#CreedMovie Films Final Scenes #Spoiler Alert #SlyStallone and Michael B Jordan

 This much we know: Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) never knew his famous father, world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed,
who died before he was born. Still, there’s no denying that boxing is
in his blood, so Adonis heads to Philadelphia, the site of Apollo Creed‘s legendary match with a tough upstart named Rocky Balboa (Stallone). Jordan heads to Philly to find Rocky so he can train for the fight of his life.

 Monday Rocky (Sly Stallone) returned to the steps he made famous, the Art Museum Steps, but most people call them the Rocky Steps, especially the tourist, much to the chagrin of art lovers and traditionalist. Anywho… here is Sly sitting at the base of the statue that has caused to much controversy in the City because it’s not “art work” but it is a tourist attraction. I guess the visiting school teacher (who took this photo, lucky guy) thought why include Sly’s statue head since he’s in the photo.

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I was tipped off the night before that filming would be at the art museum steps the next day cause there were signs everywhere about crew parking, and directions to the set. The filming began early Monday morning, and by early about 7AM.  It was interesting that this scene brought down 5 paparazzi from NYC too (They must have insiders).  I wasn’t there for most of the filming as you know Monday’s are deadline days and I need to get my columns out. I was happy to get one in and PhillyMag on two different subjects. Plus I send ones to Jenny at PhillyDailyNews and AD at the Metro, all before headed out, where I only got one shot on the steps but it didn’t include the principles, I heard most of the scenes they filmed were blocked by assistants with umbrellas, which was very strange at the time. 

This is the 3rd scene of the day and it took place at the Rocky Statue.
Michael Jordan posing with a fan near the Rocky Statue. Most of the photographers were across the street to my left, I was on the side so I was able to get a few of these cute shots of Jordan with fans, Stallone is to the left of this photo.

When I checked everyone’s photos later in the day, I realized what was happening in these scenes, and they are crucial to the plot, so I’m not going to tell you or publish crucial shots of them. Except for these innocuous ones.

 This is director  Ryan Coogler setting up a shot. It’s one the reasons I wasn’t on Fox 29 Good Day, we all decided that I couldn’t do a report without revealing too much of the movie.


From the series I took that afternoon, I did get this shot of Michael B. Jordan checking out the Rocky statue, and it appeared in the Philly Metro on Tuesday. The umbrellas were all to my left, I was standing between two cars and in a flock of trees. I like this angle better. After shooting this I left as I had an event to photographed. It’s the social season after all.

I hear that around 4PM the Creed crew, Stallone and Jordon headed to the walkway over the River. They shot with Stallone and Jordan in the same clothes that they wore on the Steps, I figured this must be a sequence in their walk to the Art Museum. 
Celebrity Youtuber Jesse Welle caught up with Stallone. You know him, he does all those great Zombie in Philly videos, where dead people pop up and scare the crap out of you. He tells me he’s working on some new video’s and it just might include our buddy Sly.
BTW Sly went to the Franklin Institute last week. 

Next week they will continue this iconic run (now with Adonis), in the Italian Market area.