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Fans celebrate after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl

Fans celebrate after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl


Eagles Fans Celebrate The Joy Of Winning – Lots of Love, Hugs & High Fives

Congratulations. THIS IS US, thanks Eagles for bringing us together. What an amazing night of football and celebration.

I started my night off attending Billy Nigro’s (Eye Encounters) annual Super Bowl Party, but this year we were in the Super Bowl, holy cow!!
Old friends Lisa Booth and Mike Missanelli


I got out to Broad Street with about 90 seconds on the clock, and boy did they wind down slowly

Outside Brent Celek’s Blue Duck on Broad

The police were just as interested in watching the game as the rest of us fans

and celebrated the win before their boss told them to get on their bikes


The first fans head out to Broad Street to celebrate

It was a very emotional moment for all of us

Fans young and old celebrate after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl





Unlike two weeks ago I thought I’d walk around a bit, and BTW the crowds Sunday night were 5xs more than 2 weeks ago. It was crushing to be on Broad Street

Chestnut Street much better except people didn’t get the memo that they’d be stuck for hours in traffic and fans on foot

Modell’s was open and selling shirts and memorabilia. I would have bought some but the line was out the door at midnight.
He told me he got his costume at Walmart.

Poles were not match for Philadelphian’s

This women kept saying over and over “YES WE DID!!”
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Fly Eagles Fly

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Eagles Fans Get Lit on Broad Street Celebrating The NFC Win

Eagles Fans Get Lit on Broad Street Celebrating The NFC Win

We are not done yet celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles won on Sunday night against the Vikings to capture the NFC Championship Game. I placed a lot of photos from the celebratory night in outlets, with links to them at the bottom. In the meantime here are a few more.

I ran into my sister’s friend at The Blue Duck on Broad

It was a fantastic party

Dude seriously if you didn’t want to be in the photo with these guys you could have said no, or maybe you just wanted to see if I’d publish it. You must not know me, I photographed celebrities in NYC for 5 years. These were the money shots!!

I had a great time at McGillin’s as well, but the best party, the one not to miss happens at Tavern on Broad. So much fun, people are really nice,

the booze is reasonable and when we win the Super Bowl, you just roll out the door and there’s Broad Street.

I need this suit, does it come in a 3x large. I went to buy a T Shirt, and they do not.
I got a hat.
I like a guy that brings his own boom box and crowd
Fireworks and girl on a light pole. See her on left hanging on for dear life?
I was standing next to Drew Smith, NBC10 while the largest toilet paper stream floated down from who knows where. I think we all want to know what brand that is
A beginning of a wonderful mummy
I learned a new word, these two kept yelling – take a photo of us, we’re Yunks!! Eventually they explained they were from Manayunk

He came prepared
WHY Can’t we be Friends, Why Can’t We Be Friends…. We can!!
Jenny from the block, or as I like to call her my editor from Metro Philly
crowds were just streaming up Broad Street towards City Hall
OH I see he has an Eagles head
Mike and Renee are HAPPY
Broad Street is LIT!! as Jeniece Armstrong wrote on one of my posts Sunday night.

WAWA was packed, in 2008 this was the site of Robinson Luggage, and it didn’t fare as well

What an amazing celebration, there was no trouble as the crowd partied in the street from 930ish til a bit after 130 when the police
announced for people to please go home. They did, and the next day the street was clean and open for business.

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