Justin Bieber Disses NJ Girl, Then Heads To Borgata To Blow Off Steam

Justin Bieber Disses NJ Girl, Then Heads To Borgata To Blow Off Steam
Bad Timing: “I probably don’t want that shit” Justin Bieber admonishes a fan who tried to gift him with a hat onstage as he was getting into the zone talking about what his tour “Purpose” meant. He then slightly apologized saying “it was a bit mean, but you got me out of the zone.” Then he picked up where he left off and well watch it here:

I spoke to the mom of Miranda Brody, (17) of Short Hills NJ

7-16-2016 10-32-11 PM (Custom)

who threw the hat up on stage for the Biebs to enjoy. It was created by Miranda, founder of the BEANBACK, it’s a hybrid beanie and baseball cap, it’s a chill hat for chill people. She just wanted to give him a gift so she threw it onstage hoping he would put it on and he dissed her. She is still a belieber.

BeanBack attacks Justin

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The concert went on as she enjoyed her stage side spot looking on as the BEANBACKspent a good amount of time at his feet.


As this was going on I was at the Borgata participating in Cabot’s Bad Beat Celebrity Poker Game for SJ Food Bank. It just so happens we were playing in the exclusive gated room so none of the big buck players could get in there. Around Midnight someone walked up to me and said Justin Bieber is playing poker near the bathroom. Really I just left the bathroom, I missed him.


Now I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, the Biebs has a bunch of security guards around him. I knew I would be blocked and maybe kicked out if I whipped out my camera, and I was there for charity. In addition it was impossible to get close to him with the cell phone as guards were chasing people away. But I did get fun shots and a fun story.


The normally quiet poker room was abuzz with excitement, or as I instagramed Justin Bieber playing poker at Borgata Atlantic City, driving grown men to gasp and gawk.


He literally plopped down at a random table and began to play. Justin was playing at this table because the charity game I was playing in was in the high stakes room, and it was a tournament and passed the time you could jump into the game. It was midnight, 8 hrs into play. I lasted 5 hrs.



These tables are empty as the tournament played here, and as people were eliminated they consolidated them into the high rollers room.


At one point Justin jumped up and headed in the bathroom, no guards followed him in, just a regular guy doing his business.  Then he was out in a jiffy where a roadie handed him


a red shirt to put on (far right). He literally took his pink shirt off and switched shirts. I was unable to get a decent shot of his new tattoo’s for you because this blond women was shirking in delight, swaying side to side, as grown men looked on and gawked.


And then he strolled out, hitting up the new Borgata night club – The Premier.


Then the poker players sat down, put on their sunglasses and earphones, and life returned to normal, where no one talked to each other and put their serious game face on.


Justin Bieber Plays Where are you now With Philly Fans and his Cross Face Tattoo

Justin Bieber plays “Where are you now”

Justin Beiber

with Fans at the Ritz Carlton,

Justin Beiber

The above shot was sent from a fan on Sunday as Biebs headed to the Wells Fargo, thanks!  (I wasn’t there I was at Will Smith ‘s mom and sister, Ellen’s house for a celebrity brunch, which you can read about tomorrow in PhillyMag.com) Saturday Biebs snuck in and out the door closest to the condos next door and into a waiting SUV, thwarting the efforts of about 50 girls waiting. Sunday the fans waited near that door, but Biebs left via the hotel side door and into the waiting bus, and didn’t even wave one lucky fan who got a glimpse reported .


Justin Beiber

Fans waiting at the Wells Fargo Center were much luckier as Biebs greeted them both Saturday and Sunday.

Justin Bieber

BTW another story going on with Bieber. Allegedly Friday night he got a tiny cross tattoo under his eye, as shown here and reported by several glossy mags.

Justin Bieber

But Saturday night when he performed at The Wells Fargo Center it disappeared. Where are you now?  Oh wait people say it’s on the other side, I forgot instagrams are backwards. But in the shots from The Wells Fargo it seems to be missing too. Must be really small.

Next up: A few social media posts I liked.

“Soooooo hungover I feel like shit” @justinbieber #sorry

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Brb, I’m working – @urbanoutfitters @justinbieber

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5-8-2016 7-18-48 PM

Although some fans got a little closer than the fence. I like what this dad says about his daughter, and the meet and greets, which are now as you know discontinued. Instead fans have to do with cardboard cutouts, which seem to be prolific at the concerts.

Justin Bieber

Flyers Fans Lost Their Sh*t over Justin Bieber wearing #16, retired Bobby Clarke’s number on his gifted Flyers Jersey. Maybe the 16 is a combination of the last jersey he got from the Flyers, which had a 1 on it, and his favorite number which is 6? Oh or that it’s 2016, hmm. Thanks reader for the obvious.

Justin Bieber

J3. #purposeworldtour #purpose #justinbieber #teambieber #beliebers #bieberettes #philadelphia #pennsylvania #PurposeTourDancers #BieberBeauties #PurposeTour

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Best Mother’s Day ever! @heathersharpk

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Night 1 was lit! Round 2 Philly get ready! @suhrcustom #purposetour #bieber #thankyougod

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Bieber Fever #PurposeTourPhilly

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beers babes and bieber with the best last night #purposetour

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Ty @justinbieber for killin it in philly #purposetour

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Divas Simply Singing in Stunning Fashion for Charity

Saturday night, the original Dream Girl – Sheryl Lee Ralph brought her long running HIV/AIDS Charity concert to the Dell Music Center in Fairmount Park. The concert was a huge success raising awareness, and money for services in and around Philadelphia as well as to her on charitable organization100% of the proceeds from DIVAS Simply Singing! supports The DIVA Foundation’s awareness and prevention programs.

There’s no mistake about it Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mrs. Sheryl Lee Ralph-Hughes) brought it the moment she hit the stage.
It was a beautiful night, and the Dell Music Center was full of people who wanted to here the DIVA’s Sing. In my Philly Mag column I bring you to the concert, the link is at the bottom of page. The all-star line-up features Faith Evans , Angela Winbush, Meli’sa
Morgan , Monifah , Candace Benson, runner-up on season 7 of BET Sunday
Best, Philly’s own Carol Riddick, Matthew Schuler , contestant on season 5 of The Voice  and Urban Guerilla Orchestra.
On Philly Chit Chat we’re just going to be mesmerized by the flawlessness of Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph

Who I fell in love with in 1993 when my friend David Powell, Dan Hrabosky and Alex Miller headed to Washington DC for the “March On Washington.” Diva’s Simply Singing was celebrating their third year raising awareness for HIV/AIDS and we went to the concert, although I vaguely recall Dan heading out for a date.
I remember that the late, great Teena Marie was also on the bill that evening as well as many other amazing talents. It left a lasting impression on me.
When the 25th Anniversary Diva’s Simply Singing announced they were coming to the Dell East I knew I had to get the word out, as well as cover it.
Sheryl Lee Ralph and her glam squad
The billing , cause and turn out didn’t disappoint. Check out the legendary Faith Evans posing for the photographers.

But the highlight of the evening had to be when Sheryl Lee Ralph surprised her husband, Senator Vincent Hughes with Pastor Campbell on stage so that they could renew their vows after 10 years of blissful marriage. To the right is his step-children, and her children – Ivy-Victoria Maurice and Etienne Maurice. Congratulations to the new newlyweds!!


Ticket Giveaway: NKOTB Encourage Fans to Go Commando Friday to their Concert

Pop music icons The New Kids On The Block are teaming up with
Cottonelle to “clean up” the concert scene. In an effort to spread the
word about just how clean you can get
by using Cottonelle with CleanRipple texture, the band and the brand
are launching a movement to end the throwing of underwear on stage at
concerts, and telling people to Go Cottonelle, Go Commando. As some of
music’s biggest heartthrobs, NKOTB are no strangers
to having undergarments tossed their way during performances.

At the concert there will be a photo booth for you and your friends to take home a memorable shot

To enter the contest to win a pair of tickets to Friday’s NKOB, TLC and Nelly’s concert at Wells Fargo.
Tweet to
I want to see the NKOB @WellsFargoCTR Friday night @iphillychitchat and @cottonelle #GoCommando 

I will enter all the names into the computer to pick a random person.
Contest ends today at 10PM

Cottonelle is joining the band as a
sponsor of the first leg of their tour to offer concert attendees an
elevated bathroom experience, VIP seat
upgrades, surprise meet and greets with the band – and more.

and New Kids on the Block treat fans to an intimate concert at New York’s
Gramercy Theatre on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015. New Kids on the Block is encouraging
everyone to Go Cottonelle and Go Commando to end the concert underwear-throwing
phenomenon. Visit cottonelle.com for more information. (Jason DeCrow/AP Images
for Cottonelle)

#TrafficAlert: Shelter In Place Made in America is locking it up near the Parkway for the next 10 Days


Sunday 8-24-14:at 5am the (2) lanes in front of Art Museum    will be closed.

Monday 8-25-14:
at 5am the west lane of 22nd Street between Ben Franklin Pkwy and
Pennsylvania Ave will be closed.
Tuesday 8-26-14: at 5am the north parking lane of 2200 Park Towne Pl. and south curb
lane of 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. will be closed.
Thursday 8-28-14: at 7pm the (2) inner lanes of 2200 Ben Franklin Pkwy will be closed.

Friday 8-29-14:at 12pm there will be full road closures below:

·       21stand 22nd Streets from Fairmount Ave to Arch St

·       SpringGarden at 20th Street westbound

·       BenFranklin Pkwy from 20th Street westbound(inner and outer lanes)

·       2200Park Towne Pl

·       676off ramp at 24th Street

·       Kellyand MLK Drives around Art Museum

·       PennsylvaniaAve from 22nd to Fairmount



Mike and I at his mom’s before we started our day
The July 4th Independence Parade. We met so many folks from Philly, and around the nation and world. So moving.
I wanted to bring you some fun photosNice family that posed for me.
Water girl
Teresa Scanlan—Miss America 2011­—would like to be a Supreme Court justice some day. But she’d settle for president.The kids love Inspector McGruff. I was impressed
so adorable
Brandywine Roller Derby gals
Miss Pennsylvania 2011– Juliann Sheldon.
Under God we Trust
hmm Star Wars marches on
Thank you Major General Wesley Craig
I do seriously get choked up when I see all the nationalities that represent these United States march in unison for the love of our great country.
Miss Black Pennsylvania USA: Jillian Patricia Pirtle. Poor thing couldn’t wait to take off those heels. I don’t blame her. They are killers
I thought it was the Olympic Torch, but not 100% percent sure. So cool though.
Thank you to all the service men and women that continue to fight for our freedom
Now it was time for the Party on the Parkway afternoon festival then concert
She’s too too cute in the tutu. I wore my wig so a lot of folks wanted my photo. So sweet.
Kids crafts, lots of balloon house jumping slides, all for free on the Parkway.
Beat it
nuff said. I bought this hair piece the day before at the Visitor Center for $5. Al Lee could you save me a bunch for next year.
Hammock on the Parkway. Peeps next to them had a large screen TV and a refrigerator
these folks were sitting pretty too
Wawa distributing free ice tea and hats to folks.
This guy cleaned up with his $1 jokes guaranteed to make you laugh. This is one of my top seating choices. It’s at 20th & Parkway. You can see the stage, although it’s far away, Art Museum and you have the screen. I talked to people at this location and they told me they got there around 5PM. Good to know for next year.
there were 3 stages of talent along the Parkway, and a few acts right in the middle of the street. It was a great set up and everyone was entertained.

Philadelphia is a must stop for fun on July 4th. Thank you Margaret Hughes, City Rep Office, First Lady Lisa Nutter, Mayor Nutter, especially City Rep Melanie Johnson for producing such a fantastic day created memories of a life time for all. I ran into these folks at the MHP Pro Strong man Competition, which was very popular.
one competition had everyone pulling tires, then another had them pulling a 15,000 pound truck
Would not want to piss this guy off

6ABC reporters Mary Caraccioli and Katherine Scott
Fashion on the Parkway

They’re spending their first July 4th on the Parkway and wanted a spot away from the maddening crowds. I told them this was perfect for fireworks watching, and pointed out the closest food place & other necessities. Hope I was right.
Getting ready for the long hot night, but well worth it. I love how everyone has a responsibility and the little girl is stylin’ it
Stopped by Janice Simonsen and Donna Coghlan’s party in front of their building at 2601. Also in this picture is Arthur Kade (photos), Harry Spivak (photos), Donna Coghlan (photos), Jim Gatch, Kimberly Setlowe, Charlie Pasquale (photos), Steve Arch Archibald, Amanda Hartung, Molly Higgins, Sandra Leach Gatch, Scott AdamsThen it was back to my condo – The Philadelphian. First I visited Theresa from Liquad Salon and her husband’s pied-à-terre. It was their first Fourth here and I can’t wait to see how they loved it.
At the last minute I changed my mind about shooting the concert and joined our Annual July 4th Party overlooking the Parkway. I do love watching the show from Mike’s mom’s balcony with a bunch of our friends. Chip Ellis & Lee Paterson, El, Jim Werner and Mike Sheridan, Lynsie & Evan Solomon (Coming UP: They are hosting the National MS Society – Happy Hour @ Del Frisco’s), the newlyweds KYW1060’s Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz
Mark, Tian & David Powell Pershica
Elle and Hadas Kuznits. Elle was in town for Hadas’ wedding on July 3 (I’ll have those photos this week.) She’s from Israel, and has been to the states many times, but this is her first July 4th. She told me how excited she was to spend the Fourth of July in Philadelphia. Why would anyone spend it anywhere else. Everyone must come to Philly at least once to experience the history of the United States. (Sign her up at GPTMC!!)
Mrs Toub and Mike. Thanks to Mrs Toub for the use of her apartment every year for our party. (We face the Delaware River & The City)
I can’t tell you how happy I am for my friends. They met on Match.com. So if you are looking for the lid to your pot, they could be out there on Match.com. Congratulations Hadas and Dan!!
Mike and Jim. These two have been busy becoming the next real estate moguls. It’s always great spending time with them.
Now on with the show

The concert with The Roots, Earth, Wind and Fire, Boyz II Men and the O’Jays was one of the best. Then the fireworks lit of the Parkway

Thank you to Wawa Welcome America, check out the event on Facebook or Twitter for final posts and info regarding Fourth of July in Philadelphia. I was so excited to be picked to be one of the official bloggers of my favorite holiday. Thanks to you, my readers & twitter followers for all your support.

This #10 Post is brought to you with the support of Wawa Welcome America.

And thanks to my fellow Wawa Welcome America Bloggers for keeping me & us informed all month long Ed Salvato (photos), Linda Pham-Vertlieb (photos), Nicolle A. Morales Kern Laiya St. Clair , Aaron A Stella and GPTMC staff. (Photo by George of Top Gun)