Shyamalan’s Servant 3 Begins Filming; Jason Kelce Sweet Week Ever

Happy Sunday, hope you are having a sweet weekend. This is Mike’s dessert last night at Jalapeños Grille in Oaklyn, NJ – churros!! I did not partake as I am actively dieting yet again, and this time I’m taking this medicine you probably have seen advertised called Ozempic. Basically you’re not hungry, and this dish is not appetizing. Maybe this time…..

You know who is enjoying a sweet life, Jason Kelce, on Friday, Kelce posted on Instagram that he re signed with the Eagles, welcomed a new baby daughter (big sister Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce was born 10/2/2019), plus also received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Game On!!

M Night Shyamalan

Shyamalan has begun filming the 3rd season of “Servant” as he and the stars were spotted filming on the Ocean City boardwalk at 14th Street yesterday.

“Servant” filmed key scenes for season 3 in Ocean City today (Saturday, March 6th, 2021).  The show just unveiled season 2, so these newly filmed scenes for a future episode(s) are likely a year away.

The last time Servant filmed scenes was in October 2020, when a snowy scene for Servant 2 was shot on 2100 block of Spruce Street. Servant can be seen on AppleTV and is currently airing Servant 2.

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