Holiday Lights in South Jersey


Flight On Ice and Vintner Wonderland at Renault

Flight On Ice and Vintner Wonderland kicked off festivities last week at Renault Winery in Mays Landing. 

Experience our enlarged and improved outdoor Vintner Rink, open daily through February and designed for skaters of all ages and skill levels. 

Join our Renault family in giving back to the community. Our team members have decorated holiday trees that are displayed on our property and that will be auctioned off at our Festival of Trees Gala on December 16th. All the tree auction proceeds will benefit the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, spreading holiday cheer across the township and beyond. Along with the auction, we will be collecting cans throughout the season for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Vintner Wonderland continues to offer even more. Parking, entry and movie viewing is always free but tickets must be purchased online or at the door for admission onto the 6,000 foot outdoor skating rink.

Vintner Wonderland was designed to be similar to a European Winter Festival, explained Josh McCallen, President of Renault Properties LLC and Executive with Vivamee Hospitality. “A ‘vintner’ is a winemaker. That’s why we call it ‘Vintner Wonderland.’ The hot or mulled wine warms your fingers, then your belly and heart. And because it is wine, it also helps you to feel jovial for the season.” (source)

Gather your friends and family around our fire pits situated amidst our holiday views or entertainment area. All Fire Pits accommodate up to 8 guests for a two hour reservation. Choose between Stage Fire Pit seating or Patio Fire Pit seating.

McCallen (2nd from right) had lived in Austria and he describes similar scenes of winter delight there and throughout Europe. McCallen, along with his wife, Melanie(3rd from right) and their ten children are often at Vintner Wonderland working behind the scenes and assisting in multiple ways. (source)

“When we purchased Renault in December of 2018, it was a national treasure with much tarnish on it,” said McCallen. ” Vivamee literally means reviving the soul and that is what we are doing with this 156 year old French Countryside Winery. We have kept every artifact and every piece of history during its restoration.” That also includes the French pronunciation of Renault where the t is silent. (‘Re-know’) . Go make some memories Vintner Wonderland you’ll thank me later…. 12 days til Christmas!! ChitChat with you Tomorrow.


Holiday Lights Shine Bright

I love a good self tour Holiday Light Drive, and this year I went more than ever. It seemed like more people than ever decorated their houses as well.

I often drive the roads in South New Jersey where I grew up. Even though I have lived in Philly longer than I have lived in NJ, I still know those roads much better.

I was the one who always decorated my family house growing up so I really appreciate the effort people put into their Decorations.

I’m not a big fan of the most popular houses, I don’t like to wait in line to see the lights, but I will make an exception especially if I go earlier in the month.

My tour is random and meanders around the streets of Camden County, NJ including Collingswood, Haddon Twp. Audubon, Haddonfield, and byways in between.
Under the Sea
In case you can’t get out I hope you enjoy these

My favorite houses are the ones with trees on the porch.


Found this fun app for holiday light drive arounds! Made by a Dad in Delco!

I have checked it out and it is so cool. Make sure you click on the free one, someone created one with a similar name and is charging $19

This popped up in FB Memories today, still a favorite. Thanks Chris Gabello for the shot, and Monique for modeling with moi.