The Beast Revealed: Geoff Peirce is the Guy Who Was Working Out on The Art Museum Steps

Monday I posted a series of photos and a video of a guy, i named the Beast, working out on the Art Museum Steps. Doing serious moves like burpees and push ups where he would jump from one step to another.

His name is Geoff Peirce and he’s a super nice guy
In my blog post I wondered if he was single as I have a lot of girlfriends who are always asking me to make introductions
Look how he attacks these steps going up them
and then down head first
He’s single girls, but I already have him lined up for a few of my friends. With two set ups that ended in marriage already at, I think I’ll be able to find a cupid to keep him company on the steps soon. BTW he works out, and with friends Saturday and Sunday on the Art Museum Steps around 10AM

Thanks to Philly Mag’s Josh Middleton and Fox 29 for picking up the story and helping it go viral. Geoff told us today on Fox 29 that his friends in NY and LA contacted him after they saw the story on That was pretty cool to hear that I have readers there too.
Check out us on Fox 29 today.

Geoff told me that a lot of people photograph their workouts on the steps, sometimes tourists want to pose with him. He gets a kick out of it, but if anything he’s hoping it’s an inspiration and others will want to get into healthy living and exercise. When not working out on the steps, he works for his family company as a Product Manager at Peirce Phelps Inc. in the HVAC industry.

Follow Geoff on his instagram here:

 reminds me of Jen Selter and her career as it took off after a photographer shot her