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Happy Gay Pride Philly ++ Fox29 Interview on SCOTUS Ruling

WOW Mind Blown. Never did I think that a prominently conservative Supreme Court would protect my civil rights after years of trying to obtain these rights. It tells me that the majority of the people finally understand being gay is not a choice, and we are not freaks, that Love is Love. Thank You SCOTUS!!


This year because of COVID19, there will be no pride parades, but thankfully I’ve attended a few.

Megan Mullally with Pride Parade Executive Director Franny Price and Mayor Jim Kenney. 2017

Henri David MC and singer Jade Starling at Philly Gay Pride 2016

See you next year Philly Pride!!

What Happened to Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick

What Happened to Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick?  For weeks I’ve been getting this question online and in person while I was out at events. Today on Fox 29, and on Mike Jerrick’s webpage he bravely allowed us once again into his life.


Hi Everybody!
I wanted to let you know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

First of all, I really appreciate your concern about my well-being and the well-being of my family. I really do!
For the last 13 plus years, I have been fighting a low-grade depression that has slowly increased in strength over that time. It deals with the loss of loved ones;

losses I have not addressed with the help of mental health professionals. I am finally tackling the issue now.
I am at a wellness retreat down south in the Carolinas. I call it a rehab for the mind, body, and soul.

For the past year and a half, medication and alcohol have not done it for me, and a combination of the two certainly has not been helpful. So, my goal is to get to the root of this down mood. Thankfully, this process is working beautifully! Don’t get it twisted, it has not been easy, but it was time to finally confront the negative feelings.
These are things we all have been through or are dealing with right now. I am no different than you. That is why I feel so fortunate and blessed to have the luxury of going away for help. Not everyone is fortunate to have this opportunity and I will not take it for granted.

I am full of gratitude for my ability to do this work, because of the generosity and understanding of my station’s General Manager, News Director, in fact, all of my co-workers and you the viewers, my TV family.

So far, this exercise has been amazing. I am rested, renewed, reenergized, and eager to get back to you every morning.
Again, I am so thankful you have allowed me this time to heal. I love you all and I will be back with you soon, I promise.

To read more about Mike Jerrick, and see the support from Philadelphia head over to his Facebook Page


Mike Jerrick Suspended from Fox 29 over Bullshit, Video & Philly Gossip

Where Mike Jerrick is now: Taking care of his mental health.



Hey it’s Thursday so that means another Philly Gossip column for you. Friday I’ll post Maria Papadakis’ wedding photos, then Sunday it’s more Philly Gossip,  and Monday The Academy Ball Fashion Photos.

Mike Jerrick’s antics on Fox 29 have produced plenty of viral videos over the years. Who could forget his mimicking the Kardashian’s, or his hysterical Ryan Lochte interview with Shenielle Jones a 4 years ago, which became very popular again this past summer during the Olympics. Well no one was laughing at Fox on Monday when he accidentally said the word bullshit live on Good Day. (Although millions of people in the USA were cheering Right On Mike when the video went viral)

According to the national news site FT LIVE Fox29’s Philly Anchor Mike Jerrick has been suspended for a week by the parent company Fox after he said Kellyanne Conway is a good bullshitter accidentally on air Monday morning; and honestly she is; Kellyanne told Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet The Press that Spicer’s take on the supposed record breaking inauguration crowds was “Alternative Facts”, she even crack a shit eating grin herself, so calling her out was a natural response, but you’re probably not allowed to accidentally curse on TV.

Thursday President Trump will be in town at the Republican Retreat in Philly.

Call Fox National in support of Mike Jerrick 1 (888) 369-4762 to complain, not local Fox 29. The decision was made by parent company. And please don’t boycott Fox 29, they’re great people. I only reported on this because people make mistakes, he apologized. it’s my biggest fear to accidentally curse when I’m on TV. Even Fox News’ Mike Wallace hammered away at Trump’s Communications Director the other night, calling Trump a liar. I was impressed.

Check out the GOP Retreat agenda at PhillyMag.com


Another scary dude in town Bryan Cranston ie Breaking Bad’s Walter White. He’s filming a movie, Untouchable, with Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart. Remember Friday night Untouchable is filming car chase scenes on JFK and Market Street after 7PM until the wee hours of the morning. What I’ve read said the principle actors aren’t going to be there, but they are in town so I think they might pop in.


Kevin Hart’s been spotting around town. Today he worked out at City Fitness in the Graduate Hospital Area, which ironically no longer has a hospital in the area; last night he was at the Sixers game, with a million of my instagram friends it seems.

1-24-2017 7-35-13 PM (Custom)

It was “M. Night Shyamalan Night,” at the Sixers’ game last night, in honor of his new movie “Split”, which opened last Friday with a stunning box-office comeback, earning $40.2 million over its opening weekend, giving it the No. 1 spot at the box office. That’s more money than “The Sixth Sense” made in its debut weekend ($26.7 million) and marks one of Shyamalan’s best openings — though it doesn’t quite match the impressive $60.1 million “Signs” took in over its 2002 opening weekend. Split stars James McAvoy and my friend in my head Betty Buckley, and filmed in Philly last year. At the Sixers game last night Night rang the Sixers’ ceremonial Liberty Bell. His daughter Saleka sang the National Anthem. Above is his wife, Bhavna Vaswani came out to support. (Thanks Sixers for the photos) BTW Saleka’s quite an artist as well, In the Sixth Sense, the artwork in the book about extraterrestrials was done by her.Jerrick

1-23-2017 7-36-46 PM (Custom)
Thanks Flyers for sending my niece Nicole, who was born and lives in Charlotte and is recovering from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a nice care package. You made her day.


News on the Move: Chris Murphy, Fox 29 heading West, Susan Schiller Heading South, Weddings & Babies

  News on the Move: Chris Murphy Leaving Fox 29, Susan Schiller Heading South, Weddings & Babies


Chris Murphy joined FOX 29 in October, 2013, as news co-anchor of “Good Day Philadelphia” from 4am to 7am with Lauren Johnson. Before that he served as weekend anchor and reporter for KGTV-TV in San Diego. Prior to that, he was a reporter for KNSD-TV in San Diego and now he returns to San Diego next week to take an anchor job at KSWB in San Diego. A graduate of the University of California-San Diego, Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. We’re all going to miss him a lot, especially his best bud Mike Jerrick, who mentioned as much on the show this morning’s show when he said Chris was leaving next week. So send your best wishes to our buddy @ChrisFox29


Lauren Johnson moves to Fox 29 Weekends where Sean Brace is sports anchor, and Scott Williams does the weather.karen-and-thomas-drayton-custom

Karen Hepp moves from Fox 29 Weekend and joins Thomas Drayton for the Monday through Friday Fox 29 Morning News, which begins at 430.  Joining them
every morning at 545am will be Mike Jerrick.




Another news move, last year Susan Schiller was knee deep in Pope in Philly stuff, and she won an Emmy for her work on CBS3 Philly. This year she’s heading to Houston, Texas for a VP & News Director job at KRICTV


George Perrier is a Boss

Summer    9-18-2016-9-50-05-pm-custom



Dish of the Week. Who would have thought the new Butcher Bar would serve such a delicious dish –
Bronzino with a lobster and crab salad and fresh fall vegetables.


If it had to be the last day of summer, at least it went out with this amazing sunset.




Christie Honigman Marries Brandon Mandia

Christie Honigman Marries Brandon Mandia

What an amazing weekend for Philadelphia; Chita Rivera was honored by The Voice Gala at Westin Hotel, Stanley Tucci dined at SuGa, Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill stepped out on the town for the first time together since Mills house arrest was over; Usher was in town for The Roots Picnic, he was found wandering around North Philly, also in town the Will Smith family, as Willow performed at the Roots Picnic, and bought fans gifts and Comic Con brought in the big stars like Chris Hemsworth, Lea Thompson and Michael J Fox, but nothing could keep me from attending the wedding of


Christie Honigman and Brandon Mandia Friday night, at The Reeds Hotel in Stone Harbor.Christie

CJ Honigman and Colleen Honigman (Mother of the Bride) Christie

Parents of the Groom: Gary and Peggie MandiaChristie

Chris Honigman escorts his daughter, Christie Honigman, down the aisleChristie

The stunning gown was bought at Nieman Marcus.


The ceremony was officiated by Father Jack RyanChristie

Mr and Mrs Brandon Mandia


Jen Creed Rego,  Mr Rego, front row John “Gonzo” Gonzalez, CSN Sports and wife Colleen Wolfe, NFL MediaChristie

Chris Smith, Justin Pizzi, Ben Haney and Tony FrickChristie

Lexie Norcross, The Philly Voice and Ian LeonardChristie

Judy Munroe and Steve Sidewater (Behind them were Celeste and Peter Madden)Christie

Guests checking out their table seatingChristie

Dad Chris Honigman giving the congratulatory toast and it was hystericalChristie

Erin Como Fox 5 DC (remember Erin used to be at NBC10, then went to Nashville Fox 17, and now is in Washington DC at Fox 5) where she met this great guy Chris Smith.Christie

Sheena Parveen, NBC10 and MoiChristie

The ballroom at The Reeds Hotel fit 150 guests perfectlyChristie

Shelter Haven Harbor.

The house I spent 25 years of summers is behind them with this awesome sunset view, so the wedding was extra special to me.Christie

Ryan Gagnon, Chris Smith, Erin Como, Tony Frick, me, Justin Pizzi, Katie Gagon, Kristin Detterline, Christie & Brandon, Alissa Frick, Vasiliki Tsouris (I think V would be impressed that I spelled her name correctly after 6 years of friendship, w/o looking it up), Colleen Wolfe (nearly hidden), Marisa Magnatta, Sheena Parveen, Ben Haney, Jamie McFadden, Marilyn Kellmer and CJ Honigman.


Laura Powers, Christie Penn State roommate (I bet she has some great stories), Christie, and  Julie Perkins (both Julie & Laura worked with Christie at KB Consultants – which is when I met Christie about 7 years ago)Christie

friend and Taylor Ciallella (r)Christie

Next up is the wedding of these two – Ben Haney and Jamie McFadden – YEAH!!Christie

Mike Toub and moiChristie

Eddie Tully spun his magic all night


The cake was delicious, but was cut while everyone ate dinner as to not invoke cheers of smash it in his face, I guess


The room was gorgeous. OMG I tried to take home a flower centerpiece, don’t look at me that way, we were allowed. The problem, it weighed about 25 pounds cause it was full of water at the top. I got a half a block away and left it on a nice bench outside a store. It stayed there nearly all week.Christie

Ryan and Katie Gagnon, recently moved back to NJ, closer to NYC, expecting their baby boy in about 15 weeks. Katie also works with me at PhillyChitChat and sells my ad space, so if you want to advertise on PCC I’ll put you in touch with her.

HD1_8708 (Custom)

Congrats to Brandon and Christie Mandia


Philly Gossip: Will Smith, #bcbgmaxazria closed, Alex Holley Honored

Good Philly Gossip Monday. Hope you had a great weekend despite this horrible weather. Congrats to so many Philadelphian’s that ran and conquered the Broad Street Run.

Philly Gossip
Sheena Parveen and Mikey Ilagan at the Broad Street Run

It was exciting to see how many people in my timeline posted photos from the race, their medals, and bibs.Philly Gossip
Will Smith and super fan Kevin outside the Ritz last week.

I was chatting a lot about Will Smith being in town last week;  He was checking out the Residences at Ritz Carlton on Monday with realtors, while staying at the Ritz hotel next door. He used the Residences at Ritz Carlton gym everyday, seemed to enjoy the 2PM workout time.  Friday he ran into Bad Boy co-star Martin Lawrence who was in town to perform at Temple that evening. No word on what they discussed, but my friend who reads lips said it seemed they were chatting about a Bad Boy sequel.  I bet he was telling Martin that Philly will be seeing more of him, and hopefully Jada Smith, as they are now the majority owners of the Sixers.

Philly Gossip

Martin Lawrence at Temple University

Philly Gossip

Yes it’s true #bcbgmaxazria closed on April 24 at 16th and Walnut. The sign on the door says visit them at their KOP or Cherry Hill Mall store.

Philly Gossip

It’s been fun following along with Kharisma MCllwaine and her brother Aloysius on their trip to Morocco via snapchat, which I’m trying to learn.

Philly Gossip
Seriously, if anyone was going to meet the new quarterback, Carson Wentz, first it was going to be Melissa Leonard. Here she is at the meet and greet press conference, as well as season owners of boxes.

Philly Gossip


Friday was a very special day for the Good Day Philadelphia Crew as they celebrated their 20 years on air with their loyal fans. Everyone turned up, chatted with viewers and posed for countless selfies.

Philly Gossip

Before the event though Mike Jerrick headed to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, where they had a prom for the kids. So sweet. Then he headed to the party at Sugarhouse.

Philly Gossip

After the 20th Anniversary Party, my friend Alex Holley, FOX 29 co-host of “Good Day Philadelphia,”  was honored Friday night at the 7th annual 2016 NV Movers & Shakers Soiree in NYC.  Love her.

Philly Gossip

Then Saturday night Mike Jerrick headed to DC to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Philly Gossip

I wonder if he ran into Mike’s cousin David Nakamura (Washington Post White House correspondent), here with his wife Kris Schenck

Philly Gossip

I was so busy this weekend – Thursday I was at the Fairmount Conservacy Gala, Friday night I attended the premiere of Inis Nua Theater’s The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, (April 27-May 15) Saturday I was at Cure Duchenne Blingo at The Logan Hotel and Sunday I had a delicious brunch at Little Lion with Kory Aversa and Brooke Thomas, the new morning anchor at CBS3. Then headed to Savino Thorne’s baptism.

Check out more PhillyGossip everyday on my twitter account @iPhillyChitChat , Instagram and on my FB page PhillyChitChat

and I’ll be back here on Thursday


The Beast Revealed: Geoff Peirce is the Guy Who Was Working Out on The Art Museum Steps

Monday I posted a series of photos and a video of a guy, i named the Beast, working out on the Art Museum Steps. Doing serious moves like burpees and push ups where he would jump from one step to another.

His name is Geoff Peirce and he’s a super nice guy
In my blog post I wondered if he was single as I have a lot of girlfriends who are always asking me to make introductions
Look how he attacks these steps going up them
and then down head first
He’s single girls, but I already have him lined up for a few of my friends. With two set ups that ended in marriage already at HughEMatch.com, I think I’ll be able to find a cupid to keep him company on the steps soon. BTW he works out, and with friends Saturday and Sunday on the Art Museum Steps around 10AM

Thanks to Philly Mag’s Josh Middleton and Fox 29 for picking up the story and helping it go viral. Geoff told us today on Fox 29 that his friends in NY and LA contacted him after they saw the story on PhillyChitChat.com That was pretty cool to hear that I have readers there too.
Check out us on Fox 29 today.

Geoff told me that a lot of people photograph their workouts on the steps, sometimes tourists want to pose with him. He gets a kick out of it, but if anything he’s hoping it’s an inspiration and others will want to get into healthy living and exercise. When not working out on the steps, he works for his family company as a Product Manager at Peirce Phelps Inc. in the HVAC industry.

Follow Geoff on his instagram here: https://instagram.com/fiercepeirce/

 reminds me of Jen Selter and her career as it took off after a photographer shot her   


Ryan Lochte on Fox 29 News Anchors Shenielle Jones and Mike Jerrick Lose It After Bizarre Interview

I had heard rumblings about Olympian Ryan Lochte’s new reality show. It seems Ryan is desperate to become as famous as legendary Michael Phelps.

For what I’ve seen and hear, Lochte is dumber than a box of rocks, but pretty rocks. Today he appeared via satilite on Good Day and demonstrated what we’re in for. He’s like Anna Nicole Smith on testosterone. Check out my vine of today’s Good Day Philly with clips which foreshadow the future, and an always calm, cool and collected Shenielle Jones reacting to the interview and Mike Jerrick is as funny as ever.
(VOLUME Instructions: Put your cursor on the video and turn the volume on, it’s in the upper
left hand corner. Then move the cursor to remove the words.)

Vine is a 6 second stop and go video. It’s only available on IPhones and IPads, but can be watched on any device. I post them to Vine, FB and Twitter. (I bought a mini IPad just to get VINE. Go check out the site, so many awesome videos, clever and funny. Follow me: PhillyChitChat

Here’s the whole video 
My favorite line “I’m a man at night, and a man in the morning.”

Check out a clip on TMZ


The story has taken off around the world.

Lochte’s reality show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” will premiere Sunday, April 21 at 10 P.M. EST on E!. It will follow the athlete as “he prepares for the Rio games
in 2016 while building his fashion line, making buzz-worthy media
appearances, dealing with his unconventional family and loyal friends
and, always, searching for ‘the one’.”

Hey are you following me on Instagram yet, of course these pixs also upload to FB and Twitter so you can see them there too. Here’s two of my most popular ones of late.

 Sunset over Passyunk last night (Actually 9th Street, near Passyunk)
 City Hall looking towards Market Street
 Last night I had dinner with friends at Chima, Dana, Melissa, Joe, Kory and Peter Breslow

Kacie McDonnell , Marisa Magnatta, Laura Burkhardt, Brian Sims and Maria Papadakis: Cheer for Prohibition

In the “spirit” of the National Constitution Center’s world-premiere exhibition,
American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, Philadelphia’s top
bartenders will compete to create the “Best ’20s-inspired cocktail” using Blue Coat Gin,
hand crafted by Philadelphia Distilling, as their primary ingredient.

Their creations were judged by popular Philadelphia personalities including
Laura Burkhardt, WHERE Magazine Publisher; Marisa Magnatta, Associate Producer of WMMR’s Preston and Steve Morning Show;
Brian Sims, Pennsylvania State Representative. Maria Papadakis, Emmy award-winning media personality
and host of “Out and About” on Philly.com; and   FOX 29 traffic reporter
Kacie McDonnell serves as emcee. 

 Maria Farricielli, Fox 29’s Business Development Account Manager. and Margaret Cronan, Chief Communications Officer at National Constitution Center
About American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition – Now
through April 28, 2013, the era of flappers and suffragists,
bootleggers and temperance lobbyists, and real-life legends like Al
Capone and Carry Nation vividly
come to life in the National Constitution Center’s world-premiere exhibition
American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
(I saw it, it was fascinating.)
Mixologist Nate Churchill, XIX restaurant and bar, tells me he created his prohibition drink in about a minute.
He’s a big fan of Bluecoat and knew which ingredients would work well with the gin, lemon juice, fresh OJ, dashes bitters, and honey. He then poured it in a mason jar, as this was the prohibition era and that was what people might drink cocktails in back them.

 Then there was Stephen Diaz’s “The Red Fizz Charleston”, made with 2oz Bluecoat, 1oz Germain, his own reciepe of fresh raspberry syrup topped off with a dry Brut champagnes and a twist of lemon and fresh raspberries on a skewer.

 A recent addition to Palomar Hotel’s Square 1682, Chaucey Scates’ created the popular “Powder Room Punch” with gin, cointreau, jasmine tea, lemon grenadine, peychaunds bitters and angostura bitters.

 Finally house bartender, Bess Gulliver created “The Jazz Baby”, gin, Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth with Pierre Reeand and Dry Orange Curacao, Averna Amaro garnished with a flamed orange peel.

 South Philly Fashionista blogger Michelle Boyles, Julie Shannon, Editorial Events Coordinator for Metro US, Delsea football beat writer, foodie, fitness guru and Philly sports and Anna Aagenes, Greater Philadelphia Area – District Office Director, Office of Representative Brian Sims

Lisa Bass, Bourse Building (Who tells me she loves the Blue Coat as it’s not real ginny) and Lisa Breen

 It was good to catch up with Karen Gross, a former Where Magazine editor that works at the Constitution Center, but is also pursuing a cabaret singing career divides her time between Philly and Manhattan in pursuit of that goal, with Laura Burkhart, Where Magazine publisher.

 Rudy Fleisher, Here’s My Chance (PS I didn’t notice his flawless finger nails til late, I would have asked him if he were a typist?)

Michelle Boyles and Brett Copol both of Metro Philly Newspaper

Alison Young, Vice President of External Affairs at the National Constitution Center and Brian Sims, Pennsylvania State Representative.

Laurel Fairworth,  President at Cachet Communications and Kathy Zapp, Of Montgomery Media

 Kacie McDonnell, Fox 29 Traffic and Maria Papadakis, Philly.com plus has become a regular contributor to Fox 29 Good Day Philly. Prizes were awarded in two categories—Judge Favorite and Guest Favorite.  

The Guest Favorite will win an annual membership to the National Constitution
Center. And the winner is The Ritz Carlton Fizz!!

 Happy February Birthday to Matt Vlahos, Vlahos PR (2/28), Sarah Cooper Bobersky (2/8) and Big Rube Harley (2/23)

 Adam Judeh, GM XIX restaurant, winning bartender Nate Churchill thanking the organizers, Maria Papadakis, Marisa Magnatt and Brian Sims. Adam Judeh tells me that Orange Blossom will now be served at the XIX bar. (The Judge’s Favorite will receive
an annual membership to the National Constitution Center; a one night’s stay at the Hotel Monaco; a
With Love gift bag, courtesy of VisitPhilly.com and the Greater
Philadelphia Marketing and Tourism Corporation; and a feature on the
National Constitution Center’s website.)

Sunset from the Stratus Lounge. Can’t wait until summer, this place is going to be kickin it

 Then Laura and I headed to Red Owl Tavern for a bite to eat. OMG the Chicken Pot Pie keeps getting better and better. I highly recommend it, as I do the

The curry mussels.