Justin Bieber Disses NJ Girl, Then Heads To Borgata To Blow Off Steam

Justin Bieber Disses NJ Girl, Then Heads To Borgata To Blow Off Steam
Bad Timing: “I probably don’t want that shit” Justin Bieber admonishes a fan who tried to gift him with a hat onstage as he was getting into the zone talking about what his tour “Purpose” meant. He then slightly apologized saying “it was a bit mean, but you got me out of the zone.” Then he picked up where he left off and well watch it here:

I spoke to the mom of Miranda Brody, (17) of Short Hills NJ

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who threw the hat up on stage for the Biebs to enjoy. It was created by Miranda, founder of the BEANBACK, it’s a hybrid beanie and baseball cap, it’s a chill hat for chill people. She just wanted to give him a gift so she threw it onstage hoping he would put it on and he dissed her. She is still a belieber.

BeanBack attacks Justin

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The concert went on as she enjoyed her stage side spot looking on as the BEANBACKspent a good amount of time at his feet.


As this was going on I was at the Borgata participating in Cabot’s Bad Beat Celebrity Poker Game for SJ Food Bank. It just so happens we were playing in the exclusive gated room so none of the big buck players could get in there. Around Midnight someone walked up to me and said Justin Bieber is playing poker near the bathroom. Really I just left the bathroom, I missed him.


Now I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, the Biebs has a bunch of security guards around him. I knew I would be blocked and maybe kicked out if I whipped out my camera, and I was there for charity. In addition it was impossible to get close to him with the cell phone as guards were chasing people away. But I did get fun shots and a fun story.


The normally quiet poker room was abuzz with excitement, or as I instagramed Justin Bieber playing poker at Borgata Atlantic City, driving grown men to gasp and gawk.


He literally plopped down at a random table and began to play. Justin was playing at this table because the charity game I was playing in was in the high stakes room, and it was a tournament and passed the time you could jump into the game. It was midnight, 8 hrs into play. I lasted 5 hrs.



These tables are empty as the tournament played here, and as people were eliminated they consolidated them into the high rollers room.


At one point Justin jumped up and headed in the bathroom, no guards followed him in, just a regular guy doing his business.  Then he was out in a jiffy where a roadie handed him


a red shirt to put on (far right). He literally took his pink shirt off and switched shirts. I was unable to get a decent shot of his new tattoo’s for you because this blond women was shirking in delight, swaying side to side, as grown men looked on and gawked.


And then he strolled out, hitting up the new Borgata night club – The Premier.


Then the poker players sat down, put on their sunglasses and earphones, and life returned to normal, where no one talked to each other and put their serious game face on.


The Beast Revealed: Geoff Peirce is the Guy Who Was Working Out on The Art Museum Steps

Monday I posted a series of photos and a video of a guy, i named the Beast, working out on the Art Museum Steps. Doing serious moves like burpees and push ups where he would jump from one step to another.

His name is Geoff Peirce and he’s a super nice guy
In my blog post I wondered if he was single as I have a lot of girlfriends who are always asking me to make introductions
Look how he attacks these steps going up them
and then down head first
He’s single girls, but I already have him lined up for a few of my friends. With two set ups that ended in marriage already at HughEMatch.com, I think I’ll be able to find a cupid to keep him company on the steps soon. BTW he works out, and with friends Saturday and Sunday on the Art Museum Steps around 10AM

Thanks to Philly Mag’s Josh Middleton and Fox 29 for picking up the story and helping it go viral. Geoff told us today on Fox 29 that his friends in NY and LA contacted him after they saw the story on PhillyChitChat.com That was pretty cool to hear that I have readers there too.
Check out us on Fox 29 today.

Geoff told me that a lot of people photograph their workouts on the steps, sometimes tourists want to pose with him. He gets a kick out of it, but if anything he’s hoping it’s an inspiration and others will want to get into healthy living and exercise. When not working out on the steps, he works for his family company as a Product Manager at Peirce Phelps Inc. in the HVAC industry.

Follow Geoff on his instagram here: https://instagram.com/fiercepeirce/

 reminds me of Jen Selter and her career as it took off after a photographer shot her