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Photos: The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Experience

Photos: The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Experience


Late last month I attended a lovely event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for media to experience their wedding experience. Clever idea. I was only able to make it to the first event, and just a bit as my schedule was packed.  They sent a long some copy of the event and what they were out to achieve for this post. I will be returning soon to experience the rest of the great adventure when time permits. ….




A small exclusive group of national, regional and local members of the media were invited to attend a Wedding Experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia on April 21-22.


This 24 hour event was hosted at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia by Bradley Pacana, Dayna Leaventon and Jimmy Contreras. The Wedding Experience was created for members of the media to experience Weddings at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia and everything we offer at our property. At The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia we love weddings and celebrations of every kind.
5-3-2017 10-06-04 AM (Custom)
The Wedding Experience Event included overnight accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, lunch in the Grand Ballroom with coursed cuisine by the Ritz-Carlton Chefs and Pastry Team lead by Patrick Morrison, Spa time with signature treatments at Richel D’Ambra Salon & Spa (you don’t have to stay at the Ritz to enjoy her services), Lavish Family Style Dinner at Aqimero with a five course meal,

5-3-2017 10-10-56 AM (Custom)

Guests experienced Club Lounge on the 30th Floor for Breakfast on Saturday morning and Explored Philadelphia. Visit Philly and Philly Phlash provided VIP Passes to see Philadelphia’s museums and cultural institutions and rides on Philly Phlash.
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Partners of the event included Aqimero a Richard Sandoval Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, BVTLive!, Carl Alan Floral Designs LTD., Casa Papel, Evantine Design, MK Photography, Nicol Floral Design, Philly Plash, Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon, Van Earl’s Cakes, Visit Philly and Whipped Bakeshop.
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Here’s a list  of our partners:


Aqimero – Private Dinner experience

BVTLive! – Live music for the lunch event

Carl Alan Floral Designs LTD. – Tablescape and Floral Designs for Dinner at Aqimero

Casa Papel – Invitations for event, signage, menus and gifts

5-3-2017 10-01-36 AM (Custom)

Evantine Desgin – Tablescape Floral Designs for lunch in Grand Ballroom

Mk Photography – Photographed event

Nicol Floral Design – Flower Wall at Lunch

Philly Plash – Provided Travel for Exploring Philadelphia

Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon – Spa Treatments

Van Earl’s Cakes – Personalized mini wedding cakes for all guests at lunch

Visit Philly – VIP Passes for media to Explore Philadelphia

Whipped Bakesshop – LOVE cookies for guests gifts
5-3-2017 10-08-33 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-08-47 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-09-04 AM (Custom)

delicious sorbet, and the presentation was spectacular
5-3-2017 10-09-40 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-10-11 AM (Custom)

5-3-2017 10-08-13 AM (Custom)
Van Earl’s Cakes – Personalized mini wedding cakes for all guests at lunch

Ritz Ritz

5-3-2017 10-03-09 AM (Custom)


Nicol Floral Design – Flower Wall at Lunch

5-3-2017 10-10-30 AM (Custom)
Thanks to Jana Bannan, MK Photographer for these shots.


Justin Bieber Plays Where are you now With Philly Fans and his Cross Face Tattoo

Justin Bieber plays “Where are you now”

Justin Beiber

with Fans at the Ritz Carlton,

Justin Beiber

The above shot was sent from a fan on Sunday as Biebs headed to the Wells Fargo, thanks!  (I wasn’t there I was at Will Smith ‘s mom and sister, Ellen’s house for a celebrity brunch, which you can read about tomorrow in PhillyMag.com) Saturday Biebs snuck in and out the door closest to the condos next door and into a waiting SUV, thwarting the efforts of about 50 girls waiting. Sunday the fans waited near that door, but Biebs left via the hotel side door and into the waiting bus, and didn’t even wave one lucky fan who got a glimpse reported .


Justin Beiber

Fans waiting at the Wells Fargo Center were much luckier as Biebs greeted them both Saturday and Sunday.

Justin Bieber

BTW another story going on with Bieber. Allegedly Friday night he got a tiny cross tattoo under his eye, as shown here and reported by several glossy mags.

Justin Bieber

But Saturday night when he performed at The Wells Fargo Center it disappeared. Where are you now?  Oh wait people say it’s on the other side, I forgot instagrams are backwards. But in the shots from The Wells Fargo it seems to be missing too. Must be really small.

Next up: A few social media posts I liked.

“Soooooo hungover I feel like shit” @justinbieber #sorry

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Brb, I’m working – @urbanoutfitters @justinbieber

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5-8-2016 7-18-48 PM

Although some fans got a little closer than the fence. I like what this dad says about his daughter, and the meet and greets, which are now as you know discontinued. Instead fans have to do with cardboard cutouts, which seem to be prolific at the concerts.

Justin Bieber

Flyers Fans Lost Their Sh*t over Justin Bieber wearing #16, retired Bobby Clarke’s number on his gifted Flyers Jersey. Maybe the 16 is a combination of the last jersey he got from the Flyers, which had a 1 on it, and his favorite number which is 6? Oh or that it’s 2016, hmm. Thanks reader for the obvious.

Justin Bieber

J3. #purposeworldtour #purpose #justinbieber #teambieber #beliebers #bieberettes #philadelphia #pennsylvania #PurposeTourDancers #BieberBeauties #PurposeTour

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Best Mother’s Day ever! @heathersharpk

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Night 1 was lit! Round 2 Philly get ready! @suhrcustom #purposetour #bieber #thankyougod

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Bieber Fever #PurposeTourPhilly

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beers babes and bieber with the best last night #purposetour

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Ty @justinbieber for killin it in philly #purposetour

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Scene & Heard: Amber-Joi Watkins Tommy Domalski Wedding, Mike Vick, Shawn Bullard & Kijafa Vick

I really goofed this weekend, I was supposed to attend Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011 Amber-Joi Watkins wedding to Tommy Domalski at the Ritz-Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) on Saturday, but I hadnt RSVP’d, she wrote me the day before, and I found I had double booked myself, I was so bummed, but excited that these photos popped up so quickly.

I know that’s no excuse, I really do feel bad. Anywhoo.
Their photographer Ron Soliman  captured some amazing photos
 Amber Joi and Tommy, and bff Kate Beaver 2nd from left.
I took some of the very first shots of Amber Joi and Tommy when they first started dating. I got the privileged to see them fall in love. 
Here’s a shot of the happy couple in 2012 at Hair of the Dog.
 Ashley Johnson, former reporter at CW Eye Opener, where Amber Joi worked for a bit. Now Ashley is at myfoxhouston.com
Amber-Joi and her sisters from the Philadelphia Sixers Dancers where
they all used to dance for, including Beyonce’s right hand dancer Kimmie Gee
(next to her on the left). I remember photographing her with Beyonce
during one of her Philadelphia concerts during my newspaper years.
(The above quote and photos are from photographer Ron Soliman who also has more pixs on his site.)

 Another casualty of Saturday, me covering the opening of Pink Elephant at 828 N. Broad Street. Now I will say I did a drive by at 5PM and the place was packed. But I couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere (Ugh 5PM was the time I was supposed to be at the wedding. What happened was I got stuck in traffic in NJ and then never made if back into Philly ontime to attend the Wedding or properly cover this event, zoink and I had a migraine.)
 Mike Vick at his wife’s new store on Broad Street with Shawn Bullard, the bachelor
 Mike Vick and Kijafa Vick standing in front of Pink Elephant’s new weave product.
 Congrats to Hadas Kuznits, Dan Reinherz, Geffen on the arrival of little Axel.

 Christine Maddela has settled into Las Vegas nicely, and completed a little makeover.