Snow BombCyclone hits Philly Captured In Photos

Snow BombCyclone hits Philly Captured In Photos
We all learned a new word this week. Now are today’s temperatures part of the Polar Vortex?

It’s interesting what’s happening with weather forecasting lately, I guess after being burned the past few years none of the local channels really predict major snow until it’s right upon us about 36 hrs out. I always follow weather geek twitter users on social media and follow them. They sometimes get it wrong as well, but they predicted this Nor’easter at least a week out. I’m a weather geek and it was exciting to follow along. Some of my fav weather geeks: @NJWeather1 ‏   @weatheroptics ‏and my favorite @nynjpaweather

There is not enough snow to sled down the Art Museum Steps without breaking your tail bone. There is enough snow to sled down the hill on the backside of the Art Museum, which by the way is really the front side “entrance” as the photo above is the technically the backside.

I really didn’t venture out early enough to capture the height of impact of the crazy storm, as I was enjoying my warm home and watching all the news channels simultaneously as only a weather geek would do.  In my head I thought I’ll go out about 1PM to catch people on their lunch hours to see how they were coping.

Not well. These folks at 20th & Market were basically holding on to each other as to not be blown away.


I did a lot of video at this intersection and put it on Twitter and Instagram. It was quite a howling wind.

I discovered there really weren’t that many people on the street. I guess offices were closed, which was a great thing


Looking South on Broad. I never realized there was a slight incline in front of the Ritz Carlton. Mind you I’m shooting a few of these shots from my buildings shuttle bus so I’m elevated. Annie is at the Walnut Street Theater.

This dad was having a snowball fight with his oblivious son

Bombcyclone Bombcyclone
The gal at Philly Pretzel put this note on the door, but forgot to lock the door as there was a steady stream of customers while I was standing thereBombcyclone
“Just one more photo Fido, PLEASE!!”
The Rittenhouse Square Tree is still up, and still lit

Most of the ornaments withstood the wind, except for this one Dove ironically. While taking photos it flew off several times, to the point where I just stopped putting it back on.

Bombcyclone Bombcyclone
Do these jackets really keep the dogs warm, or are they just cute? Don’t answer that I don’t allow comments on my blog. Bombcyclone
Why did I get rid of my comments, well I didn’t have time to monitor them, especially for comments on older posts.

A guy was salting the triangle island across from City HallBombcyclone
I saw a lot of these folks on the street, working hardBombcyclone

He’s got a serious scarf game going on here.
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Snow Day Rittenhouse Square – Plus Views from a Apartments on the Snowy Square

Tuesday was Philadelphia’s first snow day. As an added bonus the Christmas tree’s around town were still up so I headed out the door to capture a few of my favorite sites.

 These two lovely people were visiting from Australia. They were spending 3 days in Philly, then were headed for 3 additional days in NYC for sightseeing.
 Then I headed for Rittenhouse Square. Every time it snows I hit up the square, it’s definitely one of my favorite spots. This year the tree was the talk of the town. It wasn’t quite the same robust tree as it had been in year’s gone by.
 But it was still as pretty, and the residents still shared their love with the tree adorning it with homemade ornaments, and tinsel. The tree was in all it’s glory yesterday when I took these shots. I think it was one of the prettiest trees ever.

 I called Arielle at Allan Domb Real Estate (he advertises with me)  and asked if they had any apartments on the Square, cause who doesn’t want to see the Square from above.  I do. First we went over to the Wellington.
 The Wellington
Rittenhouse Square
135 S 19th St
WOW an amazing apartment. It’s everything you’d want in a home on the square.
 Unit 1409 – 12 | Three bedroom plus den, four and a half bath Price: $ 7 , 7 5 0 / mo. Square Footage: 2,872
and look at this view. Gorgeous.
Check out this apartment with more photos and info.
I checked out another apartment, it was facing north and had this fabulous view. 
 2 bedroom/2 baths. This is a view from one of the bedrooms.
 The 2nd bedroom faces 1845 Walnut, and also has a view of the Square.
The Wellington (facing north)
Check out this apartment with more photos and info.

 with an amazing view of the square looking Northwest.
I love the parquet floors and spacious rooms. It captured the old world charm that I imagined apartments on the Square would have.

OK this is exactly the kind of photo I imagine of always taking of the square at dusk, on a snowy day with the holiday lights a glow. #BucketList

The kitchen has white wood cabinetry, some with glass fronts, and all
getting brand new chrome hardware; a brand new stainless steel
refrigerator/freezer, range and dishwasher will be installed; and an
adjoining butler’s pantry

• The master bedroom, overlooking Rittenhouse Square, has a walk-in
closet and bathroom that is getting a brand new vanity, medicine cabinet
and lighting
• The second bedroom, also overlooking Rittenhouse Square, has beautiful custom built-ins
Check it out with more photos: http://bit.ly/14sDuWV
Selfie Stick
OK and now I’m about over this winter. Bring on Summer.