Flight On Ice and Vintner Wonderland at Renault

Flight On Ice and Vintner Wonderland kicked off festivities last week at Renault Winery in Mays Landing. 

Experience our enlarged and improved outdoor Vintner Rink, open daily through February and designed for skaters of all ages and skill levels. 

Join our Renault family in giving back to the community. Our team members have decorated holiday trees that are displayed on our property and that will be auctioned off at our Festival of Trees Gala on December 16th. All the tree auction proceeds will benefit the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, spreading holiday cheer across the township and beyond. Along with the auction, we will be collecting cans throughout the season for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Vintner Wonderland continues to offer even more. Parking, entry and movie viewing is always free but tickets must be purchased online or at the door for admission onto the 6,000 foot outdoor skating rink.

Vintner Wonderland was designed to be similar to a European Winter Festival, explained Josh McCallen, President of Renault Properties LLC and Executive with Vivamee Hospitality. “A ‘vintner’ is a winemaker. That’s why we call it ‘Vintner Wonderland.’ The hot or mulled wine warms your fingers, then your belly and heart. And because it is wine, it also helps you to feel jovial for the season.” (source)

Gather your friends and family around our fire pits situated amidst our holiday views or entertainment area. All Fire Pits accommodate up to 8 guests for a two hour reservation. Choose between Stage Fire Pit seating or Patio Fire Pit seating.

McCallen (2nd from right) had lived in Austria and he describes similar scenes of winter delight there and throughout Europe. McCallen, along with his wife, Melanie(3rd from right) and their ten children are often at Vintner Wonderland working behind the scenes and assisting in multiple ways. (source)

“When we purchased Renault in December of 2018, it was a national treasure with much tarnish on it,” said McCallen. ” Vivamee literally means reviving the soul and that is what we are doing with this 156 year old French Countryside Winery. We have kept every artifact and every piece of history during its restoration.” That also includes the French pronunciation of Renault where the t is silent. (‘Re-know’) . Go make some memories Vintner Wonderland you’ll thank me later…. 12 days til Christmas!! ChitChat with you Tomorrow.


The Cutest Holiday Dogs in Philly – #WoofWoofWednesday

Sure the house is getting decked in holiday delight, and so it seems the dogs are too. Here are a few of my favorites and a few that could use a little noel but are still adorable…

How many of our grandmothers have looked at us with these eyes?


And here a Creed review…which I completely agree with

Philly’s Cutest Christmas Trees Found on Social Media – Where Can You Buy A Tree for the Holidays

I noticed quite a few Christmas Trees popping up on already my Social Media this weekend. Every Tuesday, get it Tree Tuesday, I will post my favorite shots.

 Former CBS3’s Syma Chowdhry

Joan Rivera and Matt Clifford tree
Where can you buy a Christmas Tree:
Take the whole family on a hayride to the Christmas tree fields to select your tree this year. We provide you with a saw to cut down the tree, haul the tree back, wrap it up for you, and even tie it
to your car!
Select any cut your own tree for just $59.99 plus tax! Everything is included for one price.
Linvilla Orchards has over 40,000 Christmas trees planted on the farm. The majority of our cut
your own Christmas Trees are 6′ – 10′ Douglas Fir, but we also have some Canaan Fir.

Don’t want to cut your own tree? We have the region’s best selection of pre-cut trees! They’re
available in all shapes, sizes and varieties at our Christmas Shop and Garden Center. If you don’t
find the perfect tree in the field, you’ll be sure to find it at our Garden Center where we also have
greens, roping, wreaths, and all of the trimmings.

December 1 – 23, 2015

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 5 pm (last wagon departs promptly at 4:30pm)

Saturday – Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm (last wagon departs promptly at 4:30pm)

Linvilla Orchards
137 Knowlton Rd
Media PA 19063

Christmas Village at Love Park
Another beautiful day to cut or tag a Christmas Tree! Stop by and
check out all of the gorgeous trees we have to offer. We are open 10-4
and all trees are $50!

Visalli Christmas Tree Farm
759 Elk Rd
Monroeville, New Jersey



Mike and I at his mom’s before we started our day
The July 4th Independence Parade. We met so many folks from Philly, and around the nation and world. So moving.
I wanted to bring you some fun photosNice family that posed for me.
Water girl
Teresa Scanlan—Miss America 2011­—would like to be a Supreme Court justice some day. But she’d settle for president.The kids love Inspector McGruff. I was impressed
so adorable
Brandywine Roller Derby gals
Miss Pennsylvania 2011– Juliann Sheldon.
Under God we Trust
hmm Star Wars marches on
Thank you Major General Wesley Craig
I do seriously get choked up when I see all the nationalities that represent these United States march in unison for the love of our great country.
Miss Black Pennsylvania USA: Jillian Patricia Pirtle. Poor thing couldn’t wait to take off those heels. I don’t blame her. They are killers
I thought it was the Olympic Torch, but not 100% percent sure. So cool though.
Thank you to all the service men and women that continue to fight for our freedom
Now it was time for the Party on the Parkway afternoon festival then concert
She’s too too cute in the tutu. I wore my wig so a lot of folks wanted my photo. So sweet.
Kids crafts, lots of balloon house jumping slides, all for free on the Parkway.
Beat it
nuff said. I bought this hair piece the day before at the Visitor Center for $5. Al Lee could you save me a bunch for next year.
Hammock on the Parkway. Peeps next to them had a large screen TV and a refrigerator
these folks were sitting pretty too
Wawa distributing free ice tea and hats to folks.
This guy cleaned up with his $1 jokes guaranteed to make you laugh. This is one of my top seating choices. It’s at 20th & Parkway. You can see the stage, although it’s far away, Art Museum and you have the screen. I talked to people at this location and they told me they got there around 5PM. Good to know for next year.
there were 3 stages of talent along the Parkway, and a few acts right in the middle of the street. It was a great set up and everyone was entertained.

Philadelphia is a must stop for fun on July 4th. Thank you Margaret Hughes, City Rep Office, First Lady Lisa Nutter, Mayor Nutter, especially City Rep Melanie Johnson for producing such a fantastic day created memories of a life time for all. I ran into these folks at the MHP Pro Strong man Competition, which was very popular.
one competition had everyone pulling tires, then another had them pulling a 15,000 pound truck
Would not want to piss this guy off

6ABC reporters Mary Caraccioli and Katherine Scott
Fashion on the Parkway

They’re spending their first July 4th on the Parkway and wanted a spot away from the maddening crowds. I told them this was perfect for fireworks watching, and pointed out the closest food place & other necessities. Hope I was right.
Getting ready for the long hot night, but well worth it. I love how everyone has a responsibility and the little girl is stylin’ it
Stopped by Janice Simonsen and Donna Coghlan’s party in front of their building at 2601. Also in this picture is Arthur Kade (photos), Harry Spivak (photos), Donna Coghlan (photos), Jim Gatch, Kimberly Setlowe, Charlie Pasquale (photos), Steve Arch Archibald, Amanda Hartung, Molly Higgins, Sandra Leach Gatch, Scott AdamsThen it was back to my condo – The Philadelphian. First I visited Theresa from Liquad Salon and her husband’s pied-à-terre. It was their first Fourth here and I can’t wait to see how they loved it.
At the last minute I changed my mind about shooting the concert and joined our Annual July 4th Party overlooking the Parkway. I do love watching the show from Mike’s mom’s balcony with a bunch of our friends. Chip Ellis & Lee Paterson, El, Jim Werner and Mike Sheridan, Lynsie & Evan Solomon (Coming UP: They are hosting the National MS Society – Happy Hour @ Del Frisco’s), the newlyweds KYW1060’s Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz
Mark, Tian & David Powell Pershica
Elle and Hadas Kuznits. Elle was in town for Hadas’ wedding on July 3 (I’ll have those photos this week.) She’s from Israel, and has been to the states many times, but this is her first July 4th. She told me how excited she was to spend the Fourth of July in Philadelphia. Why would anyone spend it anywhere else. Everyone must come to Philly at least once to experience the history of the United States. (Sign her up at GPTMC!!)
Mrs Toub and Mike. Thanks to Mrs Toub for the use of her apartment every year for our party. (We face the Delaware River & The City)
I can’t tell you how happy I am for my friends. They met on Match.com. So if you are looking for the lid to your pot, they could be out there on Match.com. Congratulations Hadas and Dan!!
Mike and Jim. These two have been busy becoming the next real estate moguls. It’s always great spending time with them.
Now on with the show

The concert with The Roots, Earth, Wind and Fire, Boyz II Men and the O’Jays was one of the best. Then the fireworks lit of the Parkway

Thank you to Wawa Welcome America, check out the event on Facebook or Twitter for final posts and info regarding Fourth of July in Philadelphia. I was so excited to be picked to be one of the official bloggers of my favorite holiday. Thanks to you, my readers & twitter followers for all your support.

This #10 Post is brought to you with the support of Wawa Welcome America.

And thanks to my fellow Wawa Welcome America Bloggers for keeping me & us informed all month long Ed Salvato (photos), Linda Pham-Vertlieb (photos), Nicolle A. Morales Kern Laiya St. Clair , Aaron A Stella and GPTMC staff. (Photo by George of Top Gun)