Moss Rehab Staff to Help Surfers with Disabilities

Approximately 100 surfers and 400 volunteers, many of the volunteers from Moss Rehab in Philadelphia, participated in the 12th annual They Will Surf Again event at Baker Beach in Wildwood, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. T

For the past eight years, MossRehab has sent a volunteer corps of rehab therapists, doctors, nurses and supporters to They Will Surf Again is the flagship program of Life Rolls On, a nonprofit that serves as a resource and advocate for young people who have been affected by spinal cord injury. Life Rolls On utilizes action sports to push the boundaries of possibility for those with spinal cord injuries.

“We’re thrilled to have MossRehab involved with us,” says Chad DeSatnick, who organizes They Will Surf Again events in New Jersey. “To have actual therapists and rehab specialists who are trained to properly handle persons with disabilities means proper techniques are used, assuring safety, comfort and dignity for the surfers.” Founder of Life Rolls On Jesse Billauer (r) Wants to Help You Catch a Wave.

The Blue Wave Theory, play surf rock and entertained the crowd during the event. Kerry O’Connor, Senior Manager of Communications at Moss Rehab, has been a long time supporter of They Will Surf Again, connecting them with Moss Rehab, and sponsoring The Blue Wave Theory band for everyone’s enjoyment. The music was terrific, and kept the seagulls away from everyone’s pizza.