This & That: Midtown Village Closes Streets to Dine, Craft Concepts Conceives and a Boutique Closes

Hello Thursday, it’s This & That time.
Midtown Village Closes their streets on the weekends (hopefully through the winter months too) to accommodate more dining outside . ALSO two adorable Midtown boutiques seemingly close as fallout from the pandemic.

Let’s start with the bad news in Midtown Village it looks like Lou Lou Boutique on 13th Street seems to have closed permanently. As with Wawa, I’ve been monitoring Lou Lou for the past few months. The store still had had dresses hung on racks, as well as styled mannequins in June, then in July only the mannequins were left. Then last week I noticed the store was emptied out except for the tables you see in the windows and the Philly website was a 404 Error – Page Not Found. RIP Lou Lou Boutique, we hardly knew you.

Now the good news, the great news: It’s happening, the streets of Philly are beginning to close to accommodate the folks who made this town so desirable, the Philly Foodies. Midtown Village is joining dining al fresco in the street. Starting TOMORROW Midtown Villages’ main corridor – 13th Street from Chestnut to Locust Street, as well as nearby Juniper Street between Chestnut and Sansom Streets will be closed to traffic from 1pm until midnight Sunday. Restaurants like Sampan, Charlie was a Sinner, Barbuzzo, Double Knot, El Vez, Drury Beer Garden and Salty’s will be setting up in the street for outdoor dining.

People who love people watching will still be able to do so as they walk down the middle of 13th Street, checking out who’s eating where, who’s eating with who, the best peeping in town. Then over on Juniper Street, a new spot pops up Juniper Street Supper Club – Expanded Open-Air Dining By Bru and Tradesman’s coming this weekend! Blue skies. Starry nights. Great food. Cold drinks. New brunch! Craft Concepts Group (Bru and Tradesman’s) will pop-up and take over Juniper Street at Chestnut with exclusive dining this Fri 4p-10p, Sat 11a-10p and Sun 11a-10p. #phillyfood #phillytodo #visitphilly #phillyfoodies Make reservations, or take a chance on walking up.

Don’t plan to eat at tredici or Zavinos, both have been closed for the duration of the pandemic. The tables in front of tredici are for Double Knot, and in front of Zavino are for Barbuzzo. After hearing rumors of their closure I tried to contact owner Greg Dodge, but to no avail. Sources tell me tredici’s will open under a new name at some point. No word on the future of Zavino.

Friday Night is more than just alright. A few shops are open along Midtown Village but if you want to visit Bella Turka Jewelry (l) you’ll have to head to their other location in Rittenhouse Square at 1700 Sansom St, the 13th Street location is not open. Chitchat tomorrow will I’ll do a walk up Walnut Street. Lots has opened, then again, a few have closed, but we’re in this together.

These are the streets closed for dining
Full Closure: S. 13th Street Chestnut to Locust St.;
Sansom St S. 12th Street to S. Juniper St.
Drury from Juniper to S 13th Street
S. Juniper St Chestnut to Sansom Street
PS I’m working on my art skills during the pandemic pause

During my pandemic unemployment I will be working on my art skills. I can truly say I do my blog/sm for fun now, so don’t attack the messenger for coloring outside the lines. Here is a map I whipped up with all the streets closed for @Midtwn_Village al fresco dining in the streets this weekend. It’s a pilot program, and maybe extended to other weekends going forward. Although McGillin’s is within the boundaries, they’re going to wait and see how this weekend goes. (crosses fingers for a success)
Let’s support our local business, and by local I mean any store operating in Philly, even Macy’s is local to me. xoxo HughE