Moss Rehab Staff to Help Surfers with Disabilities

Approximately 100 surfers and 400 volunteers, many of the volunteers from Moss Rehab in Philadelphia, participated in the 12th annual They Will Surf Again event at Baker Beach in Wildwood, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. T

For the past eight years, MossRehab has sent a volunteer corps of rehab therapists, doctors, nurses and supporters to They Will Surf Again is the flagship program of Life Rolls On, a nonprofit that serves as a resource and advocate for young people who have been affected by spinal cord injury. Life Rolls On utilizes action sports to push the boundaries of possibility for those with spinal cord injuries.

“We’re thrilled to have MossRehab involved with us,” says Chad DeSatnick, who organizes They Will Surf Again events in New Jersey. “To have actual therapists and rehab specialists who are trained to properly handle persons with disabilities means proper techniques are used, assuring safety, comfort and dignity for the surfers.” Founder of Life Rolls On Jesse Billauer (r) Wants to Help You Catch a Wave.

The Blue Wave Theory, play surf rock and entertained the crowd during the event. Kerry O’Connor, Senior Manager of Communications at Moss Rehab, has been a long time supporter of They Will Surf Again, connecting them with Moss Rehab, and sponsoring The Blue Wave Theory band for everyone’s enjoyment. The music was terrific, and kept the seagulls away from everyone’s pizza.


Photos: Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise to Alaska

So proud to be honored and to represent Cabot’s 1100 farmers who own Cabot Creamery Co-operative on the 2017 Cabot Celebrity Cruise to Alaska.  I met more than 60 of the most amazing volunteers and their guests on the cruise that honors volunteers across the nation for their selfless acts of volunteerism.  We spent seven days onboard the Celebrity Solstice and visited the most amazing ports of call including Ketchikan, the Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, British Columbia.  Volunteers participated in social media, grant writing, and fundraising workshops on our days at sea, and we all made great new friends, learning how to be even better volunteers and, oh yes, we ate and we ate and we ate, but I didn’t gain any weight. Mike on the other hand, he’s still exercising twice a day. Thanks Roberta MacDonald, Bob Schiers and Marilyn Russell for sharing the good works of the Cabot Farmers with me over the years.


The ship was grand.

HD1_5605 (Custom)
Embarking was super easy. Cabot, especially Cheryl, kept us up to date on all things to know about the upcoming cruise. I also did a lot of research on Cruise Critic, a great message board that I’ve used in the past. I found out that a cruiser should order plastic cruise ticket holders. They were really helpful.

On board I noticed that people affixed Dry Eraser Boards to the metal door when traveling with others to tell them where they were because while at
sea there is no cell service.


Green roof on the Solstice

HD1_6924 (Custom)
The solstice was easy to navigate especially with these diagrams located near the elevators

HD1_6874 (Custom)
During days at sea the Cabot Community Celebrities took tours of the ship.

We wore these sashes proudly to identify each other as volunteers being honored by the Cabot Farmers. It gave us a chance to chat with other
cruisers about our mission as well as the wonderful Volunteer Rewards program that Cabot Farmers provide.

HD1_6958 (Custom)

The Solstice is a magnificent ship with lots of great shopping

HD1_6900 (Custom)
The dining areas are amazing. This is the one Mike and I had dinner every night.

The center lobby allowed you to see all community floors of the Celebrity Solstice. My favorite spots on the ship were the library, Casino and of course the Buffet. Great spots for people watching.  BTW I won nearly every night on slots at the Casino, leaving the ship with $250. So when people say the slots are tight on ships, not on Celebrity Solstice.

7-3-2017 11-57-24 AM

I should have practiced my poker game as July 15, 2017 I’ll be participating in the Cabot Cheese Bad Beat on Hunger Poker Tournament to Benefit the Community Foodbank of NJ. Who knows what could happen, last year Justin Beiber showed up at midnight to play poker.

HD1_5661 (Custom)
Back to the boat. There were two pools, one inside and one outside. Both had hot tubs, and nothing is better than hanging in the hot tub
while it’s raining and 37F out.

HD1_5887 (Custom)
The Captain’s perch

Heading into Mendenhall Glacier

HD1_5988 (Custom)
To the left is an Eagle flying towards a newly born seal on a glacier with it’s mom, as another Eagle waits nearby for dinner.

HD1_6052 (Custom)
Mendenhall Glacier is so gorgeous.

HD1_6118 (Custom)
The cruise ship sat in the Mendenhall Glacier bay for 4 hours which gave everyone a chance to check out the beauty

HD1_6088 (Custom)
and popular calving of the glacier. It’s hard to judge the height of this fall, but it’s estimated to be 15o feet. The boat was about a mile away.

HD1_5927 (Custom)
a view from our balcony. We did see eagles, bears and whales from this vantage point

HD1_6273 (Custom)

HD1_6424 (Custom)

HD1_6389 (Custom)



Did you know that Alaska has the largest rainforest. It’s true.

HD1_6701 (Custom)
Skagway. Take the train, it’s a great way to really get to enjoy the beauty of Alaska

HD1_6736_edited-1 (Custom)

At the top of the Continental Divide, everyone switches seats from the other side so everyone can enjoy the various views.


HD1_6817 (Custom)

Skagway is adorable. The year round town boasts 800 permanent residents.

HD1_6849 (Custom)
All aboard. It’s a new day cruising as all guests go through a thorough screening including metal detectors before being allowed back on board.

HD1_7015 (Custom)
Docking in Victoria, BC was tricky. Kudos to the Tugboat and local ship captain, who boards the ship about a mile out, to dock us safely.

HD1_7119 (Custom)Victoria was adorable, especially with these two Barbara Grimes and Marilyn Russell

HD1_7093 (Custom)
We enjoyed dinner in Chinatown

HD1_7184 (Custom)
Seattle in the morning right before we docked.

Pike’s Market. They have a pig too.

HD1_7321 (Custom)

HD1_7335 (Custom)
Mike and I took an excursion to Tillicum Village,

HD1_7325 (Custom)

A salmon bake at a longhouse are decorated with traditional coastal Indian art.

You can also take a nature walkHD1_7399 (Custom) HD1_7430 (Custom) HD1_7456 (Custom)
Back to Seattle and a red eye to home at 1030PM.

7-3-2017 11-36-41 AM (Custom)
Thanks Cabot Farmer’s for a trip of a lifetime. It was great to do and see the most amazing things on the cruise, but the reward for me was meeting so many incredible volunteers from around the country who give of their time, money and experience to make other people’s lives better.
That was the best gift for me soul.