Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz Wedding at the Loews Hotel

Saturday Mike and I were excited to attend the wedding of our friends Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz at the Loews Hotel.
It was a beautiful ceremony
Open on all four sides, the chupah is reminiscent of Abraham, our forefather’s house which had entrances on all four sides in order to warmly welcome any approaching guests.
Hadas dress came from the Van Cleave Salon. Abby McGrath was instrumental in finding just the right dress for her.

Hadas wedding dress was really gorgeous with a lot of detail, it even had Swarovski Crystal in her veil on on her dress. (I told her later we could make a few necklaces.)
Hadas wanted a very traditional Hebrew wedding. Here she walks around the man three times. Dan also walked around her, which made it more modern. The Wedding Ceremony is in two parts, separated by the reading of the ketubah. The kiddushin or erusin (consecration or betrothal) begins with two blessings recited by the Rabbi over a cup of wine
The ketubah is then read and seven nuptial blessings. Concluding the ceremony, the chatan (man) breaks a glass as a reminder of the destruction of the second Beit Hamikdosh, the second Holy Temple, the frailty of human relationships and the existence of human suffering. This action is a personal reminder that just as we accept joy into our lives we recognize that there may also be times of sorrow.
You are my soul mate, my sweetheart, you are my dream come true, from now until the end of time I give my heart and soul to you.
You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.

gorgeous. Haddas had her hair done by Joey at Giovanni & Pilleggi, make up by Nices Riddles. The wedding coordinator was David Morris.
David Hall, Director of Catering at the Loews Hotel, did a magnificent job. He had a busy weekend too as the Loews hosted over 5 weddings – WOW
At our table were Nicole Cashman and Nigel Richards as well as Matt Vlahos and Jimmy ContrerasEvan Moskow and Cori Moskow, Gloss PR and Koray Avci and Clare Pelino, Profile PR (Koray has that cute shop that sells Turkish gifts in Liberty Place. Last year he, Clare, Hadas and another table mate, Ken McCoy all traveled to Turkey. They go every year. Mike and I have signed up for 2013)Hadas tells me that she audition lots of bands and EBE was able to do The horah (הורה), which is a traditional circle dance. I was impressed, they learned it just for her wedding.
Red Velvet
At one point during the wedding, the couple is to be entertained by the guests.
4 generations of dancing. Hadas’ grandmother travelled all the way from Israel, as did many of her guests.
so fun
Hadas and her dad Joel Kuznits
Nicole. Cori. Jamyra
I love this shot of Hadas and her BFF Marlo Polonsky
Red Velvet cake. They did do a little smashing, not too out of control like the couple that then get in a fight and occasionally end up in jail. Actually after this Dan was joined by the band and sang a song he wrote especially for Hadas. Aaahhhh, and it was really sweet.
Flowers were from Eventricity
After party munchies included cheese steaks, Tastykakes, and other Philly Favorites.Congratulations Dan and Hadas!!