’t this holiday.

The meals, prepared by Manny’s Restaurant and Delicatessen in Southampton, Bucks County, were sent over by jeweler Steven Singer. He was unable to be there in-person after undergoing open-heart surgery at Pennsylvania, where he says he received top-notch care.

Christine Tierney, Chief Human Resources Officer – Pennsylvania Hospital thanks Steven Singer representative for the delicious gesture, as Frank Anastasi, MBA, Chief Financial Officer at Pennsylvania Hospital University of Pennsylvania Health System and staff look on. This special feast for hospital workers is Singers’ way of giving back and part of his pledge to donate a portion from every gold dipped rose to help feed front line workers – while supporting local restaurants in crisis from the global pandemic. For this feast, Singer purchased each and every dinner from Manny’s Catering in Bucks County/ Southampton.

“My heart breaks for the world! It breaks for those who have lost loved ones, those who are ill, small businesses and independent restaurants and everyone effected by this ugly virus, and that is everyone.” – Steven Singer. “We want to be there to support our local community now and long-term. These hospital workers put themselves at risk each and every day, and have to deal with things that are unimaginable to the rest of us. On this unique holiday with numbers soaring, we wanted to support them and say thanks – and let them know we are all with them.”

Singer and his team provided 650+ meals to employees giving up their holiday to serve patients with COVID 19, those in the ICU and other areas of the hospital. They enjoyed individually wrapped, free catered turkey dinners with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. 

Steven Singer Jewelers Steven Singer is a first-generation jeweler and small business owner on Jeweler’s Row. With 40 years on Philadelphia’s historic Jewelers Row, Steven has been an innovator of the jewelry industry with his maverick marketing efforts including the I Hate Steven Singer Campaign. More information at  www.IHateStevenSinger.com